Citizen Voice Newsletter – 8/18/21 – Incompetence Exposed in Afghanistan, Liberals Exposed as Vaccine Dictators

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Of course the news this week is the debacle in Afghanistan as the Taliban brutalize Americans, other foreigners, and their own people as they seize control of the entire country while Biden and our Military Establishment babble incoherently.

Jim Bratten starts us off with “Biden’s Blunder” and details the actions of our President as he tries to bribe the Taliban to be nice to our people.

Dru Kristenev continues with “Swift and Forceful? Biden describes Taliban takeover, not American evac, of Afghanistan.” She says, “Joe Biden has proven himself and his administration to be irresponsible, disconnected from reality and thoroughly incompetent.”

The other disaster that is looming on the horizon, and being aided and abetted by our doddering leadership, is the rush to “vaccinate” every American from cradle to grave – literally? Jack Gleason asks “Will People Wake Up and Believe Their Own Eyes?” He discusses “gaslighting” from a psychological perspective and explains how our reality as free Americans has been eroded in a methodical and heartless manner.

Judi McLeod follows with “The Radical Far Left Weaponization Of Viruses, A Gift That Keeps On Giving” and exposes former Toronto Board of Education trustee Doug Little’s words on how he intends to crush the resistance and break the spirit of the unvaccinated and how the Left plans to teach the unwashed public to learn obedience from their masters.

Michael Lewinski concludes with an insightful article on how the Left is destroying our country by taking away our “Social Capital,” those networks of connections and relationships that characterize human society and bring economic development.

All in all, a pretty discouraging week. Our only consolation is that the damage our leaders are doing to our country and the world is becoming more and more obvious, even to the millions of dead people who voted for Sleepy Joe in 2020.


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Biden’s Blunder

By Jim Bratten – 8/16/21

History repeats itself, it is said, and in 2021 the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan became a sanctuary for Afghanis who aided Americans over the past 20 years and now feared for their lives. It is 1975 again; Saigon is falling to Ho Chi Minh and his Communist Viet Cong as they rapidly penetrate city defenses. Vietnamese who worked for or assisted the United States flee in terror for their lives, heading to the U.S. Embassy for refuge. U.S. Marines give their all to defend the embassy until the exodus is complete. Will there be an airborne evacuation from the U. S. Embassy in Kabul?

In April, the U.S. had 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan, as reported by The Washington Times. Then Biden suddenly pulled them all out, leaving behind American military equipment as spoils of war for the Taliban (billions of dollars of it). With the fall of Kabul imminent, Joe sent thousands of U.S. military personnel back to rescue thousands of embassy staff and civilian contractors.


“Swift and Forceful?” Biden describes Taliban takeover, not American evac, of Afghanistan

By  —August 17, 2021

Joe Biden has proven himself and his administration to be irresponsible, disconnected from reality and thoroughly incompetent. “Saddened by the facts we now face…”These are the facts: murder of individuals connected to American forces or the now collapsed Afghan government; raping and marking women and minorities for death; disbanding of Afghan forces in record time. These are the facts that have created the irrefutable disaster that the Taliban’s “swift and forceful” takeover has wrought, not an American response to Biden’s flight from Afghanistan, virtually abandoning Americans in his rush to run.

Referring to the devastating evacuation of terrified people scrabbling to hang on to helicopter skids, seeking escape from the American embassy in Saigon in 1975, Joe Biden said, “I will not do it in Afghanistan.” He just did it. Biden proudly claimed credit (blaming President Trump at the same time) for the “plan” – abandonment of state-of-the-art firearms, vehicles, ordnance, material, American citizens and allies to the hands of tribal Pashtun chiefs – while he stood before the cameras August 16, 2021 pretending the rout from Kabul to be efficient and dignified.


Will People Wake Up and Believe Their Own Eyes?

By Jack Gleason – 8/18/21

“Gaslighting” is a term that has become quite popular over the last few years.  The term originated with the 1944 film “Gaslight” where an evil husband tries to drive his wife insane to hide his criminal activities.  He manipulates the brightness of the gaslights but denies that there are any changes. But gaslighting can go beyond a single dysfunctional couple.  Wikipedia calls gaslighting “a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is successful in having the targets (a person or a group of people) question their own reality, memory or perceptions, by manipulating evidence about the real world.  Subsequently, a manipulator will attempt to build consensus among third parties that the victim is insane or otherwise mentally unwell’“

Stephanie A.  Sarkis Ph.D.  of Psychology Today says, “Gaslighting is a slow form of brainwashing that makes a victim question their reality.  Typical gaslighting techniques include denying something when there’s proof, projecting onto others, and telling blatant lies.”

Here’s her list of typical gaslighting tactics…


The Radical Far Left Weaponization Of Viruses, A Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Judi McLeod —-August 14, 2021

There have always been thirsty bloodsuckers feasting on the underbelly of the Body Politic in Canada and the U.S., and (God help us!) likely always will be. Resurfacing now that the far left has managed to weaponize a virus gone viral as a pandemic, is former Toronto Board of Education trustee Doug Little. Checking in from Vancouver, B.C. at 12:44 a.m., on August 10, 2021, Little tweeted out—with no complaint from Jack Dorsey’s unapologetic Twitter: “My position is we must make the lives of the unvaccinated a total misery and just keep escalating the exclusions until we crush the resistance and break their spirit in order to force compliance and so they learn not to resist government mandates.”

In political life everything’s now come full circle as most “government mandates” of our day are coming from the far left. I have worn the delightful defeat of Ward 1 Toronto Board of Education Trustee Doug Little as a badge of honor my entire career as a journalist. His long-awaited defeat in the air-clearing 1985 municipal election was largely thanks to my education columns in the feisty Toronto Sun…


Social Capital

By Michael J. Lewinski – 8/14/21

The Progressive state is destroying our social capital. We cannot lose it and must fight the Progressives to retain it. If we don’t, the American spirit will be lost. Author and Of Two Minds blogger Charles Hugh Smith recently observed many of us feel our way forward to a more sustainable and healthier future through social capital – the intangible but very real network of connections and relationships that characterize human society.

We call this network of ties and trust “capital” because it takes time and effort to build and maintain, and it generates value. The value generated by social capital has many forms, but the one most commonly cited is favors with an economic value.  We say we’re “calling in favors” … and mean we are asking for help in things like childcare, yard-work or picking someone up at the airport.

“In modern industrial societies, social capital has lost value as people have come to rely on the government for income, food, child and elderly care, etc. –  the resources and services that we once relied on social capital networks to provide.”


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