CPR Member Organizations

Please join us in the Coalition for a Principled Republic. It is a call for a greater confederation of allies to work with one another in the Battle for America’s Soul. The concept behind CPR is simple: There is strength in numbers. The idea behind CPR is for a confederation of like-minded allies to work together as much as possible.

The Coalition for a Principled Republic is a grassroots alliance, or confederation, of organizations in agreement with shared principles, linked via lines of common communication and shared information, and focused on promoting cooperative action on vital, compatible projects for 2020 and beyond.

The following is a list of CPR Member Organizations…

Red America Consulting

Red America Consulting seeks to level the playing field between the extraordinary concerned citizen who wants to help his or her community by seeking public office. Social media and the Internet have leveled the playing field. The fact that the large majority of the voting public distrusts the media and the two political parties means that there has never been a better time to run for office. It also means that traditional and expensive campaign methods are no longer required. An honest, articulate candidate can upset the “favorite” with a clear and uplifting message.


There is no more powerful influence in the United States of America than the Public Education System. What began as a noble attempt to teach children how to read the Bible has, over time, become a testimony to declining academic performance and social agendas, where increasing numbers of students are unprepared for being successful, skilled and happy contributing members of society.

Ed-Exit is an invitation to American families to exit out of the failing public education system and join millions of others who enjoy the proven benefits of Christian homeschool.


Strike Force of Prayer

We are a group of committed warriors of God’s Army for such a time as this to intercede & pray for America:

1. We the people, which is based on the family as God originally ordained it be, which each of us is a part of!

2. The government: its place in the Kingdom of God—a shinning Light on a hill as beacon of Hope for all nations to be in God’s Plan for His Kingdom to be under Jesus Christ as Lord and King!


Citizen Sentinels Network

The Citizen Sentinels Network began as a basic initiative of the  “We the People” – patriots, pilgrims, and prophets – a grassroots network of volunteer, citizen-journalists. The Citizen Sentinels Project has grown into a network of affiliated organizations intent upon promoting and protecting patriotic, conservative, and Christian ideals, principles and values within the political arena. We are the people, and whether we have taken an oath of office, or not, we are dedicated to the best of our ability to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.



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