CSN – Citizen Voice – Thanksgiving Edition – 11/25/2021

CSN – Citizen Voice – Thanksgiving Edition – 11/25/2021


                     Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: Now And Then|The Circle

From Our Founder…

11/25/21 – Today is Thanksgiving Day, and despite our less than hopeful headline from our Executive Editor in Tuesday’s Citizen Voice, I would like to submit some hope to readers on this Thanksgiving. Truthfully, it would require a curbing of the acerbic commentaries and the verbal abuse that is served up to one another on a daily basis. Too much of a diet of caustic and harsh news stories can get one to the point of looking like “Not Much to be Thankful For This Year.” So, we interrupt our regular distribution of the Thursday newsletter edition with a bit more light or enlightenment to the hope that does actually exist. This edition of the newsletter will resemble more of the Sunday edition as we take a breather from the political warfare that is raging all across the nation. In last Sunday’s edition, I offered an article entitled “Lost History of Thanksgiving Offers Hope for the Future” because the history does provide hope for all humanity. Today, I offer a follow-up article to that one, which digs deeper into the peace that was generated between the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims.

Despite the intent of the contemporary divisive propagandists and promoters of poisonous and resentful rhetoric, hope is still alive. There are people today who will read the true history of the “First Thanksgiving” and they will recognize the common sense and it will resonate within them. It is sad that such propagandists and purveyors of poisonous thought are slaves to an ideology rooted in hate and lies, whether knowingly or unknowingly. But, a simple word to the wise, many fall prey to casting freely acerbic comments and verbal abuse towards anyone that is viewed as “the enemy.” This is why the lessons of the “First Thanksgiving” are so instructional for all of us as individuals. What we bring into our families is our responsibility. We all have the conscious choice of being promoters of peace or pushers of poison. If peace could be established by the Indians and the English 400 years ago, it can be established in our midst today.

Before the truth of events fade into the past, before clarity of the actual events begin to become distorted, or the purpose behind the events is lost, Americans need to re-embrace the purpose of the original holiday as we celebrate  holiday today. All the material things can be put in their respective places of importance. There was a deeper purpose in celebrating than the outwardly material manifestations of the holiday.

Enjoy the various videos for today – two of those were the Thanksgiving proclamations from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Our hope is to revive hope in America, and it can begin in changing the way people think about and truly value Thanksgiving.

We hope you enjoy all of our features today, and that everyone could have a truly enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday filled with much to be grateful for, so it will not be too much of a task to count one’s blessings. We wish for all of you a blessed Thanksgiving this year!


An educated and enlightened citizenry is vital for our future. As it has been written: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 – KJV The Citizens Voice provides information that the mainstream media hopes people don’t hear.  Forward these newsletters to your friends and let them see, first hand, that there is more than one side to a story.  Then they will begin to understand the peril that our nation is in and be able to make informed decisions.

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                                                         Samuel Adams, 1776

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The Pain and the Peace Leading to the 'First Thanksgiving'

     History of Thanksgiving Revives Hope for Humanity          

By Dennis Jamison                                                                                           11/24/2021

Today Americans celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving in one way or another in the midst of a very divisive time politically, as well as culturally and in the realms of faith. Especially since the 2020 election, there seems to have been an acceleration of severe divisiveness in the nation as half of the people in the country have serious questions over the legitimacy of the outcome of the elections. As I mentioned in a previous article, “The stench from the questionable outcome is still lingering despite attempts to just forget about it. It will remain an issue of contention due to the ongoing audits and investigations and lawsuits in several states.”

Additionally, the recent power politics displayed by a Democrat-controlled Congress and some similar displays of tyrannical behavior in the “lockdown” states reveals the severe dysfunction of both political parties. The void of genuine and more divinely guided leadership is obvious to the astute. Such a recent turn of events has many Americans mentally unsettled and reeling with concern, confusion, and doubt over America’s stability. And, those are the citizens who might be paying attention to recent events. Such a state of the “Union” threatens peaceful proceedings in homes all across the nation this Thanksgiving. All may seem not well in America on this holiday.

Yet, appearances can be deceptive. My title reveals a different sort of perspective in viewing realistically all that can be seen across the landscape. One can easily be overwhelmed by only viewing the bad and the ugly. When the good in our very midst is overlooked, lack of proper perspective can be hazardous to one’s mental health and one’s general well-being. I presented on Sunday an article entitled, “Lost History of Thanksgiving Offers Hope for the Future!” It was based upon actual historical fact, but it is part of the historical record that is not taught in the middle or high schools across the nation. Why would that be? Is the history of a 40 year peace between American Indians and Europeans not essential? As I mentioned, that peace treaty was honored for over 40 years, and it lasted until Massasoit, the Wampanoag sachem, died in 1661.

