Brand New Year, Same Old Lies – Citizen Voice Newsletter 1/6/22

Citizen Voice Newsletter 1/6/22


As  loyal readers are aware, the Citizen Sentinels Network website was hacked at the end of 2021. With the generous support of our readers, we have been able to repairing the problems, and are putting out this first Thursday edition of 2022 as a full-blown newsletter with five of our network writers offering news and views that hopefully can stimulate one’s conscience. For, it is our conscience that helps us to discern right from wrong and good from evil. Our hidden agenda is simply that readers could open their minds and their hearts to the common sense witness of events in our time from their contemporaries. There is much to sift through in such a time as this.

At the beginning of 2022, we are announcing that we will be making serious attempts to feature the words and articles from leaders in the coalition we helped to found in 2019: The Coalition for a Principled Republic (CPR). Each of the organizations that are part of the CPR, either formally, or informally, are working in their own ways to hold onto and to fight for the self-evident truths our Founders were willing to fight and die for in their time. So, our efforts are becoming more focused upon support of where the fight for fundamental freedoms is being waged by those that are truly investing themselves fully for the sake of protecting and preserving our freedoms.  

Additionally, although we are pleased to bring our site back online, we are now much more vigilant at this time. We did continue our emergency measures until the end of 2021. And we still have an emergency backup plan going into this year. The attacks have humbled us and hobbled our efforts, but it forced us to consider and initiate counter measures to compensate for attacks.

As most of our readers know, our efforts are strictly volunteer efforts from those who have helped us over the years and into the present. We are not a slick professional business with all kinds of easily disposable funds. Our funding comes from some of our core members who reach into their own pockets to ensure a somewhat smooth and cohesive operation to get out news and views the mainstream media will dismiss or even suppress. We are truly grateful for others, who consider themselves part of the citizen watchdog called the Citizen Sentinels Network. This has always been a publication of “We the People.” It is your publication just as much as it is our efforts to assemble and distribute, so please contribute – articles or links to articles or videos, or we still appreciate the green stuff – and, I don’t mean holly or ivy. And sincerely, we appreciated those of you who stepped up and helped us in time of our need.

We have determined to continue our efforts to provide unfiltered news and honest views to be able to educate as many American citizens as possible. Thank you for trusting us to provide substantial content that you find valuable in wrapping your heads around all the turbulence in this time of tribulation. 

Since this is the first major edition of 2022, we are again offering five articles. Today is the anniversary of the January 6, 2021 event that the mainstream media refers to as an “insurrection.” Possibly, it could be seen as such in comic book land, but it is far from any sort of “insurrection.” Jonus Freeman offers an article today dedicated to those who participated in the January 6 assembly of public protest of a manipulated election. This article is specifically dedicated to those prisoners who were taken into custody and now are symbolic of a nation that is seriously divided and that has political prisoners – viewed as a threat to the reigning regime.  

Writer, A. Dru Kristenev, posting originally in Canada Free Press, offers an article for  serious consideration in “New Year, not so new ideas to ‘improve’ mankind.” It is a new year’s perspective that all citizens should realize there is no cavalry coming to save us.

We are the cavalry that needs to save the nation, and to help the nation save the world.

Consider: “It then stands to reason that citizens, who instituted the framework upon which the laws are built and these servants refuse to obey, are free to refuse to comply with mandates or regulations that aren’t constitutionally compliant.” Check it out.

Ray DiLorenzo offers an article regarding the massive onslaught of propaganda that is being disseminated by the Left in several different channels. His article, “Lies and Suspicion of Lies,” lays bare the modus operandi of the political elite and their network of entrenched autocrats. He is quite perceptive: “Finding the truth about the two most important issues of our time, COVID-19 and the 2020 Election has become extremely difficult, not because the truth is not out there, but because our government and leaders offer obfuscation and suppression of truth rather than the transparency that they always promise.” Read it; it is a warning to all citizens: “Someone said it very well…’People get so used to hearing lies that the truth doesn’t seem real anymore.’ We had better learn the difference.”

Mr. Howard Self is President of Right To Believe, a CFP coalition organization, a  non-profit that promotes First Amendment rights and religious freedom. He writes about a genuine attack from the New York Times upon a minority religion. So, what else is new? The Times self-righteously proclaims themselves to be the defenders of those who are downtrodden, as in the false narrative of the evils of slavery. Yet, at the same time, the newspaper is treading brutally upon peoples of faith. The key point is that if such an onslaught can be accepted for slamming a minority religion because it is easy to do, what would be the next logical targets of attack? The New York Times is no ally of people of faith or a genuine friend of specifically targeted races. 

The final entry today is from another coalition member, James Harrison, of his Natural Family Foundation, and a radio talk-show host of the Last Call Radio, a project of his MInutemen United patriot group based in Ohio. Harrison has written for the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter, and we have sent out announcements when possible of special guests he featured on his radio program. He was called out recently in an email message from “Liberty Mel Harrison” of the Liberty Action Network regardingHarrison’s attempted visiting of a Westerville Ohio School board meeting. It was attempted as he and his compatriots were not allowed entry and threatened with arrest – IN OHIO! This incident is important as it causes readers to think about the proverbial handwriting on the wall – it also reflects on what Kristenev is writing about today.

