CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 6/29/2021  

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 6/29/2021


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Today’s Citizen Voice Bulletin features an article I wrote for the Canada Free Press regarding Pastor Artur Pawlowski who recently spoke in California as part of his nationwide speaking tour.

I was able to speak directly with him, and we hope to interview him on the Citizen Voice video

program. I specifically thanked him for coming all the way from Canada to spread his courage into the United States, which is not a place of unity right now. His intent is to help Americans not only see the danger to our nation, but to stand up and confront the danger. He is a true example of someone who is fighting for the freedom for all people to practice their religion to worship God and has stuck his neck out for God time and time again in Canada. The government seemingly has made it their mission to break his resolve. But he is still standing like a rod of iron in such a spiritual wilderness. He came to re-awaken those in America who can follow such an example.

We also feature a second message from Stephanie Mann of Safe Kids Now. We interviewed Stephanie Mann on the Citizen Voice video program back in the beginning of May. She has agreed to come back, so we will notify readers when that happens. Her brief message is an invitation to her program as she will having a special guest this Wednesday June 30th at 1:00pm (PT) 4:00 (ET) Terry Boykins, CEO of “Street Positive.” Hopefully, CSN patriots will

Tune in to the interview.

Also, please take into consideration the additional aggregated news features. We truly try to provide readers with a “go-to, digestible package” of the current critical news spanning the nation and in some cases, reaching across the globe to provide stories that affect us all. One reader said it is like an online equivalent of the “Reader’s Digest.” Since my article is regarding Pastor Pawlowski, we are including the video of his arrest in case people missed it. We are also including a video of his reaction to the court announcement in which he asks for everyone’s prayers. Please pray for him and his family. His wife, who is still in Canada, said in a recent phone conversation, that if or when he comes back to Canada, they “will hurt him.”

The collection of videos provide today offer a wide-angle view of what we face as Americans in such a time as this. There are a number of other links to articles dealing with a wide array of issues in the “Recommended Reading” section as well as “Around the Republic” aggregated stories.

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He believes that if people of faith unite and work together for the greater purpose of freedom they can recover the promised land that God gave to the American people

More Power to Pastor Artur Pawlowski

By Dennis Jamison ——Bio and Archives–June 29, 2021

More Power to Pastor Artur PawlowskiA  video of Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s dramatic ordering of several police officers out of his church on April 3 of this year went viral all over the civilized world. He was preparing for the Passover service that Sunday, as a Public Health Inspector and several police officers came right into   his church without being invited and without a warrant. He shouted that the Gestapo and Nazis were not welcome in his church. He succeeded in defending the house of worship in that time. However, on May 11, on the drive home from church, several Calgary Police cars pulled over the automobile he was riding in on a busy highway and he was summarily arrested. The video of that incident went viral too, and it made headlines throughout the world.

The atheists and statists in the Canadian government do not seem to be able to tolerate defiance of the lockdown laws

The heinous crime that would require multiple police vehicles with an entire troop of officers: Pastor Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski, run the Fortress (Cave) of Adullam Street Church, and they dared to defy Alberta’s Public Health Act and the draconian COVID-19 health orders. Apparently, violating the Canadian lockdown orders is a very serious offense in which a real serious criminal like Pastor Pawlowski would be so dramatically confronted, incarcerated,  put in handcuffs and literally dragged off to jail. The video reveals a very bizarre scene. This Monday, the brothers were found guilty of violating Alberta’s lockdown orders, and thus they were found in contempt of the court order by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Adam Germain. The atheists and statists in the Canadian government do not seem to be able to tolerate defiance of the lockdown laws. Sentencing is scheduled for July.

The opportunity to hear Pastor Pawlowski speak in California on Sunday materialized, so it was not to be ignored. Pastor Pawlowski is currently on a whirlwind speaking tour across the United States in order to awaken this nation, especially Christians to the creeping dangers of those in positions of power in government that are outright anti-religious. Pastor Pawlowski spoke at the Calvary Chapel in San Jose. Calvary Chapel’s ministers were also targeted by the California lockdown mandates of Governor Gavin Newsom. In January, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Peter Kirwan ruled that Calvary Chapel Pastor Mike McClure and Youth Pastor Carson Atherley were in contempt of court, and Calvary Chapel San Jose was charged $5,000 a day for each day they did not require the wearing of masks or insist on social distancing. Total fees charged to the church amounted to $1.6 million.

“I follow the example of Jesus Christ”

In the Calvary Chapel case, attorneys representing Santa Clara County and Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody sought additional penalties of $120,000 against Calvary Chapel San Jose and $37,500 against Pastor McClure, the father of seven children and $27,500 against Youth Pastor Atherley, the father of an infant child. Judge Kirwan enlightened everyone at the time stating that “The court does not do this lightly… This has been a case of science vs. religion. I have approached this with an open mind, but at the end of the day the rule of law has to be respected; even if you disagree with the County and State.” Rule of law? Are the elected officials obeying the Law of the Land? How many constitutional violations were breached by government bureaucrats in trampling citizen’s God-given rights?

