CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 9/28/2021

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – 9/28/2021




Doing nothing about the corruption and iniquity rampant throughout the nation will only allow evil to triumph. Is not evil encroaching into and extending its dominion into all of the cultural spheres of our society? How much dominion of evil are people capable of tolerating? Toleration of evil up to the point of laying upon our backs and serving as rugs for the tyrants to walk all over is not in line with Jesus’ commands, and it is not in line with God’s original intent as He charged Adam and Eve with taking dominion over the Earth. It was not a spiritual dominion that He was limiting them to, nor was Jesus’ words limited to a spiritual dominion only.

Is it not obvious to the people of faith that such a dominion our Father in Heaven spoke of in the Garden is not the same realm Jesus spoke of as he described the Kingdom of God? He is still working through His children to bring His substantial dominion upon this planet. What do we think “One Nation Under God” is intended to mean? Do Americans still seek to maintain the vineyard, or have we allowed criminals and thieves to take over? Indeed, we need to move beyond the imperfect and inaccurate paradigm of separation of politics and religion. It is my view that we must rather construct a new paradigm of faith and leadership. America is now suffering from an undernourishment in both realms. It is time to remember and reflect on the tragedy of 9/11/2001, for in it are the elements of good vs. evil, of freedom vs. tyranny, of true

faith vs. deception and lies, and of visionary leadership vs. confusion, indecision, and ineptitude.

In our Video Views section today, there are ten cutting edge videos that we recommend to CV readers, and in particular we call attention to three of them if one is limited for time. One is a video of Sydney Powell on Stew Peters, as well as an older video of Tulsa Gabbard, a former  Democratic presidential candidate dealing with the national security threat that has developed in the nation. The final recommended video is from the House floor over the recent Iron Dome vote to protect Israel. But, if one has time, all the videos cover serious issues confronting the nation.

There is plenty more to view and read from around the world as well as within the United States.   We recommend readers check into the ones that attract the attention of patriots. Check our last feature of Around the Republic where we focus today on interesting stories in five states.


An informed citizenry is vital for our future.  The Citizens Voice provides information that the mainstream media hopes people don’t learn.  Forward our newsletters to friends and let them see, first hand, that there is more than one side to a story.  Then, they will begin to understand the peril that our nation is in and be able to make informed decisions for future action.

That is why we urge citizens to take ownership of the responsibility to keep the Republic.

Ownership of our Republic is now the fight of our time! Keeping our Republic depends upon the genuine sense of ownership of the Land of the Free. Either this is our country, or it will belong to those who are actively seeking to take it from us. It is the same mentality that inspired someone long ago to express the sentiment that “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” Efforts to take responsibility for keeping this nation a free Republic are organically occurring right now all across the nation.

We love our readers because we believe that our readers are well-educated about the events in our nation that are essential to understanding the bigger picture. Knowledge, Truth, as well as a more complete Understanding, not ignorance, will help “We the People” to accept responsibility for keeping our Republic. We are also extremely grateful for all of our compatriots who have given us donations.

Take up your watch! Become a Citizen Sentinel! Stand in Service for Freedom!

One way you can take a stand is by helping others to become informed.  As we see the MainStream Media work to undermine American values, you can:

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Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.

Why The World’s Going Crazy

By Judi McLeod ——Bio and ArchivesSeptember 26, 2021

“CRAZY!” best describes the world today. “CRAZY!” millions of people are subject to wearing masks, social distancing, government Lockdowns and official COVID Passports, all to keep an unproven Pandemic from spreading, while the U.S Government allows hundreds of thousands of disease untested immigrants to flood in over suddenly non-existent U.S brders.

“CRAZY!” that the Joe Biden Administration left behind a whopping $84-billion worth of American military hardware— for the use of the same terrorist extremists whose sworn intention is to kill off all infidels.

The kind of “CRAZY!” now running the world took birth on November 8, 2016 when the Democrats and media gave in to sheer insanity.

We go back to a night of an insanity

We go back to a night of an insanity outburst that would try to cling on to the masses forever.:

“For people watching the results unfold in the US, particularly those who supported Hillary Clinton and were preparing to celebrate America’s first female president, it was a turbulent night. Many people watched the event unfold through updates on their phones and tried to make sense of the moment by texting their family and friends. (Guardian, Nov. 8, 2017)

“On the first anniversary of Trump’s election, the Guardian looks back on the evening through the eyes of Clinton supporters across the country. Some supporters shared the text message exchanges they had that evening.”

Not just the Guardian, mind you, but a majority of mainstream media posted them, stemming from an inbred belief that the Democrat Establishment and the media could NEVER be wrong.

“On election morning, Americans took to the polls in what, at the time, seemed to be an election that could only go one way. The New York Times’s Upshot blog gave Hillary Clinton a 91% chance of winning, The Huffington Post had her at 98% and the Princeton Election Consortium had the results as an almost inevitability at 99%. (Guardian)

“Fresh from a midnight rally with Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga in North Carolina, Clinton flew home early in the morning and voted at an elementary school in Chappaqua, New York. “So many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country and I’ll do the very best I can if I’m fortunate enough to win today,” she told a reporter.”

