I praise you and thank you for the blessing of living in a nation that is so prosperous and at relative peace with its neighbors and itself. It is a testimony to your greatness that such a large population can live so freely and comfortably in your care and though there are problems and inequalities that remain, they are easily traced to our failures and not your lack of kindness to us.

I pray, Lord, that as we prepare to elect those who will govern us, we will remember that this privilege was secured and defended at the cost of many lives. Help us Father, to see this action of voting as the solemn exercise of our freedom and not neglect so precious a gift.

And Lord, help us select those men and women who will yield themselves to your divine purpose so that all will continue to be blessed. Finally, O God, strengthen those who will assume leadership to be ready for the task at hand. Humble each of these so that they will seek you out in trouble and grant you the honor that only you deserve for preserving our nation.

Hear this prayer and guide our hands as we lift our leaders up for your eternal blessing…

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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