CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 10/5/2021 

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 10/5/2021




I am once again providing a “Founder’s Message” after being preoccupied with a serious project closer to home. However, I sincerely express my gratitude for Citizen Sentinel writer Jack Meyer for stepping up and going above and beyond his willingness to volunteer during this time.

Today’s featured article is from Jack Gleason who has proven to be quite a prolific writer and man of many hats. His question bridges a perspective of the value of life connecting together the opposing points of ProLife vs ProChoice in the abortion battle to the vaccine mandate issue.

Somehow “freedom of choice” proves to be logic too illusive for the “it’s my body” advocacy of the ProChoice, pro-abortion realms. But, it’s a different reality – right? Maybe it’s just a different political perspective, which seems quite a paradox for those seeking to force invasive jabs upon innocent people. It’s definitely worth the few minutes read to gain a different perspective upon the insanity of forced vaccinations. And the powers that be cannot have it both ways!

The Video Views section today is jam-packed with some hard-hitting videos. We feature two Stew Peters’ videos as he is hitting the target on a number of vital issues. Bannon’s War Room is also totally hitting the target and that is why we feature a number of his segments. Peters’ is following through on the findings about the drastic changes in the blood of vaccinated patients who suffer side effects from taking the jab. He also is exposing the infiltration ‘leakage’ in the Trump camp.

We are offering a new focus section that provides profound and thoughtful articles or videos from the Hoover Institution. We had been gravitating in that direction since we have featured Victor Davis Hanson in several of our links.

We have several relevant articles in our Recommended Reading section. We have also put forth an excellent educational resource provided by a patriot concerned with election integrity in the entry: US 2020 Election Fraud at a GlanceAround the Republic features current issues in five states today. There is a lot of homework to keep up with if one truly wants to be an intelligent patriot in order to make decisions based upon understanding as opposed to ignorance.


An informed citizenry is vital for our future. The Citizens Voice provides information that the mainstream media hopes people don’t hear.  Forward these newsletters to your friends and let them see, first hand, that there is more than one side to a story.  Then they will begin to understand the peril that our nation is in and be able to make informed decisions.

That is why we urge citizens to take ownership of the responsibility to keep the Republic.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~                              

                                                         Samuel Adams, 1776

Ownership of our Republic is now the fight of our time! Keeping our Republic depends upon the genuine sense of ownership of the Land of the Free. Either this is our country, or it will belong to those who are actively seeking to take it from us. It is the same mentality that inspired someone long ago to express the sentiment that “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” Efforts to take responsibility for keeping this nation a free Republic are organically occurring right now all across the nation.

We love our readers because we believe that our readers are well-educated about the events  in our nation that are essential to understanding the bigger picture. Knowledge, Truth, as well as Understanding, not ignorance, will help “We the People” to accept responsibility for keeping our Republic. We are also extremely grateful for all of our compatriots who have given us donations.

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 Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life… on Vaccines…?

By Jack Gleason


The two terms “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life,” have been used in the abortion debate for many years.  Both have appeal.  Who can disagree with Pro-Choice – the idea that a woman has the right to make her own medical decisions?  It’s her body, she should be able to choose.

Even if you disagree with her decision, most agree she has the right to make it.  How can anyone imagine the idea of forcing a woman who doesn’t want to have a child to continue with the pregnancy until full term?

“Pro-Life” is also a term with positive implications.  Every child should have his or her right to live.  This is why the debate about abortion is such a difficult one.

But when the two terms are applied to the vaccine controversy gripping the entire world, they come down on the same side – vaccine mandates are anti-choice and anti-life.

If women expect the right to control their own bodies and make their own medical choices in consultation with their families, religious leaders and their doctors, why would a decision whether or not to take a vaccine be any different?  Do we really think it is acceptable to force someone to take an injection against their will?  Will teams of “vaccine police” be dispatched to neighborhoods to hold people to the ground and give them shots?

That would be horrific, but the pressure for non-vaxxed people to get the shot has reached an insane level.  Isn’t firing someone who won’t take the shot almost identical to dispatching vaccine police?  Relegating the unvaxxed to second-class or “untouchable” status – no air travel, no train travel, where they can’t attend football games or go to local restaurants – is just as bad.

Pro-choice in the case of the vaccines means you get to make your own medical decisions, regardless of government or social pressure.

“Pro-Life” can also be a consideration in the vaccine mandate debate.  We all want to live happy, healthy lives.  We should be choosing what course actually is best for our personal health.  After 18 months of experience with COVID, and now the new Delta Variant, we have learned a lot…

Most people don’t die from COVID, and the ones that do are often seniors in their last months of life with multiple “comorbidities.”

Others with serious pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or obesity are also at much greater risk.

For many groups of people – especially the young and healthy – the risk from the disease is significantly less than the risk of harmful side effects.

But the way people are treated when they first experience symptoms is an even greater factor than their medical condition.  Until now, the mainstream medical advice has been to stay home and “self-quarantine” until the patient is in severe distress, and then seek treatment at a hospital.  In many cases it’s too late, and hundreds of thousands may have died needlessly.

Scientifically validated studies are showing that early treatment, with monoclonal antibodies in particular, and with other drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, is extremely effective.  Why these therapies have been actively denied may be one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.

But the other side of the pro-choice, pro-life, anti-mandate argument is prevention.  Countries that have encouraged use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, combined with supplements of zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C have experienced significantly lower death rates from COVID.  These measures have been vehemently opposed as well.

The other term to add to our discussion is “Pro-Common Sense.” Average Americans are specialists in practical thinking.  If it doesn’t make sense, we don’t do it.  If the “mandaters” were to stop and think for just a minute, they’d see the insanity of requiring a vaccine for everyone, (even people at extremely low risk) that often has serious and permanent side effects, and that doesn’t protect against the newest variant.  They’d also ask, “Why are preventative measures that are 100% safe being denied to those who want them?”

Even though natural immunity has been shown to be 27 times more effective than the vaccines, and that the vaccines’ effectiveness wears off – requiring an endless series of “booster shots,” the mandaters still demand that people who have successfully recovered from COVID be inoculated.  This is not common sense.

The reason is that these people are motivated by the strongest human emotion – fear.  They have been told by our government and the propaganda media that unless they, and everyone in the country, are 100% vaccinated and boosted, they will die.  This is nothing short of medical terrorism.

Despite the massive amount of pressure, many continue to refuse the mandates, even to the point of losing their jobs.  Nurses, who know more than anyone about the dangers of COVID relative to the dangers of the injections, are resigning in droves, causing a staffing crisis in many hospitals across the country.

When people are afraid, they often look to people they know and trust – in their personal lives – a knowledgeable relative, teacher or medical professional, or those in public life who inspire them – in the military, in professional sports, and in our entertainment culture.  These “beacons” of fairness and common sense are starting to change minds and waking people up from their views that vaccines will stop the pandemic and anti-vaxxers are selfish citizens who are endangering everyone else.

If you are a beacon to others around you, and are “pro-choice” and “pro-life” when it comes to vaccine mandates, understand the difference you can make to your friends and family.  Quietly seek out those who are undecided about the vaccines or booster shots.  Ask about their concerns.  Many are just uninformed, they don’t watch the news and don’t see any opposing views.  Share what you know and encourage them to use their common sense before they decide.

You may save a life.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer who posts often in American Thinker and Canada Free Press. Comments can be sent to jackgleason9@protonmail.com


Onward and Upward!     

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