MSM’s Failed Reporting on Socialism, PC Police and Progressive Nonsense

Citizen Sentinels Newsletter – 1/28/19

From Our Founder…

1/29/19 – The Democrats have swung so far to the Left that they do not understand, or they do not care about the substance of American values. They can talk about such values from an intellectual viewpoint, or  portray themselves as caring about American values so they will win elections. But, with the mindset of the younger generations, it may no longer be necessary. Unfortunately, there is so much deceit and mental manipulation within the political arena that is is quite confusing for the average citizen. That is on purpose. This week an insight into the failure of Socialist States is highlighted as the horrible human tragedy unfolds in Venezuela. However, this tragedy is not isolated. It is a clear indication of the manner in which rejection of socialist hegemony comes through voting with one’s feet. To a lesser degree the current exodus in California is a precursor of what the Progressive (Regressive)/”Democratic” Party will create in “the Golden State.” Please remember that Kamala Harris is part of that one-Party system in California and believes in a similar Socialist Utopia that Chavez and Maduro of Venezuela truly worked for in their day.

Deceptive and deceitful rhetoric flows from politicians’ mouths, but within the United States, it is now spewed forth from the Mainstream Media and Hollywood elitists who truly do not care about foundational values, nor the general American citizen. They place greater value on illegal aliens and common criminals than they do on law-abiding citizens. They seek to stimulate the haters and serve as the the “divisionators” of our society.

We need more American citizen sentinels to keep watch, to be clear about the beliefs that are the bedrock of our nation as the Founders’ intended it.  Americans with spirit need to speak up and be prepared to take action. The Citizen Sentinels Network is growing, and we need help to bring an awareness and an awakeness to patriots, Conservatives, and to Christians who care about re-building America the beautiful.

Dennis Jamison


The Coup in Venezuela: the Outcome of Failed a Socialist State

By Dennis Jamison —January 28, 2019

Ecuador-This past Wednesday in Venezuela the head of the National Assembly, Vice President Juan Aguila, proclaimed himself to be the new president of his nation. This sparked a serious response from many governments of the world, most taking sides with the new president, or newly “elected” one, Nicolás Maduro. And, the unfortunate circumstance in this international incident is that the average citizen in the United States was not aware of the reality. This is not because it is not news, it is because the mainstream media in the U.S. seem to not consider it news of significance, which in and of itself, is another reason why the MSM is considered untrustworthy by an increasing number of average citizens.


Victor Davis Hanson: “A License to Hate” now in America

written by Karen Hagestad Cacy Jan 26, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS: Where has America gone?  Is it hiding somewhere, waiting for socialists to burn themselves out?  Or is it dead, but not yet buried?  Who would have thought that a group of self-anointed “culture warriors,” could be successful in killing off America?

Who, in 1960, took the communist leader, Nikita Khrushchev, seriously when he promised,

“We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have “Communism.”

That was then.  And this is now.  Americans may remember the warning as, seventy-eight years later, they witness the decaying of law and order in America.  And America’s swift replacement with a stiff, tutorial, totalitarian judgment government?

One such man is “Child of the Sixties,” Victor Davis Hanson.


Progressive Nonsense

By Michael J. Lewinski 01/29/19

I recently watched Senator Kamala Harris announce she was running for President. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was listening to a Trump speech. She told us how so very much she loved America, was going to be the champion of the forgotten American and would fix many problems. When she talked about her Progressive solutions, I was instantly brought back to reality.

Health care for all, universal pre-school and debt-free college, and increased wages for the working-class and middle-class wage earners. There is going to be a tax increase on big corporations and the wealthy.

There’s a problem with all of this; a math problem. Big corporations and “the wealthy” all could be taxed at a 100% rate and they still couldn’t pay for all of her promises. If she’s successful, there will be tax increases for everyone who pays taxes.


The Internet: Blessings, Courtesy of the Free Market

By Richard Moss, M.D.

It is an astonishing time we live in, although it is easy enough to take it for granted. Most people would not appreciate that the poorest American today lives a far better and more comfortable life than the richest American a hundred years ago.

By any measure: life expectancy, health, access to sophisticated technology including life-saving medical devices and pharmaceuticals, handy comforts and devices, food, clothing, heating, cooling, electricity, lights, refrigeration, transportation, powerful computers that the poorest among us now hold in our hands, and so on, speak to an endlessly transformative economic system known as the free market, which continues to dazzle and improve our lives.

One of the greatest of these developments has been the internet. Overnight, as it were, untold volumes of information have become available to us at virtually no cost, with the click of a finger on a smart device or other computer.


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