CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 8/17/2021

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 8/17/2021




Our network of great grassroots volunteer writers are continuing to provide readers a great deal to think about. But, this is only the voice of the American citizens. This effort is not just about the writers exercising their First Amendment Rights. We are calling readers to become more than readers. Not that we do not appreciate our readers. We love our readers because our readers are becoming well-educated about the events in our nation that are essential to “connecting the dots” of understanding the bigger picture. Understanding, not ignorance, will help all of “We the People” to accept responsibility for keeping our Republic.

Please understand that ownership of our Republic is not to be treated lightly. Ownership of our Republic is now the fight of our time! Keeping our Republic depends upon the genuine sense of ownership of this Republic. If we do not want to keep the Republic, we shirk our responsibility of truly taking ownership of the Republic. Either this is our country, or it belongs to those who seek to take it from us. It is the same mentality that inspired someone long ago to express the point  that “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” Efforts to take responsibility for keeping this nation a free Republic are organically occurring right now all across the nation.

Citizen Voice focuses upon a number of key issues facing our nation. However, election integrity is one of the driving forces of such a time as this. Citizen Voice is generating understanding of this issue in order to foment greater responsibility for fair and honest elections. Genuine patriots all across the United States are standing up to take back ownership of fair and honest elections. As this is being written, the “Cyber Symposium” of Mike LIndell is progressing to generate greater understanding of how our elections are being corrupted and undermined. Ownership  of our Republic is now the fight of our time! We are charged with the responsibility of keeping the Republic.

The Citizen Sentinels Network is a network of “We the People.” We are asking our readers to be more than readers: we are asking our readers to share our articles with friends, family, associates, or anyone you feel would benefit by our news and views and aggregated links. It is truly the pathway to becoming a genuine “bona fide” Citizen Sentinel! If you have been a reader for a while, you know we have been at work, continually developing  our format and our style to provide more for readers without the rest of the hype and noise that “clutter” other sites. It is too much distraction and takes focus away from what needs to be focused on right now.

Readers can also contribute by helping add to, or compile, our aggregated links. We have three main sections of aggregated features: “Video Views,” Recommended Reading,” and “Around the Republic.” If readers feel we should put an article into the Bulletin or the Thursday newsletter, they can send those links directly to one of our editors at: PrincipledRepublic@gmx.com

We all need to focus on responsibility for ownership of our Republic, as it is now the fight of our time!As citizens we are charged with the responsibility of keeping the Republic.

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The pullout in Afghanistan is currently the “big news” and good ole Joe Biden is standing behind his decision for the pullout. However, there seems to be serious fallout from many sectors of the political stratosphere. Of course, from the perspective of the mainstream media, Biden can do no wrong. The major fallout seems to be the people of Afghanistan who have been suffering for a long, long time from being abused by power hungry entities. Their cries for peace are ignored by those who care little for their human rights and their very existence.

The Citizen Voice Bulletin today examines decision making of the American people who seem to ignore much in the rest of the world and have a tendency to limit their decision making talents upon external and shallow perceptions. A. Dru Kristenev examines numerous consequences of basing one’s political decision making upon superficial realities. Her article covers quite a great deal of territory and it provokes serious thought about whether the Republic can still stand upon such shallow standards for making such impactful decisions.

There are a number of great video clips today. Additionally, we have eight great articles in our “Recommended Reading” section and several article links in our “Around the Republic” section. These two features are for your education — loads of information to help increase understanding in how to take more responsibility for our struggling nation! Read or view what catches your attention or what you’re interested in learning. Spread the information to those you care about.

Remember, CSN is truly an effort of “We the People” regaining our lost sovereignty over our divided nation. Ownership does not just imply belief or faith in our cause; but, it involves serious substantial ownership as well, if we are to regain our lost sovereignty in America. Please help to do your part to awaken those who are still asleep. Forward our Bulletin today.

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It is incumbent on individuals to make fully informed decisions on how this nation can retain the legacy of liberty, and feed their family

Beyond personality: it’s policy that counts

By A. Dru Kristenev ——Bio and ArchivesAugust 7, 2021

Due Diligence: Fully Contextualized for Informed Decision-making

Voters’ approval of legislation and administrative regulations are often driven by whether or not a personality connected to policy is liked, disliked, worshipped or hated. Media tag these preferences “cults of personality” and, in so doing, lawmaking and enforcement, or lack thereof, is not being instituted on merit but on emotional appeal.

No longer is there an objective representation of news

Behind the emotional response is the inadequate, one-sided or suppressed coverage of issues and events by media. No longer is there an objective representation of news, which includes legislation and policies. Interviewing individuals for perspective and personal opinion does not replace unbiased presentation of occurrences.

Realizing this problematic circumstance when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, the following is not written in support or disparagement of policies. It is meant to report statistics, videos (unedited wherever possible) and published research that are neither popular or unpopular depending on an individual’s preferences. In this examination, the “who” behind a policy is not stressed, only the implications of policies, changes made, when they occurred and their results.

