3/26/21 – Episode #4 – True U.S. History – “Continuing with Columbus”

Episode #4 – 3/26/21 – True U.S. History – “Continuing with Columbus” – In the fourth program, Jamison develops a foundation that unfolded in Europe for Columbus’ great adventure across the vast Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, Jamison exposes the events surrounding the exploration of the Caribbean and the village known as “La Navidad.” One missing component in the narratives of those who use “history as a weapon” is that there is not much relevance given to the Santa Maria being grounded onto Hispaniola. The flagship had to be left on the island as well as about 40 “sailors” who were the prisoners released from Spanish prisons in order to form a crew. The foundation for the “gold rush” is explained, as well as the massacre of the men he left behind. These items are omitted from progressive-revisionist historians.

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