Citizen Voice with Dennis Jamison – Episode 5 – “The ‘Crimes’ of Columbus”

Episode #5 – 3/29/21 – True U.S. History – “The ‘Crimes’ of Columbus”

In the fifth program, Jamison introduces the Carib Indians as the dominant tribe of the Caribbean (named after this tribe of Native American Indians) and how it was likely that the Caribs were responsible for the massacre of the men left behind at La Navidad. The discovery of the massacre was made by the various people in the 17 ships that came back to the Caribbean with him. The massacre was a real perspective-changing event. It shocked Columbus, and it angered the Spanish nobility and soldiers, and it certainly worried the representatives of the Catholic Church. Jamison also introduces the notion of the Spanish nobility rejecting the governorship of Columbus and his brothers, and false charges were introduced to eliminate Columbus as the governor, which is what happened. He was arrested, put in chains, and sent back to a prison in Spain. This is in the history, yet ignored – especially by historians who admired Columbus, but used by Progressive-Revisionists to assassinate Columbus’ character all over again, which was the intent of deposing Columbus the first time around.

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