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We the People

“We the People” of the United States of America, in order to reaffirm the original ideals of our Founding Fathers which gave us our hard-won freedoms, will promote and protect the truths and values within the Declaration of Independence and the fundamental principles within the Constitution. We will also aim to support citizen-candidates and public…

Fight Sanctuary State

President Trump is working to end the insane Sanctuary State laws in California, but has been blocked yet again by the liberal courts. A new movement has arisen to end these ridiculous policies that allow illegal alien criminals to drive on our roads, bring drugs into our country, and harm American citizens, only to be…


The Reason Behind Pox Newz Decisions, Decisions Every day, life in America gets more complicated and confusing. Where will you send your kids to school? Which medical treatment does your mother need? Where should you invest your 401K? Paper or plastic? But even more challenging are the wider-ranging issues – politics, the environment, war and…

Red America Consulting

The Red America Mission In 2016, the anti-establishment, conservative, citizen candidate won the Presidency with 2,626 of 3,141 U.S. counties, compared to 487 won by his opponent. This is Red America. Extraordinary candidates seeking public office who consider their reason for running is to help their country and not themselves can change America forever, despite…

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