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It is crystal clear to all who can rub two neurons together that America is under attack, from within and without.

Mick Lewinski starts us off today with “A Revolution is Underway in America,” detailing the civil war in which we are already engaged.

This war isn’t being fought with weapons, but with actions. One such response is to let our dollars do the talking. Americans spent $12.5 Trillion last year, and Dru Kristenev points out that if we were to spend that money with purpose, we could force corporations to change. In this case, we could end the vicious exploitation of the Uyghurs in China.  Her article is “Guiding seasonal spending by tracing corporate connections.”

Another response is to identify where the problems begin. Stephanie Mann says “We Can Stop Violence: No $$$ Needed,” simply by going back to the family.

How do you persuade those on the other side to consider a new point of view? Charles Rein reviews an anti-Trump book that gives insights in how to change minds on either side.

Identifying the problem and fighting our battles with the weapons we have at hand is the only sane way to win this struggle in a peaceful manner. Jim Bratten’s article, “The ‘Army’ Resumes Course” shows how one American mainstay, the Salvation Army, was able to reverse course in one area of “Wokeness” due to political pressure from everyday Americans.

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A Revolution is Underway in America

By Michael J. Lewinski – 12/03/21

There is a civil war going on in the United States of America. Progressives are forcing this difficult challenge on the rest of us. They have initiated a revolution to overthrow the U.S. Constitution, and they are determined to cancel our rights as American citizens. READ MORE


Guiding seasonal spending by tracing corporate connections

By A. Dru Kristenev —December 5, 2021

Woke business practices have been lurking under the radar for years. Corporations marketing themselves as American culture friendly have proven they embrace Marxist ideologies. Included are domestic corporations pushing Critical Race Theory, encompassing faith-bashing and transgenderism, that eschews the capitalism that created their billions. Preying on helpless minorities thrust into work camps in the Chinese hinterlands, specialty workout gear, high-tech electronics, all kinds of apparel and appealing women’s jewelry are being mass produced for pennies on the thousands of dollars. READ MORE


We Can Stop Violence: No $$$ Needed

By Stephanie L. Mann – 12/4/21

Crime and violence cost many lives. The White House stated recently the pandemic was to blame for the rise in crime. Press Secretary Jen Psaki also said, “the increase in violence is due to guns.” The pandemic and guns have little to do with “smash and grab” criminals looting stores and harming innocent victims. And, the message that city leaders would not hold lawbreakers accountable and their plan to defund police motivated more criminal activity. READ MORE


Rein on Fire

By Charles Rein – 12/4/21

I discovered an advanced review book copy while traveling in the American Southwest recently. The 2020 book, “Words On Fire: the Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It” grabbed my attention. The cover by chance, has a photo of the back of the head and shoulders of the most powerful man in the world, President Trump. OK, maybe not such a coincidence. Now why would I select a book that does not present both sides and seeks to portray Trump as the anger management mascot for this book regarding incendiary language? Before you dismiss this review, let me give you a scenario. READ MORE


The ‘Army’ Resumes Course

By Jim Bratten – 12/6/21

For decades I visited bright red buckets hanging next to Salvation Army bell ringers to make deposits when I passed them each Christmas. If I saw stores remove them in a fit of political correctness, I took my business where the red buckets were welcome. So, I was disappointed when it seemed the trusted Christian charity had veered from its mission. I remember thinking, “No, not another one, especially this one,” of the familiar charity I had long supported. READ MORE


From The Dan Bongino Show: Ep. 1663 The KGB Defector Video You Must See – The Dan Bongino Show – 12/8/21 

From Liz Wheeler (formerly of One America): Build Back Communist | Ep. 81 – 12/8/21 

From Bannon’s War Room: Naomi Wolf – Massive crime against humanity underway – 12/7/21 

From FOX News: Scalise NUKES Biden For Prolonging The Opioid Crisis – 12/8/21 

From Craig Huey’s Election Forum (w/ video): Biden’s Omicron Pandemic Panic: Endless Fear, Lockdowns, Booster Shots and Masking – 6 Reasons the Omicron is an Overreaction and Excuse for More Control and Power – 12/8/21 

From OANN TV: Jan. 6 witness says police caused stampede and killed Rosanne Boyland 12/9/21 

From Stew Peters Show: Stew Peters is Joined By Lin Wood12/7/21 

From Not the Bee (humor): New video: Joe Biden’s Most Profound and Inspirational Quotes


Podcast From Dinesh D’Souza: HE’S BACK Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep233 – 12/8/21 

Political scientist Paul Kengor makes the case that Marx wasn’t “scientific” in any sense; he is better understood as a theologian on behalf of the devil.

American Minute by William J. FedererAmerican Minute for December 8Slaves

From Washington Examiner: Jussie Smollett is part of a larger trend of fake hate crime


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Articles & Videos…

From The Caravan: The Biden Administration’s Syria Policy: A Forecast for War12/7/21 

From The Caravan: Lebanon Stands at a Crossroad between a Painful Revival and a Complete Submission to Iran12/7/21 


News From California –  From California Globe: Nearly 500 Los Angeles School Employees Fired for Not Complying with State Vaccine Mandate – 12/8/21

From California Globe: California Lawmakers, Abortion Proponents Unveil Plan To Create Abortion Sanctuary State 

News From Iowa –From Washington Examiner: University of Iowa to pay nearly $2M to lawyers for Christian student groups in religious liberty cases – 12/9/21

News From Massachusetts – From American Greatness: Massachusetts Middle School Creates ‘Safe Space’ for Students Following Rittenhouse and Arbery Verdicts › American Greatness – 12/9/21

News From Minnesota – From OANN TV – Tipping Point: Michele Lentz – The Protect Minnesota Kids Act – 12/9/21

News From Missouri – From American Greatness: Missouri AG Orders School Districts to Repeal Mask Mandates; Sends ‘Cease And Desist’ Letters to Noncompliant Schools – 12/9/21 

News From Pennsylvania – From Canada Free Press: Erie, Pa Teacher Calls for Religious Exempted Unvaccinated To Be Shot & Killed – 12/8/21

News From Washington state – From Seattle Times: Effort to recall Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant leads in first vote count – 12/8/21

News From Wisconsin – From OANN TV: Weekly Briefing: Illegal Activity by Wis. Election Commission, Corporate Media Collusion & More! – 12/9/21


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SIGN UP> Join with Students For Life: Sign the Moral Outcry Petition to have your name filed with the Supreme Court

SIGN UP> From The Heritage Foundation: Oppose Biden’s Unlawful Vaccine Mandate!           


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