Citizen Sentinels Network – Messages of Light – 7/5/2020

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Dear Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter readers,

The Citizen Sentinels Network has maintained a project, originally deemed the David Project, since 2018. Especially, for those readers of faith, the Messages of Light originated as a genuine inspiration from Heavenly Father. It was initiated to bring Light into the dark in this time. At this time in the world, there is clear and present need to hold boldly and securely onto our foundations rooted in faith.

If you consider the messages in our Sunday edition relevant or meaningful and know others who might value them as well, consider yourself a Light mail messenger, please pass this message on to those whom you feel could receive it. Otherwise, please receive it yourselves.

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a  jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on their children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, 6but showing loving devotion to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commandments.…”  Exodus 20:5-6n (NIV)


The other day, American citizens celebrated the birth, or actually, the conception of the United States of America. Last year around the time of Independence Day, I offered some reflections on the significance of the celebration by sharing an article I wrote in 2017 regarding the ideals at the heart of our nation. At that time, I shared that I believe that “the ideals embedded in the fabric of the Founding Documents were inspired by our Father in Heaven.” We offered a strong message from Pastor Earl Wallace last week that affirms such a belief, and that the foundation of American government is rooted in the Ten Commandments. Truly, the nation was founded upon the Judeo-Christian heritage, and that is not debatable.

Yet, as people with simple common sense would agree, the Hebrew people broke the Law of God in several ways. And, as American citizens can observe today in our contemporary culture, many of our “trusted” government leaders violate the Constitution of the United States. Citizens see that America is being tested right now, and our nation is going through great growing pains in this time of tribulation throughout the entire world. The Independence Day holiday provides a time for Americans to reflect on those fundamental ideals embedded in the founding documents – especially in the Declaration of Independence. One of the main points of the holiday was to honor those ideals at the bedrock of the Land of the Free. Unfortunately, citizens do not always remember the value and purpose of the day, let alone the value and purpose of the U.S.A.

My message today deals with the topic of independence in 2020 — retaining freedom. However, such a concept needs to be framed in the proper context. At the beginning of 2019, I provided a brief message entitled: “Lifestyle Changes.” In that basic message, I offered a brief testimony of how I found God, or how He helped me find Him. Grace is a very powerful force of our Heavenly Father, and just like electricity or gravity are powerful forces. Once one experiences the Grace of God in a life-altering event such as the visitation of the Holy Spirit, it can never be easily forgotten. Some may be able to ignore it, or pretend it just did not happen, but for those who submit to God’s redeeming Grace, it is transformational.

Freedom, once a person experiences it, witnesses it, tastes it, rolls around in it, it is hard to do without out. Freedom can be addictive like a drug. Most people who have experienced freedom at one point in their lives, and then have been deprived of it later, miss it dearly once it is gone. Many go through a kind of mourning and the longing for what has been lost, seems unbearable. It can even be compared to unrequited or lost love for those who have gone through the pain of such loss or a broken circuit of love. In “Lifestyle Changes,” I was explaining a bit about this, but I was mainly sharing that one’s faith is strengthened through regular exercise similar to regular physical exercise, and it requires people to make lifestyle changes to exercise their faith daily. Such is the concept behind proactively practicing being in the presence of God and proactively loving God on a regular basis.

These words are being freely offered and are being sent to you as part of the “David Project.” Please receive this message as a gift from those who care. They are only words that are being offered, freely, but some contain a deep message of faith, or a deeper expression of heart that readers can hopefully receive into their hearts. As it was written: “Where there is no vision,  the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”    Proverbs 29:18 – KJV

May we humble ourselves, seek His face, repent, and turn from wickedness – like apathy or indifference, or lack of involvement to be good stewards over our Republic. May we  be better stewards, better children, and renew our covenant, and return to the original design our Father in Heaven implemented to help build our nation.

            “Retaining Freedom – Through a Revolution of Heart”

                                               By Dennis Jamison

                                                  July 5, 2020

The Declaration of Independence served as a manifesto for Freedom for the entire world. Yet, in this day, America is going through great tribulation and internal turmoil. Many Americans are in a state of dismay at what is happening in this nation. Some citizens may try to apply the concept of the “social distancing” requirements of COVID-19 to “mental distancing” from the horrible acts that people witness through their television sets or social media messaging. A fundamental question that citizens are asking is: How did America get to this state of being at the beginning of the 21st century? A better question should be asked: What did American citizens do to stop it from getting to this? For the most part, American citizens simply trusted in the government that had been given to them – a Republic. But, we are in danger of losing that Republic given to us by the Founding Fathers.

If one casually views the Judeo-Christian heritage at the root of the nation, it is not hard to miss that the foundation of American government is rooted in the Ten Commandments. Yet, it is also clear that Jewish people violate the Ten Commandments, which is God’s Law. Christians violate the Ten Commandments as well, and this represents a departure from adherence to God’s Law. It represents going against what our Father in Heaven had given to His children to help them create a new government as they fled the tyranny that existed in Egypt. And, anarchists would not worry about the lack of government, but God in His infinite wisdom gave His people specific “rules to live by.” Literally. Yet, when people do not choose (there has always been choice mixed in) to obey the Law, or do not follow the rules to live by, bad things happen. History shows this.

As one does examine history, it is clear that humanity has been under some variation of tyranny, likely since the beginning of history. The first dramatic escape from tyranny into freedom is told in the Bible and more specifically the Exodus of the Hebrew people from the dual tyranny in Egypt. Suffice it to say that people of faith, who acknowledge one God, have been running and trying to escape from tyranny for a long, long time. The United States represented a stand for freedom that was unusual in all of that history. It is a culmination of sorts of the Exodus and of that exodus of the Pilgrims from the tyranny of England and the Anglican Church. 400 years ago this year, people referred to as Pilgrims broke free from their homeland, just as the Hebrew people thousands of years before broke free of the ties of slavery.

