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Message from Dennis Jamison

Please join us in the Coalition for a Principled Republic. It is a call for a greater confederation of allies to work with one another in the Battle for America’s Soul. The concept behind CPR is simple: There is strength in numbers. The idea behind CPR is for a confederation of like-minded allies to work together as much as possible.

About this group

The Coalition for a Principled Republic is a grassroots alliance, or confederation, of organizations in agreement with shared principles, linked via lines of common communication and shared information, and focused on promoting cooperative action on vital, compatible projects for 2020 and beyond.

On the eve of perhaps the most historic election seasons, a good number of patriot groups, Conservative organizations and some Christian congregations are gearing up and getting together in conferences, training camps, and political training sessions to awaken citizens and    to help them to grow in heart and mind in an already turbulent political environment. The people in America today who are concerned about our country’s future can be found in the remnants   of the Tea Party, in small bands and networks of conservative citizens, and in faith-based groups – all concerned about their government’s lethargic commitment to protect the freedoms that have been enjoyed by American citizens in the United States for decades.

Today, alarms are being sounded — by those who love the ideals that formed the heart of America. Unfortunately, their voices are being mocked and muffled by a corrupt and dishonest mainstream media. Or worse still, the genuine alarms are being ignored by the people themselves. A question that must be asked at this time is whether Americans deserve to inherit the freedoms won by serious-minded citizens who were willing to die so a nation focused on freedom could be born. Most awakened citizens, who are now more politically aware or already active, are determined to hold on to those freedoms, and will do what it takes to ensure the survival of freedom  

Already, in 2019, citizens have witnessed the serious Battle for the Soul of America in the initial skirmishes of the recent November elections. Awakened citizens realize that the stakes in the future leadership of America are much higher than they ever will be in the upcoming primary elections of 2020, and in the ominous general election. Focused organizations are providing ongoing education for those who are awakened and activist training for those who are already engaged in the battle for America’s Soul. Most awakened citizens, who are now more politically aware or already active, realize that the stakes in the future leadership of America are much higher than they ever will be in the upcoming battles in the primary elections of 2020.

With that comprehension, a group of grassroots leaders and activists from a number of states across the country gathered together in rural Ohio to create a foundation for a “Coalition for a Principled Republic,” otherwise known as CPR. Activists from Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, California, New York, Connecticut, and North Carolina strategized to implement lines of communication and link participating organizations in order to share intelligence reports and to promote cooperative action on compatible projects or tasks for 2020 and beyond. A core of the organizers had been active in the Super Pac helping to promote Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2106. During his campaign, Dr. Carson stressed that Americans are not each other’s enemies, as the political paradigm no longer exists as a Democrat vs. Republican. 

Many of the grassroots leaders present agreed that the American people are the losers in the current political system in America. As Dr. Carson exclaimed: it is “We the People” vs. the career Government Elitists (or Globalists, or the Marxists/Communists). Especially people of faith are  quite inspired by Donald Trump’s efforts in many spheres of the U.S. They view the corruption in America as a crisis in moral and religious leadership. The vision of CPR is to revive the American ideals, principles, and values at the heart of the Founding, and to re-inspire Americans with such ideals because the ideals have not been lost. People have lost touch with the original ideals. 

The ultimate mission of CPR is to heal the hearts of Americans who have been damaged by leaders who have left or strayed away from God and the founding ideals, principles, and values. The mission encompasses the identification and support citizens who are true servant-leaders who can heal an America that has been damaged by leaders who have led the people astray from our roots. 

The ideals examined by the leaders gathered in Ohio were viewed as deeply rooted in the biblical principles in God’s word. A core of what CPR is all about was expressed by Pastor Earl Wallace of Liberty Christian Fellowship who gave a presentation on the “Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights.” 

Those ideals are viewed by Dennis Jamison, the founder of the Citizen Sentinels Network, as the origin point of the United States. Jamison leads a network of like-minded patriots, Conservatives, and Christians who believe in the biblical principles of God’s word embedded in the founding documents. Yet, while fundamental ideals and principles inscribed in the Declaration of Independence had existed since ancient times, it was more than any philosophical treatise. 

The Declaration of Independence gave a foundation and a premise for all people to affirm their faith in freedom and to reject tyranny. It is an affirmation of faith! It led to the establishment of the legal framework for what human beings should expect in their lives on this planet. It led to the delineation of human rights in the Bill of Rights as expressed in the U.S. Constitution.