Border policies that have undergone changes in the last six months are reaping consequences in multiple areas which are listed singularly with links to source statistics or evidence. Numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection indicate a surge in “enforcement encounters” of individuals crossing the Southern Border at legal entrances and illegal points of entry. The numbers hover over a million which does not include the thousands that never engage with law enforcement. Here is the link to CBP that breaks down the verified encounters by categories of families, unaccompanied minors, unattached males, etc..

Following is a video from Fox LA capturing images of hundreds of border crossers seated under a bridge in triple-digit heat awaiting processing which reliable reports have noted to be distribution of vouchers for overnight stays and bus passes to other cities in the interior of the United States:

Significant rise of Covid-19 cases in the border towns

Also reported has been a significant rise of Covid-19 cases in the border towns, spiking by as much as 900% (this from numerous news sources.) According to this ICE report, updated weekly, only one quarter of the persons detained have been tested for the virus, most whom are then released into the United States on their own recognizance.

Overcrowding and mismanagement at detention centers lead to release of immigrants into general population adding to the uptick in Covid cases.

Daily reports are made by independent reporters of the illegal crossings where no federal, state or county law enforcement are interdicting but handing out documents giving immigrants 60 days to go, virtually anywhere, and then report to federal offices.

Human trafficking run by cartels across the Mexican-US border

This story is from Epoch Times, an even-handed news outlet, interviewing border officials about the the release of immigrants to Catholic Charities that tested positive.

Limited are current reports regarding the human trafficking run by cartels across the Mexican-US border. This one from April 2021 lays out the growing incidents of intervention with individuals smuggled over the border for increasing fees going above $3000 per individual.

The increase in opiate and other drug smuggling that is feeding the steady growth of overdoses and subsequent deaths has been generally ignored. Statistics of rising numbers of drug seizures has been documented by federal agencies here.

Further, on Coronavirus regarding government vaccine and mask recommendations and threatened lockdowns, there is published study after study that has been removed from the internet. Censored by social media platforms are bona fide experts about vaccine efficacy and development like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology used in developing Pfizer, Moderna and other serums. Nobel laureate and former president of Cal Tech, David Baltimore, questions where the coronavirus originated.

It is a disservice to understanding the science to block reports that assist individuals to weigh all the information available. VAERS report.

What is being implemented in many countries now is also being considered and expressed by the executive branch of the United States, and that is restricting travel, purchasing, and social interaction on multiple levels – instituting vaccine mandates by either private business or government. This is not conspiracy as it is freely spoken of on all media and has already been mandated in France and is on the way for the whole of the European Union.

Another upward trend occurring in 2021 is that of violent crime, markedly rising in cities that have implemented no-bail immediate release for suspects and repeat perpetrators. An inclusory factor leading to higher levels of criminal activity is the reduction of funding for police agencies. The FBI is in the midst of revamping its statistic collection process, however the Council on Criminal Justice has released an updated report on violent crime in 2021.

Finally, although individuals have personally experienced the rapid hike in consumer prices, media has sidelined in-depth reporting about inflation and its affect on the economy. Loss of purchasing power over the first half of this year is demonstrated in this graph.

In the midst of goods, from pickles to beef, becoming more difficult to find on grocery shelves, Congress is sitting on a 2700-page Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that allocates less than ten percent of the $1.2 trillion legislation to roads, rail and bridges. Filled with hundreds of billions for pilot programs like the one that sets up a mileage-based tax for every vehicle traveling the nation’s roads – per-mile user fee (Pages 509-514), this legislation would have a destructive impact on current jobs while relying on technology not yet created for replacement employment.

Growing concern for cyber and economic threats from the Chinese Communist Party

The bill is also tied to another $3.5 trillion in spending to revamp American livelihoods based on replacing current power generation with the same nonexistent or unreliable technology that was proven to be so in February 2021 when Texas, and other regions unused to weeks of subzero temperatures, suffered billions of dollars of damage and, worse, lives lost.

These are some of the policies that are causing families to experience diminishing incomes and the ability to provide what is required for health, transportation, education and flourishing relationships. Consider the many statistics and reports here, do a diligent search for more information about these and other issues deemed important. There is much that is not covered in this article, such as the growing concern for cyber and economic threats from the Chinese Communist Party and other enemy actors.

It is incumbent on individuals to make fully informed decisions on how this nation can retain the legacy of liberty, and feed their family. Claiming lack of time or unwillingness to research for oneself is allowing others to decide what’s best for you when they are actually deciding what’s best for them.

A. Dru Kristenev — Bio and Archives

Former newspaper publisher, A. Dru Kristenev, grew up in the publishing industry working every angle of a paper, from ad composition and sales, to personnel management, copy writing, and overseeing all editorial content. During her tenure as a news professional, Kristenev traveled internationally as a representative of the paper and, on separate occasions, non-profit organizations. Since 2007, Kristenev has authored five fact-filled political suspense novels, the Baron Series, and two non-fiction books, all available on Amazon. Carrying an M.S. degree and having taught at premier northwest universities, she is the trustee of Scribes’ College of Journalism, which mission is to train a new generation of journalists in biblical standards of reporting. More information about the college and how to support it can be obtained by contacting Kristenev at cw.o@earthlink.net.


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