This week she’s down to an undignified photo from Northern Ireland, depicting Hillary wearing robes of Chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast with a child carrying the train of her robe!

Oh how far The Mighty can fall!

Oh how far The Mighty can fall!  Back to the night when “CRAZY!” was born:

“…A few blocks south in Manhattan, Jessie Chaffee was voting in Greenwich Village,

the neighborhood she’d grown up in and voted in for years. Chaffee, author of the novel Florence in Ecstasy, had tickets for Clinton’s election party in the Javits Center that night. The moment she saw a woman’s name on the ballot was incredibly moving, she said. “It was not unlike the feeling eight years earlier, when voting for Obama. Being able to vote for a black man for president,” she recalled. “That morning there was hope and excitement.” She took a moment to sit down in a park after voting and soak it all in. (Guardian)

“In Rochester, New York state, many chose to mark the milestone by placing their “I voted” stickers on the grave of suffragette leader Susan B Anthony.

“Across the country, Maurice Cheeks, a city councilman in Madison, Wisconsin, put a shirt that said Future Feminist on his 10-month-old daughter. “I was excited because … she was going to have the opportunity to grow up in a world where she was going to get to see,” a female president, he told the Guardian.

“As the polls closed, Americans left work and gathered with their friends and family to watch the results pour in. Panelists from all the major networks gathered for the night they’d been preparing for the past 18 months. They all began by explaining how incredibly difficult it would be for Trump to win the election.

“As pollsters reminded people throughout the night, in order for Trump to win he would have to first win Florida, which he was predicted to lose, and then destroy the “blue firewall” of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, three states a Republican had not won in a generation, and Trump was also predicted to lose. (Guardian)

“Clinton supporters were hopeful of a landslide victory and the beginning of a liberal zenith brought about by shifting demographics in the country.

“The pundits for each network were all providing their analysis, with CNN’s John King jumping around the interactive map, zooming in and out of counties to explain their significance.

“Penny Dailey came home from work in Sacramento, California, full of joy and anticipation to see the first woman being elected US president. “It was close to what I felt to my son being born. It was that joyful.”

“The first few states were called in the direction that most people expected. Trump winning West Virginia, Tennessee and other solidly Republican states, and Clinton winning reliably Democratic states such as Connecticut and Illinois.

“In CNN’s situation room, John King was becoming more and more breathless as he explained that Florida was a lot tighter than people had expected. Just hours before, analysts said the early signs looked good for Clinton but now she was neck-and-neck with Trump.

“A huge surge in the Latino vote was not enough to give Clinton the state of Florida. Trump won and defied all expectations, which sent pundits, analysts, and pollsters into a headspin to try to calculate what Clinton’s remaining path to victory might be. (Guardian)

“The New York Times’s Upshot had created an interactive that showed the candidate most likely to win as a meter that changed in real time. It started the day at 91% chance of Clinton winning but now had Trump as the most likely victor.

“The Hilton Marriott in Manhattan, where Trump supporters were holding their party, erupted in joy when the news came through. The Javits Center, across town, was silent. A performance by Katy Perry, which was intended to be jubilant, fell flat – nobody was in the mood.

“Everybody’s attention turned to the rust belt: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. A combination of these states was Clinton’s only path.

“Images of people breaking down in tears at the Javits Center and other Clinton supporters’ parties began flashing across all the major networks as the reality of a Trump presidency began to sink in.

“As soon as Pennsylvania happened, we were like, ‘This is done,’” Forrest, in the Wisconsin organizing center, recalled.

Trump became the first Republican candidate to win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan since 1988. His “rust belt strategy” had paid off.

“John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, came out at the Javits Center and told everyone to go home as there would be no speech from the Democratic nominee that night. “They’re still counting votes and every vote should count,” he told the remaining diehards at the Javits Center.

…”News pundits struggled to hide their shock, and horror. The CNN commentator Van Jones said Trump’s victory was fueled by a “whitelash” against a changing country. “How do I explain this to my children?” he wondered. (Guardian)

“Cheeks, the Madison city councilman, was also scared. His wife was not a political junkie like he was, and he assured her that it was absolutely impossible for Trump to win. “I thought you said this wouldn’t happen,” she told him after Trump’s victory was announced. “I didn’t have an answer for her,” he recalled. “For the first time, [Cheeks’s wife] thought to herself, ‘What does this mean? We just had a child that we’re bringing up in this world where Donald Trump is the president.’”

“CRAZY!” set in when Hillary Clinton—boosted by Barack Obama as; “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office” —— went down in not-so-humble defeat.

How could so many rank “deplorables” pass by Hillary’s promised legacy and vote Donald J. Trump—a biological male-as president?!

The Guardian called Nov. 8, 2016 a “political earthquake” and that’s EXACTLY what it really was.

For all of those dolefully asking “Why is our world going crazy?”

The Democrats and media who went absolutely “CRAZY!” in 2016, have descended into get-even mode against the masses.

In other words, the masses by not giving them what they wanted—driving them “CRAZY!—are now trying to drive the masses “CRAZY!”

Meanwhile, all they have tried to do to rid the world of Donald Trump has failed.

Evidence: Last night a throng of thousands at his latest rally in Perry, Georgia loudly cheered him and chanted repeatedly: “We Love Trump!”

Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.


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