As explained in last Sunday’s article, the Marxists and progressive-revisionists would not reach the 40 year peace period in their classrooms. It does not fit the narrative of European racism and oppression. For the Marxists at the helm in the New YorkTimes promoting a non-historical  narrative in their “1619 Project,” it would be embarrassing for them to acknowledge a peace between two different races of people, from diverse cultural backgrounds, who did not speak

the same language, nor understand one another’s religious beliefs. Nevertheless, such history is not taught by Christian historians or ministers. How could the “savage Indians” be seen as Good Samaritans? How could they have really initiated the 40 years of peace? Unfortunately, Christians tend to focus on the first “true” Thanksgiving that occurred in 1623 because it was more religiously oriented, and likely the more “theologically correct” version to promote.

Yet, the “First Thanksgiving” in 1621 is a historical fact. The peace treaty initiated in March, before the festival of the harvest later that year, is a historical fact. Without the peace treaty between the two diverse groups of human beings, it may very likely have been an “all-whites” Thanksgiving. Or, to be brutally honest, without the help of the Wampanoag, the struggling Separatist refugees may have continued to dwindle in number due to a prolonged “dying time” that was described in William Bradford’s account. They lost half of their number and only half of that number were able-bodied men. Another tribe, like the hostile Narragansett people who were unaffected by the plagues may have easily finished off a handful of white people. Hostile Pokanoket people could have killed all of the struggling Pilgrims. But they did not. They chose  to help them in the spirit of the Good Samaritan.

An additional relevant fact that should be considered is that there was a shared bond of suffering embedded in this history. Bradford attributed the intense period of Pilgrim deaths due to “the depth of winter, wanting houses and other comforts; being infected with the scurvy and other diseases (from) …their long voyage” However, the English learned that where they chose to settle, near a village of the Pokanoket people known as Pautuxet, had previously been wiped out by a plague. The Pilgrims had dug up and scavenged corn and leftover food they found in the abandoned village.  It will remain unknown whether the “Great Dying” epidemic from 1616 to 1619, not only wiped out tens of thousands of American Indians from Maine to Cape Cod, but also claimed the lives of some of the Pilgrim settlers. In this tragic history, both peoples went through a horrible period of losing loved ones due to their helplessness in facing death.

Another historical fact is the effort that Tisquantum, or Squanto, made to help the English with their planting to ensure adequate crop growth. And while their corn grew with his fertilizing with fish, Bradford complains that other European crops would not grow easily in the rocky soil of the area. But, when considering Squanto, why would he have been so willing to help the English Pilgrims? He had been enslaved by some English. Where was his resentment toward such English people. Marxists would zero in on the slavery, but would not be adequately able to go beyond resentment, as witnessed by modern day American Indians who have been poisoned by Marxist-laced thought. However, there was more to Squanto’s character; he helped the English in their planting and helped through the summer months with the crops. Bradford was so truly grateful that he referred to Squanto as a “special instrument sent of God.”

Squanto became essential as the translator who helped in the establishment of peace between the two peoples. He served willingly as the translator in the peace negotiations between his sachem or Massasoit and John Carver, the first duly elected governor of Plymouth Colony. The treaty was presented in Sunday’s article. It was a very simple pact. While the peace treaty may have been interrupted by the rebellious, or the lawless, and likely by the newer neighbors, those referred to as the Puritans, it is undeniable that a relative peace was maintained while the great chief, Massasoit, was alive. As Bradford writes, “This treaty was scrupulously observed on both sides as long as Massasoit lived…” It is true that a horrible all-out war erupted after he died, and much of that had to do with an angry second son and the Puritan’s treatment of the Wampanoag peoples and little to do with the Pilgrims.

At the very heart of this substantial peace were mutual efforts to suspend adverse reactions to cultural differences, racial prejudices and divergent religious perspectives. Earnest efforts to establish mutual trust and friendship germinated between Pilgrim leaders and key figures with the Pokanoket people. Their leader, Massasoit, proved to be a gracious leader by allowing the Pilgrims to settle at Pautuxet, he permitted Squanto to assist the Pilgrims in surviving in his territory, and he initiated the alliance and peace. At the very least this foundation of peace did demonstrate how two diverse groups of human beings overcame their significant differences to live as neighbors based upon authentic leadership. Maybe greater wisdom assured a more genuine and honest relationship, which enabled these peoples so long near one another in harmony.

The “First Thanksgiving” became a historical fact in 1621. It was three days of feasting and games and other festivities. This could not happen without a deeper sense of humanity at the heart of the event embodied within the leaders who sought peace in a proactive manner. It is obvious that the absence of war does not equal peace, but the absence of calm does not equal outright war. What shows up on the surface of history is that two culturally diverse, racially different peoples gathered together in a lengthy celebration because they shared a common experience of the need to survive in the midst of harsh environmental conditions. Historical records only show a period of more than 40 years of peace between the Europeans and the Wampanoag Indians before their original friendship eroded. However, this is a tremendous lesson in the power of honest and sincere relationships forged in adversity; it can offer great hope for us in our time. Peace is the fruit of those who sincerely choose to invest in friendship.


Onward and Upward!                

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