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CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – Election Day Edition – 11/8/2022 – Citizen Sentinels Network

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – Election Day Edition – 11/8/2022

CSN – Citizen Voice Bulletin – Election Day Edition – 11/8/2022

Tuesday Bulletin  


Today is “Election Day,” and the electricity and the tension in various state and federal elections has reached a climax in such a time as this because with early voting across the nation there is so much energy expended as the normal election process has been stretched out. It has been a purposeful process of stretching what could previously happen in one day into several days into an entire season of campaigning and propagandizing leading to the early days of voting and on into Election Day, as well as the many legalized days of extensive counting.

In our nation’s history several elections have been bitterly contested, but have been  eventually put to rest. What took place in 2020 has yet to be put to rest as the lingering doubt over the truth of that election hangs like a dark cloud over the nation. There has not been resolution despite the suppression of information and legitimate questioning of such irregular activities brought up in multiple states across the country.

Yet, today is another “Election Day,” and Americans will go to the polls, if they haven’t already been duped into voting by mail (one of the least private and one of the least secure ways of voting ever invented). Or, perhaps citizens who had the opportunity voted “before the rush.” Nevertheless, as the election process and procedures have been increasingly tampered with through the various legislatures and administrative bodies, Americans have increasingly lost confidence in the system of voting. Especially, when there have been no qualitative and final answers to questions regarding the integrity and security of our elections, doubts persist in the validity of the election system. But, Comrade Stalin assures us from the grave thas it is enough that there is even allowed an election.

Yet, today is “Election Day,” and citizens have a golden opportunity to make their voices heard through the ballot box, which is still an act of at the very least the support of the concept of the value of voting. But, the times have changed from the naive realm of the 1950s, and enemies of the Land of the Free are seemingly determined to erode our freedoms from the inside out with their selected embedded “agents of influence.” Indeed, But, the times have changed from the relative innocence of the 1950s to the blatant and pervasive and proactive eradication of our God-given rights and our Judeo-Christian values as a nation. Those who see it, truly have eyes to see and ears to hear. Those who understand it, are the ones who have been awakened to the existential threat to our civilization as we know it and to the future of that civilization.

Today’s message delves into these concerns and represents a call to Americans to sincerely stand up and step up to get involved and to take action because as has been indicated in the previous articles of Ray Di Lorenzo: “Elections Have Consequences.” Today’s message is from Jack Gleason and entitled, To Save Our Republic, Citizens Must Act’” Indeed. Dr. Ben Carson, in his campaign for POTUS, often stated that democracy is not a spectator sport. It is not, and for those who believe it is, go back and re-read Lorenzo’s three installments on the disastrous consequences that can develop from elections.

Our continuing hope is that more Americans would awaken to the self-evident truths before them in such a time as this so they can also begin to fight back in the way they may be called   to help restore the Republic. Our continuing hope is that more Americans could share the news and views in the Citizens Voice with others who might value the messages as well, or with those who may need renewed enlightenment. Our continuing hope is that the news and views in the Citizens Voice could stimulate our readers’ thinking, but also motivate them to use any relevant information to make intelligent decisions as Americans go to vote today.

And finally, while we try to avoid errors and mistakes and we hope we would always strive to share the truth, sometimes errors occur and mistakes are made. We have recently discovered that in an article titled, “The Enemies of the Cross,” featured in a previous issue, referred to George Gascon as a District Attorney of San Francisco. While he once held that post, he is currently the DA of Los Angeles County.

To Save Our Republic, Citizens Must Act

By Jack Gleason     November 6, 2022

In the Revolutionary War, the battles weren’t fought by trained soldiers but by “Citizen Sentinels” — ordinary people from all walks of life who took up arms to win their independence from the British.

They were outmanned, out-trained, and outgunned, and things didn’t go well, but eventually, we won our freedom and were able to create one of the most successful forms of government in history.

Our Founders were brave and brilliant.  They knew from history that most revolutions fail but still risked their lives and everything they owned by signing the Declaration of Independence.

In their wisdom, they understood that any government they established would eventually grow to such a huge size that it would corrupt the people who run it.  We were named not “America,” but “the United States of America” because the federal government was meant to facilitate the various states working together, not to rule them.  Each colony was formed independently with its own laws and structures, and none would have joined the Union if they were forced to give up their individuality.

Now we are facing the crisis that our Founders predicted.  Our government, and the bureaucracy they created, is controlling more and more of our everyday lives, and power has been centralized in the few for their own self-serving goals, not for the benefit of the people they are supposed to serve.