Those in CPR see the Constitution of the United States of America as the basic framework for the protection of people’s freedom. The first Ten Amendments, the Bill of Rights, became the more complete expression of the self-evident truths in the Declaration that proclaimed the unalienable Rights: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Pastor Wallace believes America needs another Great Awakening in order to restore the United States to its origin point. Pastor Wallace knows many people who know the problems, but offer few concrete solutions. The question is how patriots today can actually revive what God inspired in America’s Founders.

Wallace contends that American citizens are either: 

  1. part of the solution,
  2. the irrelevant so-called silent majority or 
  3. among those who make a generalized Rah – rah call for “more God in government,” not truly knowing what that really means. 

Core leaders of the CPR are taking a stand as much as Patrick Henry took a firm stand when he proclaimed, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry’s spirit was in the spirit of many of the early patriots who made their own stands for liberty. They saw the signs of the times. It was that core of visionaries who developed the Independence that Americans have cherished from decade to decade. But, in this time, modern day patriots also sense the danger of losing that very Liberty for which people like Patrick Henry and the other patriots were willing to die. There are parallels to that time of the birth of our nation and now. And the reason that the men and women who met in Ohio was to find common ground in which to take their stands.  

Today, it would be healthy for Americans to remember that the high ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the principles embedded in the Constitution were such noble ideals that they were beyond the reach of most people, not only in the last quarter of the 18tth century, but also throughout America’s history. Today, citizens have become confused by the contemporary narratives spewed forth from the mainstream media and the political parties. “We the People” have lost touch with the general principles of a government of the people, by the people, and     for the people. The CPR effort is about the resuscitation of those values, ideals, and founding principles. Yet, it is by no means the limit of the effort.

The Coalition for a Principled Republic is a call for a greater confederation of allies to show up and work alongside one another in the Battle for America’s Soul. The concept behind CPR is simple: There is strength in numbers. The concept behind CPR is for a confederation of allied individuals, families, organizations, and even local governments to willfully agree to work together whenever possible. Allies can retain their own mission assignments and action implementation, as well as receiving the benefit of a stronger support network to win the Battle for America’s Soul. 

The CPR is a call to action for all people of conscience to listen for Heaven’s call, to awaken, and to revive as God’s children. Those in the CPR willfully and actively align themselves with God’s Will in this time – a most serious time of transformation – fundamentally for individuals, especially for families, for churches, for communities, for every state, and for our beloved nation. The CPR is a call to action for people and groups to proclaim and practice their God-given inalienable rights. 

The Coaliton for a Principled Republic calls to action individuals and organizations to reaffirm and re-vocalize support for the self-evident truths and our unalienable rights: Life (even the life of the unborn babies), Liberty (especially for the fundamental freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights)  and the pursuit of happiness (which translates into pursuit of the virtues evident in the Bible). 

The CPR is a call for individuals and organizations to affirm, proclaim, and protect the natural family unit as created by God. The defense of the natural family from wedlock, to womb, to the future well-being of the natural family institution is fundamental to the survival of any culture or civilization. The CPR offers a community of support for those fighting to uphold the values and virtues nurtured within the natural family. James Harrison’s Natural Family Foundation is at the core of the promotion and protection of the family. 

The CPR is a call for people to write about and to practice their support for the principles in the BIble and the basic freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights. The CPR is a call for people to write about and take action in support of Freedom of Religion while Americans are still blessed with freedom of worship. The CPR calls for people and groups to write about and proclaim America’s fundamental Freedoms while we still enjoy Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. 

The Coalition for a Principled Republic provides a support network for citizens to feel free to apply biblical directives to the public square. The CPR offers a professional support network for those who are called to become public servants within the political arena. The CPR offers genuine community of support for those called upon to fight against opposition initiatives and legislation destructive of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The CPR offers a community of support for those called upon to fight against initiatives and legislation instituted by self-serving and tyrannical groups, networks or governments within the United States of America.

If you received a link to this page, you have been recommended by someone within the Coalition for a Principled Republic to become an ally to help win the Battle for America’s Soul in this dire hour. Many are aware of the many problems eroding our Constitutional Republic and can easily recite them, but America needs solutions. The Coalition for a Principled Republic affirms that God has helped to birth America on the application of the Bible to every aspect of life, including civics.

We seek to reaffirm covenant with Heavenly Father, to establish lines of communication between allied organizations, and to maintain a confederation community to empower individuals in their personal relationships with Heavenly Father, to revive and heal the broken family unit, and to reclaim all public institutions for God and Christ consistent with their administration at America’s founding.

If you are curious, feel free to request information; if you want to join the confederation, do so. Contact the individual who has provided this information.

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