CSN – Citizen Voice – Christmas Week Edition – 12/21/2021

CSN – Citizen Voice – Christmas Week Edition – 12/21/2021



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With our current administration’s record through their first 11 months in office, one might hope that they would take a break for the holidays; just go home and enjoy themselves and leave America’s citizens alone for a week. Today we are featuring an article from Judi McLeod focusing on recommended masking for the holidays.

While the recommendation in the article came from a doctor being interviewed on CNN, we can be sure that in the background, Dr Fauci and Dr. Birx, the top medical spokespeople for the White House were in the background and giving it a fist-pumping “YES!!” as the doctor spoke.  They seemingly would be quite comfortable if all people wore face masks in public at all times.  In the spirit of the season, perhaps we can assume that the doctors’ motivation is not political but medical. However, their attitude toward the people is the same. ‘American citizens cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves. The government needs to think for them and tell them what to do.’

This week Dr. Fauci expressed his desire that mandatory masks on airplanes become the new norm, COVID or not. Of course if it is good for airplanes it will also be good for theaters, sporting events and the rest. Can’t you just see us 10 years from now reading headlines that our immune systems have been weakened because they are over-protected?

With so much information about COVID, including various strains, in the media, people have what they need to make a choice for themselves. We know that not everyone will make a good choice. Some may even die as a result of their poor choices. However, freedom cannot be gauged based upon the risk to oneself of making poor choices. Freedom is freedom and you would think, by now, that the people we send to Washington, D.C. would understand that it is ingrained into most Americans. When risks are understood, people will not be told what to do.

We hope that your preparation for the holidays are enjoyable and that you take a healthy risk now and then so your family, and others, might see your smiling face!

We hope you enjoy all of our feature today.  Absorb, share and have a great week!


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Governments Wishing The Masses A Very COVID Christmas

By Judi McLeod ——Bio and ArchivesDecember 17, 2021

Governments Wishing The Masses A Very COVID Christmas

It was the activists within Antifa and Black Lives Matter who popularized the wearing of face masks when pillaging out on the streets.  The activists could then wreak destruction on private property under the over of anonymity and that way never be collared for their crimes.

It was Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, the two top stars on the televised White House Task Force on Covid-19, who adapted the antifa and BLM face-hiding masks for the masses when the pandemic first kicked in.

Now we have Fake News CNN doctor William Schaffner urging everyone to wear masks at home on Christmas—regardless of vaccination status.

“A doctor who regularly appears on CNN told Americans to wear face masks at Christmas regardless of vaccination status.

Who listens to these freaks? (Gateway Pundit, Dec. 16, 2021)

“I recommend that we hang our stockings with care,” the good doctor said. “We have to be careful because we are all going to get together, we should all be vaccinated and preferentially boosted. We should wear our masks if we are uncertain.”

“The doctor also recommended people get tested on Christmas Eve morning or Christmas morning before gathering with family.”

‘Oh by gosh, by golly, it’s no longer time for mistletoe and holly’, but time to wear face masks at Christmas—“regardless of vaccination status”.

Should one of the relatives attending Christmas dinner at your house come down with the virus, they can’t blame it on an unmasked Uncle Alex or Cousin Alice when it really happened when they went inside to pay for the gas fill-up they used to drive to your house.

Maybe they picked up the virus when they attended a Christmas party before joining family for Christmas dinner.

Who knows?

Because that’s how ridiculous Covid scaremongering has become.

Not only is there now serious segregation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, some relatives, no matter how isolated they are living their lives, won’t be invited to Christmas dinner with family this year.

Perhaps this will include your widowed Uncle who will be left on the front doorstep if he shows up mask-less at your house on Christmas Day.

Will other relative guests around the Christmas table remove their face masks to bite into a drumstick, or sip their wine before having to put them back on?

“Cover that schnozzle, Cousin Eddie!” You’re seated next to Grandma!”

This isn’t just happening in your neighbourhood, as some eight states have reimposed the wearing of face mass.

They are: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon and Washington.

The jury’s still out on whether face masks protect folk from the virus.

Worse, it will be impossible for the masses to view the Covid data of massive Big Pharma Pfizer for 75 years!

The losses of the coronavirus scare tactics go far beyond freedom and liberty.

The sight of a human smile is now verboten, with smiles being lost behind mandatory face masks.

Even ‘scientists’ like Fauci can’t argue that the human smile is a morale boost in the Vale of Tears where life is tough enough as it is.

How can society ever get back to what governments and media call “the norm” with folk being forced to go through everyday life with covered faces?

Will newborn babies recognize Grandma and Grandpa when they are finally able to visit them without wearing face masks?

And the human smile being cancel-cultured by being placed on the government verboten list is just one of the many Curses of Covid-19.

The very best gift you can give your loved ones this -Christmas when money is tight and worries are so many is to greet them at your front door with a welcoming smile!

Meanwhile, no matter what the governments and their bureaucrats say, families belong together!


Christmas Card/Letter Request 

Let’s Say Thank You!

So often, conservatives get caught up in negativity, railing against the far left who are trying to destroy our freedoms.  Perhaps more positivity is in order, encouraging one another to do the right thing in our fight for the Constitution and defending our nation.

The political spectrum is long and varied.  In order to make headway in protecting the America we know, it will take people, who don’t always agree, to come together when they can and appreciate one another when that happens.

Two Democrat senators have just withstood enormous pressure from those in their political party to pull back on the spending that would take our nation so deeply into economic crisis that bankruptcy could loom large in our future.  Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) have held the line, recognizing that the Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation will add $3 trillion to our debt and discourage investment in our economy by raising taxes.

I propose that we should acknowledge their courage and say thank you to them both.  Specifically, in this season, I think we should flood both senators with Christmas cards saying thank you for standing up and doing the right thing for America.  Below are their mailing addresses:

Senator Joe Manchin, III                                        Senator Kyrsten Sinema

306 Hart Senate Office Building                          317 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510                                           Washington DC 20510

My cards are Christian, cordial and show sincere thanks for their courage and effort. 

Let’s make some deposits into their emotional bank accounts.  We need them to continue to find the courage to protect us from economic disaster.


Onward and Upward!    

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