CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 11/16/2021 

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 11/16/2021



Although “Election Day” has come and gone, there are still shock waves reverberating across the nation. In several states, there were conservative candidate victories, especially at the local levels, like in New Jersey, where our Sunday edition featured a link to an article that announced New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney Concedes to truck driver Ed Durr.

Were you surprised by the broad results of the November 2 elections across the country?   Many people, even politically active conservatives, were surprised. The red wave, as it is being hailed, was not the result of outstanding organization by Republican candidates. It was not the result of a massive war chest of cash that allowed conservatives to out-spend liberals throughout America. It was caused by a grass root movement of the people of America who  did not like what they were seeing in our schools, and in our government, and took action. Jim Bratton, in his article “Democrats in Denial,” credits the good showing to the people, Republican, Democrat and Independent, who were finally able to see what is going on in our country as the curtain was pulled back. Partially it was due to COVID and our government’s reaction to it.  Also, they have EXPERIENCED the stark difference between successful Republican policies and failed Democrat policies. Are the Democrats in denial, as Bratton suggests or have they made a decision to continue their “label them as racists” strategy that has their base so pumped up?

Today, we also have an article by Michael Lewinski where he sounds the alarm as to the end game of the American progressive movement. He refers to a term that makes one shudder, the United States of Socialist America. Every place that communist socialism has been implemented, freedoms disappear. Citizens are to do what the government requires “for the good of society.” We are experiencing a taste of it in the Covid state. That is but the beginning my friends. Lewinski reminds us to PRAY that God would not allow it and to step up and do what we can to avoid it. We got a flavor of that on November 2. It felt good, didn’t it?

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“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~                              

                                                         Samuel Adams, 1776

Ownership of our Republic is now the fight of our time! Keeping our Republic depends upon the genuine sense of ownership of the Land of the Free. Either this is our country, or it will belong to those who are actively seeking to take it from us. It is the same mentality that inspired someone long ago to express the sentiment that “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” Efforts to take responsibility for keeping this nation a free Republic are organically occurring right now all across the nation.

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How EVIL is liberalism anyway? | Page 90 | US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum

      “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”                                

                                                                 George Washington 

                                  Democrats in Denial

By Jim Bratten – 11/8/21

The November 2 elections have been described as “a seismic shift” and indeed they were. More Americans, by the day, are discovering the rumored “Culture War” is real and winnable.

Democrats have been destroying our country: COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates; abusing children through Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL); widespread shortages of goods caused by supply chain failures from lockdowns; soaring inflation from out-of-control spending and money over-supply; increasing energy costs through restriction of supply and reversal of Trump’s energy independence policy; and increased violent crime by defunding police. Americans are finding that the Biden Regime has plans to make the U.S. dependent on other countries; to lower us to the level of “average” –  equity in dumbed-down children and out-of-work adults, dependent on government.

On November 2, millions of Americans said “No!” to all of this self-destructive nonsense, but especially CRT and the mandates – mask and vaccine, particularly for children. These were the triggers. From Seattle to New York City, Democrats in local elected offices were broomed from city and county councils. School board members across the nation were voted out, and parents were voted in, to rescue their children from the jaws of CRT, transgenderitis, woke culture and other Marxist indoctrination. Democrats panicked as they saw voters turn out en masse to support the Republican Party against Democrat policies and government force. But Democrats deny these are reasons. (It’s the messaging!)

The day after the election, a New York Times headline declared, “Republicans Seize on Schools as a Wedge Issue to Unite the Party.” (Not a real, critical problem, just an insignificant “wedge issue.”) The Washington Post predicted, “Parental say in schools, resonant in Va. governor’s race, bound for GOP national playbook” –  as it will be if Republican leadership is serious about winning races. But these two media sources ignored the real reasons for defeat.

Most of the Democrat Media had little to say about Democrat losses throughout the country after Tuesday’s elections, but some were brave enough to call the Democrat losses a “bloodbath.” CNN and MSNBC claimed that “Critical Race Theory doesn’t exist” and “is a racist dog whistle.” If indeed the ample evidence of the subversive government education system at the state and local levels teaching young children how to be racists and despise their parents is a “dog whistle,” why are Democrats the only ones who hear it? They say it doesn’t exist, each network’s narrative nearly identical. What does a “racist” dog whistle sound like? Conservatives are curious, since we have never heard one.

While Democrat Media, Barack Obama, Terry McAuliffe and school boards around the nation were denying the very existence of Critical Race Theory, the Biden White House was defending the concept as laudable and essential, but not really CRT. Parents, fed up with the serial lying, got busy throwing many Democrats out of office, no matter their excuses.

It took Jemele Hill of The Atlantic to provide the real reason for the Democrat defeats in a November 3 tweet: “It’s not the messaging, folks. This country simply loves white supremacy.”

Democrats attacked “suburban white women” who voted for Republican candidates as racists, even though these same Democrats cheered “suburban white women” just a few elections ago when these women were duped to vote for Democrats. This radical swing of condemnation, however, happens frequently to those who possess no governing principles – only an ideology not based in reality.

They know racism; it drives their denial and is used effectively against opponents. It’s common knowledge: Call Republicans “racist” and they will run away.

 Jim Bratten – Monday Morning Newswire 

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‎The Dying Citizen on Apple Books

                             Our Failing Civilization

                                              By Michael J. Lewinski – 11/09/21

In his most recent book, “The Dying Citizen,” Victor Davis Hanson states “…affluence and leisure often prove more dangerous to citizenship than poverty and drudgery.” This was true when Roman civilization fell, and when the Spanish empire collapsed.

I remember thinking in the early 1970’s we had become lazy and not motivated and that it would lead nowhere good. Now in the 21st century, we are facing such circumstances again. As a people, we have grown fat and lazy.

This is happening at a time when the Progressive, Democratic Socialist/Communist party is trying to overthrow our government. They reject our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Progressives want to replace our competitive, free-market Capitalism with a Communist Economy.

They are intent on controlling your life and the lives of your family members and everyone else. Progressive Communists hate God and have shut down churches, synagogues, mosques, and Buddhist temples. They did it during the pandemic and will do it again, only this time it will be permanent if they get into power.

These Progressive Communists are not stupid. As soon as they get into power they are going to take all the guns away from everyone, but the police and military that they trust. We, as law-abiding citizens, must appeal to our sheriffs to protect us from this illegal power grab. Otherwise, we can not resist them and defend ourselves.

These Progressive Communists are going to take your home from you and tell you where you can live. They will tell you what job you will have, the pay you will receive, and what school your children can attend. That is what they did in the USSR. We will be transformed into the new USSA.

Our only hope is to appeal to God the Father in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, to deliver us from these evil people. With that, we also have a part to play and vote them out of office, as we saw the people of Virginia and other states, counties, and cities do on November 2nd.


Onward and Upward!     

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