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The American Jacobin Revolution

The American Jacobin Revolution By Michael J. Lewinski  08/06/19 I have spoken before about the revolution cycle, which breaks out about every 250 years. The last time it erupted, we experienced the American Revolution and the French Jacobin Revolution. There is now an American Jacobin Revolution breaking out, which is sponsored by the progressive socialist…

Leftists Want to Reconstruct America

Leftists Want to Reconstruct America By Bonnie M. Parsley Since the beginning of the twentieth century, progressives have worked to undermine our history, our values and our freedom. These ideologues would destroy our country because they believe that they can construct a nation that will offer total equality, perfect peace and social justice for all…

Machinations of Google’s Manipulations

Google Under Suspicion of Manipulating the Results of US Elections Machinations of Google’s Manipulations By Dennis Jamison – August 20, 2019 “Imagine that cops came to your house. Imagine you knew your rights and didn’t answer the door. Then imagine that law enforcement unilaterally escalated to the point that a bomb squad was called in.” Would…

And, Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a suicide?

And, Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a suicide? List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously. Check It Out. August 10, 2019  Posted August 10, 2019 by “Conservative Fighters” website’s Chief Editor This is a message that began being forwarded via email in the mid-1990s of various Bill        and Hillary Clinton associates alleged…

Conservative Reformation

Conservative Reformation By Michael J. Lewinski  08/01/19 As I have noted before, progressive leftism is a force for chaos. They are united against the conservative reformation which is taking place and that they dearly fear. This is so because leftist progressivism and constitutional conservativism cannot coexist. Conservatives and moderates have a hard row to hoe…

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