CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 7/12/2022

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 7/12/2022

Tuesday Bulletin                                            

Americans are in awe over what has been happening in this nation since November of 2020, but the entire world is being shaken by fear and deliberately manifested disinformation that foments   widespread ignorance. Throughout human history, fear and ignorance have been the consistent  handmaidens of tyranny. However, the conditions that fear and ignorance produce, or behaviors that are the outcome of such mental weakness, permit the prolongation of power over people’s lives. Manufactured mass hysteria, dependent upon widespread ignorance or misplaced trust, and the embrace of apathy, despair, and hopelessness and self-centeredness provides tyrants with the masses that prefer to be led rather than using their minds in the pursuit of Freedom.

Not long ago, Americans celebrated Independence Day. It represents the exact opposite of the slow slide downward on the slippery slopes of fear and ignorance. Far too many citizens have

forgotten that those bold and brave individuals of the founding generation decided to stifle their fears and tom fight for the truths they sincerely believed. It is now for our mixed bag of citizens, from here as well as those who came here from afar, to do the same, regardless of the cost.

We must decide what we are going to do about tyranny as it confronts the very soul of America today. One realm of confusion that exists across America today is being manufactured through the mental manipulation of the general public through the corporate media giants who are not truly operating with the best interests of the public in mind or in daily practice of what they post for public consumption. It is one of the serious reasons why the small Citizen Voice newsletter exists – a true David and Goliath battle. But, there are other voices that are providing relevant  information to dispel ignorance. Many understand the reality and are exercising their rights as a free citizenry.

Today’s feature article is from Jack Gleason, who takes a serious look at all that our country is facing in such a time as this. His article, “The magic question that will save our country,” does offer hope for those who have not grown apathetic, or cynical, or hopeless. He calls upon all Americans to take a stand and to ask our fellow Americans to dig into their deeper, better selves to examine what they need to do to help save our country.

Years ago, one of our more memorable presidents challenged the American public: “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” Has it been so long ago that we have lost such sentiment, such enthusiasm for the Land of the Free? Americans need to re-embrace the fundamental principles that are at the foundation of our nation. One of the very basic foundations is taking individual responsibility for each other’s well being and for the well being of the nation itself. Those who are unafraid of acting upon the truth, must act upon the call of their conscience at this time. It will set us free. Long live our people’s quest for Freedom!


The magic question that will save our country

By Jack Gleason


Things seem quite hopeless.  Most Americans agree that our country is going in the wrong direction, and many fear that it is heading for disaster.

There are so many things going wrong that it’s hard to list them — insane gas prices, supply chain disruptions, baby formula shortages, rampant inflation, just to start.  We are being invaded on a daily basis by tens of thousands of illegal aliens, carrying drugs, crime, and disease.

We have a “president” whose every decision is to undermine our country domestically and throughout the world.  His rationale seems to be a quest for “green energy,” but there is absolutely no logic to discontinue fossil fuel usage today for a solar and wind economy that won’t be ready for 20 years, if ever.

The Democrat Congress continues to pass laws that further weaken our country and does nothing to fix the serious problems we face.

We have no hope of ending any of these disastrous policies while remaining the minority party in the House and Senate.

Our most fundamental right as Americans is the right to vote for our elected officials.  There is every reason to believe that our votes in 2020 were manipulated in the Democrats’ favor.

Is this sense of discouragement and hopelessness part of the plan — to discourage the American people so much that they just give up and let our country fall apart?

Our only remaining choice to save our country is to vote in such overwhelming numbers that any fraud will be apparent to everyone.

In 2020, the presidential election was swayed by 300,000 votes in six key swing states.  This November, the national vote will be for only the House and Senate.  It was relatively easy to cheat in six states, but it will be much more difficult to cheat nationwide.

A 51-49 close election needs only 2% cheating to switch the vote, but a 55-45 vote needs 10%.  At that level, the number of counties where more votes are cast than eligible voters will be so significant that no one can deny the cheating.

Across the country, there won’t be enough corrupt district attorneys willing to ignore charges of election fraud, or corrupt judges willing to throw out the cases for no reason.

If we can win the House, we can hope that the Republican leadership will have the courage to bring up hearings into the 2020 voter fraud and establish safeguards so this can never happen again.  They may be corrupt and a big part of the problem, but nothing motivates a politician as much as the fear of losing power, and a crop of new conservative Representatives may have enough clout to make a difference.

The House would also be able to defund much of Biden’s insane programs and begin investigations into Biden and Democrat corruption.

We must vote as conservative as possible in every election on November 8 and hope the number of extra votes is greater than the amount of cheating.

But it’s not enough to vote as individuals.  We must encourage others to come to the polls with us.  We will never fix liberal brainwashing — those people are lost.  But there are millions of conservatives who didn’t bother to vote in 2020 and won’t vote in 2022.  “It’s inconvenient,” or “my vote won’t make a difference,” “all politicians are corrupt,” or “they’ll just cheat again.”

Make a decision to talk to every conservative relative, friend, and neighbor you know and       ask if he is going to vote in November.  If he says “no,” ask him why.

For any response he gives, simply ask the magic question: “do you like the direction our country is heading?”   When he says “no,” reply with this: “your only option is to vote and reach out to every conservative you know and ask the same question.”

If he needs help to be reminded to vote, or needs a ride to the polls that day, offer to help.

Make it a habit to reach out to strangers in your day-to-day life.  You may think they are liberals, but many Americans who were fooled by liberal talking points and the mainstream media are seeing the reality of our new daily life in America.

If you are with someone at the grocery store meat department, make a comment about sky-high prices and see how he responds.  Ask the magic question: “Do you like the direction our country is heading?”

When he says “no,” ask if he plans to vote on November 8.  If not, ask why, and explain that if he doesn’t vote, nothing will change.

Online social media are nothing compared to the effectiveness of “real social media” — someone standing next to you speaking in person.

You can rant and rave about high gas prices, or the cost of groceries, but unless you take action and start talking to everyone you meet, our country is lost forever.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer.                                                        Comments can be sent to jackgleason9@protonmail.com


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