We hope our readers will enjoy all of our features today.  Absorb, share and have a great new beginning to a New Year!


Remember, an educated and enlightened citizenry is vital for our future. As it has been written: 

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 – KJV  

The Citizens Voice provides information that the mainstream media hopes people don’t receive.  Forward these newsletters to your friends and let them witness, first hand, that there is more than one side to a story.  Then they will begin to understand the peril that our nation is in and  be able to make informed decisions.

We are truly thankful for all of our readers who have chosen to assist our efforts in bringing the information and words of encouragement to all Americans we can possibly reach. We are truly grateful for the generous donations from our fellow Citizen Sentinels. It helps us keep going as  

a truly volunteer effort. Thank you so very much for whatever can be given. 

We continue to urge citizens to take ownership of the responsibility to keep the Republic.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~ Samuel Adams, 1776

Ownership of our Republic is now the fight of our time! Keeping our Republic depends upon the genuine sense of ownership of the Land of the Free. Either this is our country, or it will belong to those who are actively seeking to take it from us. It is the same mentality that inspired someone long ago to express the sentiment that “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” Efforts to take responsibility for keeping this nation a free Republic are organically occurring right now all across the nation. 

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Democrats’ Bizarre Distortion of Voting Rights & Civil Rights

by Jonus Freeman – 1/6/22

Just after Independence Day last year, Joe Biden went to Philadelphia and gave a speech at the National Constitution Center, near Independence Hall. Imagery is quite important for the low information voters, so the photo ops were chosen well. There he declared that “The 21st century Jim Crow assault is real. It’s unrelenting. We’re gonna challenge it, vigorously.” Apparently, America will witness the challenge by an attempted linkage of voting rights to the January 6th “insurrection” if the Left has anything to claim in its arsenal of propaganda.

The overt attempt of such a linkage is to weave together some of the current running Comminist-Socialist-Democrat narratives in order to create the illusion of these white supremacists led by Donald Trump trying to undermine a federal election by using violence with serious intent to harm the precious leadership elite of the nation and to overthrow the duly “elected” president. This represents an attempt at the inversion of reality, an Alinsky-esque effort to trash the truth by reversing the veracity of the events as they sequentially played out. The criminal accuses the victim of the heinous crime that the criminal committed against the victim. Alinsky must have learned it from Lucifer because that is his modus operandi.


New Year, not so new ideas to “improve” mankind

By A. Dru Kristenev –January 2, 2022

Plutocrats, technocrats and social manipulators are enamored with the idea that they can improve mankind. Their concept of improvement is coercing the populace to accept on faith invasive measures that induce docility and controllability. An interesting take on faith coming from those attempting to reconfigure reality, or the perception thereof. By directing people’s beliefs to blindly accept the manipulators’ version of reality (or religion), they think they can use others’ faith tendencies to provoke blissful ignorance of the real world.


Lies and Suspicion of Lies

By Ray DiLorenzo —-January 1, 2022

“The truth hurts, lies are poison, but suspicion is torture.”Marinela Reka

Someone said, “There wasn’t any ‘fact checking’ until the truth started to come out.” Finding the truth about the two most important issues of our time, COVID-19 and the 2020 Election has become extremely difficult, not because the truth is not out there, but because our government and leaders offer obfuscation and suppression of truth rather than the transparency that they always promise. COVID-19 and Election 2020 are forever entwined. For the most part they know what is true and not true, they just don’t want us to know. It does not serve their purpose. So, we are left with lies and suspicion of lies.



by Howard C. Self – 1/4/22

In the realm of print media in the U.S., there arguably is no entity as powerful as the New York TimesSuch a position of power carries great responsibility-responsibility to be a protector of fairness and equality-which the Times often portends to be. To its great discredit however, the New York Times has established a new low in journalistic abuse with its blatantly bigoted magazine article of November 7, 2021- “The Untold Story of Sushi in America”, written by Daniel Fromson. The bigoted attack therein is both racially and religiously offensive as it targets the deceased religious leader, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, his religious movement and his family members-while managing also to insult the entire Oriental race with its offensive images.



Note from Jim Harrison… 1/4/22

To All,

Folks both Glen Clermont and myself were refused entry into a recent Westerville Ohio School board meeting, both of us claiming a religious exemption. In light of The Ohio Bill of Rights (Article I, Section 7, Constitution of the State of Ohio) which  declares, “All men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own conscience”  we are open for suggestions as to what our next step should be.   Section 7 also states, ”nor shall any interference with the rights of conscience be permitted =  and if you add to that the Civil Acts Right of 1964 which outlaws discrimination based on racecolor, religion, sex, national origin, and specifically mentions public accommodations and federally funded programs I can’t see why someone isn’t in trouble here.


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