As one examines the heart of that history, at the core of each separation was a dramatic effort to be free to worship God. Moses pressed the Pharaoh for just three days in which those people could go off into the desert to worship God. The Separatist (Pilgrims) leaders wanted to be free from the persecution and oppression of the Church of England and the government that had birthed that church. Those people of faith had to leave their homes and familiar places or as now expressed — their comfort zones. They had to depart what was relatively familiar to them, though totally unpleasant, for the hope of a better land and a better future for their children. In essence, they had to make a complete break from their worlds as they knew them at that time.

These religious people had to plant their seeds of faith in the soil they inherited. Each had to establish some type of government to establish a civil and orderly society beyond the levels of the family and tribe. The Ten Commandments were given by God to the Hebrew people to do this in the “Land of Milk and Honey’ that had been promised to them. The Mayflower Compact was the result of prayer and purposeful deliberation regarding the good of the whole society. Both foundations were established without interference from a tyranny — they represented effort advanced by common people to create a covenant with God basically for proper governance of respective communities of faith. These historic events were foundations for governments that held that the people’s interests were the main purpose of government, not the power for tyrants.

The seeds of faith that were planted in the soil of New England eventually bore fruit when bold and brilliant men and women no longer tolerated the tyranny that had totally dominated the 13 British colonies. In the 1770s, after 150 years under tyranny, the colonies in North America were consumed with the Spirit of Freedom. Brilliant and bold men and women refused to tolerate the oppression and took drastic actions to depart from the tyranny of the British Empire. The Spirit of Freedom led Thomas Jefferson to draft the manifesto for human freedom known as the Declaration of Independence. Liberty was conceived and Independence declared on July 4th. Yet, independence only came through a long and hard-fought struggle for freedom.

America’s history represents a hard-fought continuous struggle for specific freedoms. Initially, the foundational freedoms proclaimed to the world as God-given inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence, inflamed the colonists to be willing to die in order to secure such freedom. Ultimately, the Founders wanted to perpetuate the newly birthed government, and not witness their “experiment” die at an early death. The Founders transformed the new government under the Articles of Confederation to the new Constitution. They also adopted a Bill of Rights, crucial to protecting the people’s freedom. In that time, most of the Founders realized that the God-given rights proclaimed by Jefferson in the Declaration needed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution, and many insisted upon it before they ratified it.

Yet, what was the primary impetus from the Founders to create a nation conceived in Liberty? Theirs was a Christian-oriented initiative with their fundamental values and ideals rooted in the Bible. But, the Founders were not seeking to establish a state-mandated religion. Their efforts aimed at the protection of allowing the worship of God freely and not restricting the free exercise of religion. The Founders sought what Moses was fighting against Pharaoh to obtain. They were seeking to ensure that such oppression from which Pilgrims fled England would not be tolerated again. They sought to secure the freedom for Christians to practice what Jesus verified as the two greatest commandments: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Matthew 22:36-40

American citizens have been blessed and given so much. We have inherited God’s Ten Commandments, Jesus’ commands, as well as our God-given rights that were codified in the Bill of Rights. We have had the freedom to worship, to love God according to the dictates of one’s conscience. Americans have had the freedom to love our fellow human beings. We have been blessed materially. Yet, we have a mess in the Land of the Free. Some of this mess is our responsibility. Yet, in 2020, our God-given rights and our freedoms are under attack — even by those inside the government. Some of this mess is a deliberate effort by an enemy element to take dominion over the inheritance Americans had received from our forebears.

Unfortunately, over time, good Americans have turned over to evil people much of the domain that our forefathers gave to us. Additionally, many good people did little as domestic enemies took over government positions. It has been said, and it is true, that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. This is how we got to this place, but how do Americans expect to keep the Republic that has been entrusted to them?

Sadly, citizens have forgotten that we are the employers in the people’s government. If “We the People” can no longer trust those in government to protect and defend the Constitution, there is no reason to employ them. If there is an active domestic enemy, those in government serve as imposters – impersonating those normally entrusted to do a public servant’s job. They should not retain the public trust, nor be paid for their disloyalty to the people.

Yet, on a much deeper level, it will be nearly impossible to retain the Republic without God. But, Americans seem to have forgotten that we are God’s children and have taken for granted those many blessings from our Heavenly Father. If He gave us such an incredible inheritance, how can we squander such gifts? – or be indifferent? How can we not return His love for us?

Retaining the Republic will involve a deeper relationship of heart with God. In fact, it requires a revolution of heart: loving God – proactively sharing love on a regular basis, and proactively practicing being in the presence of God. As dutiful children, we must accept responsibility for our mess and deepen our love for God as well as genuine love for the citizens.

If one realizes their place as God’s son or daughter, there is accountability for what He has given to us. We must acknowledge that all that we have received as Americans came at great cost, great suffering, great sacrifice. We must face our Father in Heavenly and take ownership for what we have lost or squandered, which is part of the revolution of heart. We can still reclaim what has been given away.

Additionally, if enough Americans are able to unite and work together in agreement upon the principles and ideals within the founding documents, and enduring the current difficulties for the sake of the Republic, the nation can advance. The Spirit of Freedom needs to once again inflame the hearts of the American people. Unity with our shared ideals centered upon God can recreate a covenant with Him, and it also is an opportunity to practice loving strangers — even loving those that are difficult to get along with. Essentially, putting into practice what Jesus deemed the two greatest of God’s commandments, could help the Americans retain our Republic. We still have these freedoms protected by the Constitution and reclaiming America for God should be a lot easier than Joshua taking dominion of the Promised Land with the Hebrews.

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