About Us

The Citizen Sentinels Network began as a basic initiative of the  “We the People” – patriots, pilgrims, and prophets – a grassroots network of volunteer, citizen-journalists. The Citizen Sentinels Project has grown into a network of affiliated organizations intent upon promoting and protecting patriotic, conservative, and Christian ideals, principles and values within the political arena. We are the people, and whether we have taken an oath of office, or not, we are dedicated to the best of our ability to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Citizen Sentinels initiative of “We the People” – patriots, pilgrims, and prophets was a continuation of efforts made by volunteers in Dr. Ben Carson’s presidential campaign of 2016.   The volunteers were involved in several ways during his campaign, and after the campaign terminated, a core group of these grass-roots volunteers sought to continue the intent and  essence of Ben Carson’s campaign to educate citizens on Christian / conservative / patriotic ideals, principles, and values. Additionally, we sought to stimulate activism in the pursuit of implementation of such ideals and values in the political arena..

By 2018, the Citizen Sentinels Project has functioned as a legitimate grassroots network of volunteer patriots for three years. “We the People” writers, as well as affiliated authors and connected online news sources, provide pertinent patriotic, educational and promotional information to tens of thousands of people across America through the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter, which is distributed weekly and monthly.

Citizen Sentinels special projects provided support for worthy conservative causes or help for worthy candidates in 2016, not long after Dr. Carson voiced support for Donald Trump. The former Carson volunteers found worthy candidates or causes in California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Texas and Washington state. In such an initial forray, some success was reaped. Jim Banks of Indiana was elected as a member of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, other citizen-candidates did not fare so well in 2016, or in 2018. However, Mike Braun of Indiana won his primary and is facing a tough race against Democrat Joe Donnelly.

In 2018, the Citizen Sentinels has grown to become a viable volunteer organization that is also seeking to work in coalition with other organizations or networks to work towards common goals — and especially in electing conservative candidates to public office at any level. The Network volunteers will continue to initiated projects to support political candidates who demonstrate values aligned with the ideals embedded in the Declaration and the Constitution. Volunteers will continue to extend their efforts to help in their local areas to voice appropriate political support, or to join or support worthy conservative causes, or or to provide assistance they are comfortable with, in order to help worthy candidates for office at various levels of government. As citizens of the United States of America, we are dedicated to promote, protect and preserve our Republic.


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