CSN Newsletter – 3/26/19 – Coup Fails, Ben Franklin, Fox and Donna Brazile, GW on Free Speech, Letter to Tim Kaine

From Our Founder – 3/26/19

In the wake of the Mueller Report being released, the mainstream media is providing cover, rationale, and diversion away from possibly the central issue of our time: a well-planned conspiracy to initially steal an election that morphed into unseating a duly elected president and is now in a final stage of misleading the American citizens to believe it is all normal, and politics as usual. Rush Limbaugh is on record as stating not long ago that the attempted coup is the true national emergency. Truly, there is a battle going on for the minds of the American people.

Yet, a deeper and more sinister battle is raging for the soul of America.

This is one of the reasons that the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter exists. Our writers are normal everyday American citizens who take aim at what they sense is important, and what they are deeply concerned about. This week, I offer another perspective on the coup orchestrated by an insidious cabal of politically treacherous individuals at the heart of the U.S. government.

Additionally, another ally of the Citizen Sentinels writes an article concerning paid bureauracrats that Ben Franklin foresaw as a major concern in his day. Keith Broaders is the founder of online education regarding the U.S. Constitution. His online education can be found through this link:


The Citizen Sentinels Network is currently working with other patriotic, conservative, and faith based organizations in a network of mutual support. Citizen Sentinels are offering alternative perspectives and will support alternative perspectives to the MSM false narratives that serve more as propaganda for one political party. We offer a direct challenge to such one-sided and tainted “news” coverage. Our commentaries offer insight and clarity in a time in which confusion seems to be the nom.

In 2019, we seek to grow, and we need help to mount an even more serious challenge to the existing political status quo that is in danger of eroding freedom, not just from America, but of eroding freedom from the entire world. Many of my articles appear in the Canada Free Press, and as their masthead proclaims:  Because without America, there is no free world.”

“Progressives” Failure to “Kill the King” by Deep State Coup

For over two years the mainstream media outlets covered up the coup attempt because they were in collusion with anti-American “Progressives”

By Dennis Jamison ——March 25, 2019

Despite all the rumors swirling around Disney’s recent takeover of Fox television and movie studios, and the apparent layoffs and shakeup at Fox, the news division at Fox was able to get something clear regarding the Deep State coup against President Donald Trump. In fact, despite turmoil amid the upheaval, the Fox News Channel and the Fox television network will apparently remain with Rupert Murdoch and his family. But last Friday, Fox News published a story by Gregg Re and Catherine Herridge that dealt with more revelations regarding the now infamous warrant of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that gave the green light to Deep State operatives to proceed with spying on Donald Trump and staff members of his campaign for POTUS.

Friday’s Fox article, entitled, “FBI clashed with DOJ over potential ‘bias’ of source for surveillance warrant: McCabe-Page texts,” reveals that in 2016, several text messages between Andrew McCabe, then FBI Deputy Director, and Lisa Page, the former FBI lawyer, served as source material, or impetus in obtaining the FISA warrant. Fox News resources indicate that someone, or more, in the Department of Justice expressed real concerns over whether the FISA application to spy on Carter Page, then one of Donald Trump’s campaign aides, was based on a biased source. The Fox article revealed that nine days before the FBI applied for the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, DOJ officials still had “continued concerns” regarding “possible bias” of an individual who was a source apparently key to the FISA warrant application. The source was unnamed.

Dangers of a Salaried Bureaucracy

Keith Broaders  January 16, 2019

A question for those who oppose Term Limits for our politicians; How do you feel about not paying them a salary? How long do you think they would remain in office under those circumstances? I fear Benjamin Franklin’s concerns regarding a “salaried bureaucracy” have become our reality. The following are among my favorite (or most feared) excerpts from Franklin’s concerns:

Sir, there are two passions which have a powerful influence in the affairs of men. These are ambition and avarice—the love of power and the love of money. Separately, each of these has great force in prompting men to action; but, when united in view of the same object, they have, in many minds, the most violent effects. Place before the eyes of such men a post of honor, that shall, at the same time, be a place of profit, and they will move heaven and earth to obtain it.


Danny O’Brien, Donna Brazile, Paul Ryan – Snakes in the Fox Nest

by Karen Hagestad Cacy Mar 23, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS: For Conservatives, there is a small number of news sources where they are welcome. Since 1996 however, viewers on the right have flocked to conservative-based Fox News, a leading news source for conservatives but a top target for the liberal mainstream media.

However, Fox News recently has come under fire by leftists who would prefer they went out of business. Ownership issues, administrative turnovers, and news talent hires are viewed with trepidation.

Three recent hires have raised conservative eyebrows.

Donna Brazile

On October 31, 2016, Donna Brazile was fired from her position at CNN. E-mail leaks suggested she had improperly supplied Hillary Clinton’s campaign with advance knowledge of questions. Debate questions for her and Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The former chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, joins Fox as an analyst.

Donna Brazile is a proven Trump hater.

Frustrated at how President Trump was characterizing her post-election book, Brazile suggested the president was a congenital liar.

Protecting our Freedom of Speech

By Kendra Miller

This week President Trump signed an executive order requiring colleges to protect First Amendment rights of free speech or risk losing over $35 billion annually in research and education grants. The action was taken in response to complaints from conservatives who felt their voices and ideas were being suppressed on college campuses.

That freedom of speech has to be ordered anywhere in this country is sad and shows how unaccepting certain segments of our democracy have become. One of the reasons why people want to come to the U.S. is because they can say whatever they want, whenever they want without fear of reprisal.

Sadly, that does not seem to be the case in America anymore. Every word must be weighed against the what the liberals feel is acceptable or offensive. If they don’t agree with what you have to say, you are a bigot, prejudiced, or any of a number of other unkind labels they wish to apply.


An Open Letter to Senator Tim Kaine

by Kathleen Hall

Senator Kaine, 

I received your letter today notifying us that you are hard at work finding out where the military funds are coming from for the border and what programs will suffer.

It is very shameful that you and others will do anything, find any way to delegitimize our President’s attempts to secure our country, and deal with the real crisis, both humanitarian and the one threatening our well-being on our border. We all know he has tried to work through Congress and is left with a constitutional statute, passed by Congress to use already allocated funds to do what you and those elected to represent us have a responsibility to carry out.

Why didn’t you vote to fund this border wall in Congress? Americans will remember that you and others, including some Republicans, have put party and personal interests ahead of our country.  

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