Throughout our history, whenever we were unhappy with our representatives in Washington, D.C., we had the chance to vote them out in the next election.  Our Founders knew that the sanctity of each individual vote was the only thing saving our country from the ongoing political violence they observed as the means of changing course in the rest of the world.

But the thousands of 2020 election “irregularities” and the illegal rule changes that preceded it have created great doubts in the fairness of our elections.  In the past, if you didn’t like what was happening in your city, state, or county, you could organize with your friends and lobby others to vote your way in the next election.  If your side lost in a fair vote, you would just say, “Oh, well, we’ll try again next election” and move on.

William Sullivan, in his American Thinker article “The Big Lie about the Big Lie,” and Robert J. Hutchinson, with “We Must Restore America’s Faith in Its Elections,” explain how only a small percentage of Americans are confident that the last election was “fair and honest.”  This is despite two years of mass media, Big Tech, and Democrat party insistence that 2020 was     “the most secure election in history.”

We all saw what was going on with our own eyes, and no amount of threats and intimidation will convince us otherwise.  The surest tell for a lie is what the accused does when confronted with the evidence.  An innocent man says, “I’ll open all my books and let you see for yourself that I am honest,” while the guilty man will hide the evidence, delay any investigation, and attack anyone who seeks the truth.

Sadly, it looks as though the 2022 elections are shaping up to be as bad as or worse than 2020.  Facebook is already warning Americans not to expect the results to be known until days or weeks later, despite the fact that throughout most of our history, the results have been declared hours after the polls have closed.  The Big Tech giants seem to be gearing up for full suppression of any hints that we may not agree that the counts are accurate.

Our only response must be to rise up as Citizen Sentinels — not in violence, as the Democrats would do, but to use our brains and common sense to thwart the coming efforts at cheating and to demand a fair count of every legal vote.

We were caught by surprise in 2020, but we can be prepared in 2022.  Our weapons are our smartphones, our high-speed internet, and our circle of honest-minded friends.

If you are lucky enough to be a poll worker, videotape and photograph any irregularities you come across.  If you live near a ballot drop box, hang around at night and record what you see.  If someone is walking around your apartment building knocking on doors, get his picture.  Do this with your personal safety in mind.  Don’t be obvious; don’t get caught.

As soon as you can, upload your evidence to the censorship-free websites like Rumble and BitChute.  Also share on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.  This creates a chain of evidence that will prove that your videos weren’t manipulated in any way.

Finally, share your findings with your circle of honest friends, and encourage them to download your evidence and then share on the mega-platforms and with their own friends.

The goal is to amass such a huge body of evidence of fraud that no one can deny the proof.  If we can get just one state to identify and prove voter fraud and how it was perpetrated, the other states will follow, and the entire house of cards will come tumbling down.

If the evidence is there, but is being ignored, then we need to take to the streets — never with violence, but with quiet resolve that we won’t let our votes be stolen ever again.  Our country runs on the cooperation of our citizens.  If we refuse to cooperate in a fraud — by staying home from work, by not driving goods to market by truck, by peacefully protesting in so many places that traffic can’t get by, and by identifying the infiltrators who try to incite violence — we can quickly bring the country to a halt and pressure our legislators and judges to look into the evidence and take the proper action.

The only way we can lose complete control of our country, and doom our children to a life of tyranny, is to cooperate when someone tries to steal our right to free and fair elections.


Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer. Comments can be sent to


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We continue to urge citizens to take ownership of the responsibility to keep the Republic!

Remember, an educated and enlightened citizenry is vital for our future. As it has been written:

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 – KJV

The Citizens Voice provides information that the mainstream media hopes people don’t receive.  Forward these newsletters to your friends and let them witness, first hand, that there is more than one side to a story.  Then they will begin to understand the peril that our nation is in and  be able to make informed decisions.

We are truly thankful for all of our readers who have chosen to assist our efforts in bringing the information and words of encouragement to all Americans we can possibly reach. We are truly grateful for the generous donations from our fellow Citizen Sentinels. It helps us keep going as  a truly volunteer effort. Thank you so very much for whatever can be given.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~  Samuel Adams, 1776

Ownership of our Republic is now the fight of our time! Keeping our Republic depends upon the genuine sense of ownership of the Land of the Free. Either this is our country, or it will belong to those who are actively seeking to take it from us. It is the same mentality that inspired someone long ago to express the sentiment that “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing.” Efforts to take responsibility for keeping this nation a free Republic are organically occurring right now all across the nation.   

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