CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 7/26/2022

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 7/26/2022

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Simple Plan to Save America.  The first part, shared last Thursday, provided simple and likely enjoyable ways for people to take back their neighborhoods and support one another in ways that the police cannot do. In the second part of her article, Stephanie outlines the benefits that can be expected when neighbors get to know and support one another. Although she started her crusade in the 1970s, her efforts may be crucially important in healing America from the incredible divisiveness and destruction rampant in our cities in such a time as this.

Stephanie brings to the table a lot of expertise and experience. Her article is well worth the read!

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 A Simple Plan to Save America – Part 2        

By Stephanie L. Mann – 7/16/22

The following is the second part of a two part article with the same title. Part I was posted in our Thursday July 21 edition:   https://citizensentinelsnetwork.com/editorial/a-simple-plan-to-save-america-part-1/                                                                              

Part I provides a foundation for a better overall understanding of Mann’s complete message. 

Americans want families to be safe in their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, statistics show crime, violence, drugs, sex trafficking, mass shootings and murder rates are increasing. Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. So what can city leaders and local organizations do?

As discussed in Part 1 of “A Simple Plan to save America,” we need to involve citizens if we are going to create safe neighborhoods and communities. Crime increases as fear of becoming a victim increases. Americans who feel powerless have armed themselves with 400 million guns, which tells us we need a new strategy to reduce anxiety and fear.

City leaders and non-profit groups should get together to consider establishing a training center for “Neighborhood Safety Experts” who look like and speak the language of the community. Trained citizens bring people together to reduce fear and social isolation to improve neighborhood health and safety. There are many benefits to strengthening support for people who live near each other:

1.  Involvement reduces social isolation. When neighbors know and trust each other, they take charge of the kids on the block and put a check and balance on negative juvenile behavior and gang violence.

2.  Involved neighbors can reduce the high cost of juvenile delinquency, graffiti, arson and smash and grab offenders.

3.  Improving communication helps neighbors become informed and less vulnerable.

4.  Strong family and neighborhood support helps prevent drug abuse and child sex trafficking.

5.  Crime, violence and shootings create distrust, anxiety and anger, which can lead to mental and physical health problems.

6.  When people know and trust a “Neighborhood Safety Expert,” they share information they would not tell the police, such as identifying drug dealers, child abusers, neglected kids and illegal activities.

7.  Neighbors can be encouraged to work with newly released prisoners, immigrants or others with challenges to help them assimilate into the community, reducing fear of the unknown.

8.  Involved neighbors with support from “Neighborhood Safety Experts” can reduce the need for additional police, saving taxpayers money.

9.  Citizens will feel safer and less likely to be suspicious of neighbors or buy guns for protection.

10.  Seniors can be encouraged to get involved to babysit, set up activities for youth or help with homework.

11.  When “Neighborhood Safety Experts” create a network of neighborhood leaders, police can send criminal descriptions to these leaders who can  in turn contact all the families in a given area. Swift communication catches criminals faster and will reduce illegal activities.

12.  Neighborhood involvement creates new leaders at the grassroots level who may go on to make a difference on community boards, city committees and in politics.

13.  When we strengthen families and neighborhoods, citizens become more independent as they move away from government control.

14.  Support and education help citizens strengthen American democracy as they become involved, informed and responsible for family and neighborhood safety.

As a former “Neighborhood Safety Expert” for 30 years, I’ve seen the power of “we the people” to make neighborhoods safe. Involvement creates a healthy balance between communities and police. When neighbors work together and take ownership, they decide what will be tolerated. Cities will save money, families will receive vital support and everyone will live in safer, healthier cities.

STEPHANIE MANN  Author, Founder – Safe Kids Now National Network, Crime & Violence Prevention Consultant. She co-authored, “Alternative to Fear: Guidelines to Safer Neighborhoods,” in 1975. With the help of California’s first lady, Nancy Reagan,  the CA Youth Authority funded the guide and thousands were sold to police departments, police training centers, state and government agencies around the country, including the FBI. “Alternative to Fear” helped educate police about the potential of involved citizens and popularized the “Neighborhood Watch” Programs.

In her community of 17,500 residents, they didn’t have a local police department but they did have a drug and burglary problem.  A volunteer committee took charge and hired two sheriff investigators to help implement the “Neighborhood Responsibility Program.” The committee of 10 volunteers got organized and encouraged friends to host neighborhood meetings.  They presented drug education at the middle and high school. Within 2 1/2 years, involved residents decreased crime 48%. 

While working in Richmond CA, with “Mother’s Against Senseless Killings,” Mann saw people too scared and angry  to be involved or report crimes.  She wrote, “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook,” a 10-step, easy to follow guide for existing church groups and civic organizations whose members already knew and trusted each other.  This book gives individuals and groups the tools to reach out and help others.

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant

Host of: The Safe Kids Now Show on AAU Media from NY
SAFE KIDS NOW!       www.safekidsnow.com


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