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Why Western Civilization Is Going South

By Ray DiLorenzo —-June 5, 2022

“Resetting the world isn’t something you can pull off by just pushing a button. It requires a series of well-designed global crises.” 

Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

Why is so much of life out of control?  Gas is becoming unaffordable, food is expensive.  Crime has taken over major cities with career criminals freely roaming the streets.  Corruption has become commonplace and no one is held to account. The FBI is no longer the revered institution it once was. Our borders no longer exist. Government is unresponsive.  Our children are no longer being educated. We have lost trust in our election system and mass shootings are becoming frequent.  To top it off, the current administration is scrambling to find a way to disarm citizens.  All within the last 18 months.


Another Scam – Will Republicans Fall For It Again?

By Jim Bratten – 6/6/22

After the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called an emergency session of the House Judiciary Committee to push through a gun control law, this one named the “Protecting Our Kids Act” (POKA). A huge negative for this legislative proposal is that it will accomplish nothing in “protecting our kids” from crazies wielding a weapon. Even Democrat Rep. Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the committee, admitted it “wouldn’t accomplish much.”

The POKA outlaws “large-capacity” magazines (mags that hold over 5 rounds); establishes “safe storage” requirements (for firearms kept in the home); raises the age to purchase semi-auto rifles to 21 from the present 18 years-of-age; and bans bump stocks. There isn’t one specific in the bill that protects children from shooters at the school location or inside the building proper. Nothing to “harden” the target-rich environment made possible by the radicals’ foolhardy invitation, implied by their signs proclaiming “Gun Free Zones,” is found in the bill. No provision for the voluntary arming of qualified teachers or staff in the school or on its premises, or for the presence of armed guards, can be seen in this bill – only restrictions on the possession and use of firearms by law-abiding gun owners.


Election Observer #6 Reporting for Duty

By Allan Stevo – 6/8/22

It was the day before elections, and only a few more hours remained before the San Francisco Department of Elections would close to the public for the day.

I came to pick up credentials to be an election observer.

In this city of nearly one million people, please allow me to share with you an indication of the level of apathy that exists: only five people before me had shown up to request credentials to observe the election process.

That process looked something like this: Set up for elections, administer the voting process, close the polling places, scan ballots, count votes, adjudicate questionable ballots, audit the outcomes, approve the results.



Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis and War Against School Lunch Explained

by Kristan Hawkins – Jun 04, 2022 12:01 AM

An Administration that wants babies dismembered is unlikely to care whether they’re fed. Now, President Biden is holding federal funds for school breakfasts, lunches, and snacks hostage if K-12 institutions don’t allow boys into girl’s restrooms.

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Uvalde: The Way Forward

by Larry Sand – June 7, 2022

In light of the recent school shooting in Texas, how do we best protect children?

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Uvalde, TX, the media were filled with opinions and accusations about what was behind the tragic deaths of 19 school children and two teachers: lack of religion, fatherlessness, a mental health crisis, video games, the culture in general, the cops screwed up, etc.

While there may be some truth to all the above, there is one prevailing reason coming from the left: our gun laws need a vast overhaul and we need fewer available firearms. Not surprisingly, the teachers unions are front and center in the gun-grab crowd. The annual NRA convention, held in Houston just days after the shooting, drew national teacher union leaders and their minions like flies to a sugar bowl. While many believe that one important way to protect children is to arm teachers, the unionistas reject this idea emphatically, claiming that putting guns in teachers’ hands “makes schools more dangerous.


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