During this case, prior to the judge’s ruling, Pastor McClure asked to give a statement. He said: “I follow the example of Jesus Christ. I lay down my life for all the people. I (am called to) help people. It is (not my intent) to disregard the law. These rules are hurting people. I want to obey the court; but church is essential. People are dying on the street. Who is helping (them)?” The statists do not have answers to these very human problems, but they are very good at making laws that actually hurt people in a very real way. And, when such a state of hypocrisy permits BLM protests, but blatantly bans anti-lockdown protests, it is not about public safety or concerns over the COVID “plannedemic.” When big box stores could stay open and allow even hundreds of shoppers to meander in the stores, yet churches were considered non-essential, one has to wonder: Who are the ones determining what is essential and what is not essential? There was a nefarious set of values behind such lockdown orders, and many innocent people were hurt.

The crimes of Hitler were all legal as established by the National Socialist State. The crimes of the Communists were committed with legal authority

This was the point driven home by Pastor Pawlowski on Sunday night at Calvary Chapel. As part of his presentation, he explained that in his home country of Poland, they had to endure the Nazis invading their country to initiate World War II.  And then, the Soviets invaded their country after the Nazis. Millions of people lost their lives. Common people had to survive this onslaught from two dictators. After the war Poland was trapped behind the Iron Curtain, and he recounted that day after day, he and his parents had to take turns waiting in line for a single item like a loaf of bread or tin of coffee. He explained that the crimes of Hitler were all legal as established by the National Socialist State. The crimes of the Communists were committed with legal authority. So, today he sees the police that arrested him like the Gestapo, or gangsters in nice uniforms.

Pastor Pawlowski went on to explain that under the Soviet Socialist tyranny, the Polish workers had become fed up through the 1960s and 1970s with Communist control over their country. In their attempt to initiate a mass movement against the government (definitely dangerous), they tried to win the support of the students. Unfortunately, the students did not trust those in the unions, and would not help. It devastated the workers. Later on, he explained, when many students attempted to organize a mass movement, it was the students who were rejected by the trade unionists. They were crushed. However, at the end of the decade, there were enough truly fed up people who were tired of fighting with themselves. They realized they needed to stop fighting each other and they needed to unite and work together against Communism. This, he said, was the key to joining together. The people had reached a critical point in which they understood that unity would be the only way to victory over the communist overlords.

He warned that the church that refuses to be involved in the darkness only allows the darkness to remain and allows Satan to grow

In this example, Pastor Pawlowski explained that this is what needs to happen in the United States in this time. Unity between the Christians and the patriot groups is needed to overcome the similar efforts by despotic governors and the governmental mandates over the people. He is hopeful that Americans can respond before it is too late. He came here from Canada to give the people here courage. He said that courage is contagious, and the people of faith need to tell the devil to “get out” like he told the police in Calgary to get out of his church.

Pastor Pawlowski cautioned ministers, however, to not be lukewarm quoting Jesus. He warned that the church that refuses to be involved in the darkness only allows the darkness to remain and allows Satan to grow. He believes that this is how things in America got so bad. He urged the congregation to not be like Esau, who gave up his birthright to satisfy his hunger, but to be like Joshua, whom God told to not be afraid—just to trust and enter the Promised Land. He sees that God gave this land to the people, and sees it as the land He promised to the people.

He believes that if people of faith unite and work together for the greater purpose of freedom they can recover the promised land that God gave to the American people.


Safe Kids Now National Network


Hi Safe Kids Now members and friends,

The Safe Kids Now Show has a special guest this Wednesday June 30th at 1:00pm (PT) 4:00 (ET) Terry Boykins, CEO of “Street Positive.” His 501C3 program “Daughter’s Lives Matter” promotes the importance of healthy father/daughter relationships. The campaign is now nationwide with many events and outreaches both in-person and virtually. He is leading the efforts to reduce childhood violence, aggression and trauma. Join us June 30th! Mark your calendar! Our Safe Kids Now Show will be on every Wednesday at the same time. Amazing guests coming up in July, too! For more information go to Safe Kids Now.

Here is the link to the show from NY. www.facebook.com/aaumedia  Watch the interview with Terry Boykins which will also be on 29 other stations. Ask your questions in the sidebar.

Please watch this video about the worldwide crisis on CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING which has corrupted governments. All of us must be on the alert and aware. https://youtu.be/bpBX-32mkL0

Thanks to our many members who are making a difference for children! Wishing you a successful and peaceful summer in 2021!  – Stephanie

P.S. If you have questions or no longer want to be on our mailing list, please contact me.

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant safeneighborhoods@gmail.com

Stephanie L. Mann is author, 5 books on family, home, neighborhood and community safety

SAFE KIDS NOW!     www.safekidsnow.com


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