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The Greatest Mistake – Our Children are Being Groomed

 By Jim Bratten – 4/11/22

On March 28 Chris Salcedo of Newsmax presented “The Greatest Mistake America Ever Made – when We the People allowed government to educate our children.” As Salcedo explained, “The Dark Agenda’s shroud has fallen in recent years,” exposing the diabolical intent of what the Education Elite in Washington, DC and many state capitols plans for our children.


COVID and Complicity: A Post Mortem

By Bill O’Writes – 4/6/22

Much has been discussed and written about the origins and medical effects of COVID, but I have yet to see an inclusive summary of its effects in eliminating our constitutional freedoms and the country’s morale. It’s time to to call attention to the ramifications of COVID on a terrified citizenry and the subsequent loss of our personal and constitutional freedoms because of it.


“With Malice Towards None…”

By Adina Moss – 4/11/22

Was Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address the greatest in our nation’s history?



Importance of Election Integrity

By Jonus Freeman and Michael James Lewinski  – 04/14/22

While recent news is filled with reports of several battleground states experiencing voting irregularities and outright illegal ballot trafficking, a stalwart band of regular citizens working at the grassroots level has been revealing election abnormalities and   irregularities in California since 2012. However, up to the 2020 election, not many people seemed to care. Unfortunately, many Americans have written off California as a legitimate state of the United States, and would not notice if the state fell into the Pacific Ocean.



Resurrection Reflections

By Dr. Robert R. Owens – April 14, 2022

As we hunker in the bunker and wait for the Death Angel to pass over it’s good to remember that being negative is positively one of the worst things we can do.  Not only is it a waste of time, it’s depressing.  God tells us in many ways “Do not worry” more times than He tells us “Do not steal.”  And we all know what stealing is.  Can any one of us by worrying add a single hour to our life or add an inch to our height?


From The Epoch Times (w/ video): DOJ Election Threat Taskforce Appears to Have ‘Something to Hide’: Watchdog Group President – 4/9/22

From Bannon’s War Room: Harnwell: “Russia escalates — threatens to place nuclear missiles in enclave in continental Europe” – 4/14/22

From Bannon’s War Room: Episode 1,781 – 11.2% PPI Sets All Time Record, American Economy About To Implode – 4/13/22

From Facts Matter with Roman Balmako: Moderna Recalls 764K Doses Due to Contamination, 1.6M Doses Recalled in Japan 6 Months Ago – 4/12/22

From The Gateway Pundit: Voting in France is on Sunday: NO Mail-in Ballots, NO Dirty Voting Machines, Only Paper Ballots and EVERYONE Must Show a Voter ID – 4/9/22

From Lindell TV: Three Ladies Inspired by Mike Lindell’s Cyber-Symposium Explain How They Are Using Surety Bonds To Force Elected Officials to Fix 2020 – 4/9/22

From The Epoch Times (w/ video): Robert Epstein: Inside Big Tech’s Manipulation Machine – 4/7/22

ICYMI > From The Charlie Kirk Show: True the Vote Interview With Charlie Kirk Part 1: ‘A Ballot Laundering Cartel’ – 411/22

ICYMI > From Stew Peters Show: Taped Confession: Election Fraud Nuke | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech – 4/8/22

From Tim Taylor of KIngdom League International: Review of 1958 Communist Plan Reveals Why & How the Moral Fabric of America is Being Shredded. – 4/1/22


Podcast – From The Victor Davis Hanson Show: The Biden Panopticon – posted 4/12/22


Podcast – From D’Souza Media: SHANGHAI TEARS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep311 – 4/14/22


Podcast –  “Bold & Blunt” w/ Cheryl Chumley: Christians In America Are Losing Free Speech – Washington Times – 4/14/22


Project Management Tools, Books and Resources | PMB  Recommended Reading…

From The Gateway Pundit: Democrats in DC and California Are Single-Handedly Making the Supply Chain Crisis Worse – 4/11/22

From California Political Review: Voting in France is on Sunday: NO Mail-in Ballots, NO Dirty Voting Machines, Only Paper Ballots and EVERYONE Must Show a Voter ID – 4/11/22

From The Federalist: Judge Denies Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann’s Motion To Dismiss Charges For Alleged Lies To The FBI – 4/14/22

From Canada Free Press: Will Americans and Canadians be ‘Shanghaied’ by their authoritarian, China Centric governments? – 4/12/22

From National Pulse: Every House Democrat Voted AGAINST Stopping the Government ‘Monitoring And Prosecuting’ Unvaccinated Americans. – 4/7/22

From The Gateway Pundit: Far-Left George Soros-Backed Media Matters Claims to Be a Nonprofit But Acts Like a Biased Far-Left Hit Machine – 4/13/22

From The Heartland Institute: Famed Bangladesh Mask Study Excluded Crucial Data – 4/12/22


Hoover Institution  articles & videos

From Policy Insights (w/ video): INFLATION AND MONETARY POLICY – 4/12/22

From Defining Ideas: A Tax-Based Attack on Capital and Labor | Hoover Institution – 4/14/22


What affects one, can affect all!

* News From The Growing Free Union –

From FOX News: 21 states now suing Biden admin’s Title 42 rollback, calling decision a ‘self-inflicted calamity’  – 4/14/22

From The People’s Convoy: People’s Convoy Joins Thousands in Los Angeles ‘Defeat the Mandate’ Rally | – 4-10-22

* News From Our Canadian Neighbors –

From Canada Free Press: Ottawa’s Suicidal Climate Plans a Cautionary Tale for Governments Everywhere – 4/14/22

From FOX News – Tucker: Canada PM Justin Trudeau seeking to forcibly silence news outlet

News From Alabama –

The Office of Alabama Governor: Governor Ivey Strengthens Election Integrity, Signs “Zuckerbucks” Bill into Law – 4/13/22

News From California –

From The Gateway Pundit (w/ video): ‘You Kind of Need an Interpreter’ – California Democrat Running For Seat in OC Mocks GOP Rep. Michelle Steel’s Accent – 4/13/22

News From Colorado –

From VICE MEDIA: The Colorado GOP Just Went All In on Election Conspiracies – 4/11/22

News From Florida – From The Federalist: In Preparation For Dobbs, Florida Is Latest State To Defend The Sanctity Of Life With Abortion Ban – 4/14/22

From Washington Times: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill banning abortion after 15 weeks – 4/14/22   

News From New York –

From Washington Free Beacon: Under Federal Scrutiny, NYU Law School Faces Uproar Over Anti-Semitism – 4/13/22

News From Pennsylvania –

ICYMI > From Stew Peters Show: Taped Confession: Election Fraud Nuke | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech – 4/8/22

News From Washington D.C –

From Washington Times: D.C.-area governments say they’re eager to take Texas’ illegal immigrants – 4/14/22


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