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From Our Founder… 3/5/19

This issue of the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter takes a broader focus, picking up from the disappointing defeat of the “The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” (Senate bill S.311), as former Gov. Mike Huckabee writes an open letter to Christians, he announces the “My Faith Votes” response to a renewed effort to force abortion upon America. The Leftist agenda definitely involves a trend towards a deliberate devaluation of Life.

The commentaries of some of our writers are challenging and reflective regarding the realities that the Republic is enduring at this moment in its history. Karen Cacy takes aim at the ever-growing field of Democrat hopefuls, but asks a pertinent question about 2020. Tim Taylor reveals what he sees as a deeper, driving evil force behind the Democrats. Pastor Earl Wallace brings us back to the true purpose of government that is evident at the time of the founding of the United States of America. There are also two insightful articles that touch on the future of the Republic from Michael Lewinski and Dr. Moss.     

Additionally as a reminder, last week we announced that our friends over at USA.Life are up and running, as a direct challenge to the future of the social media realm – specifically the  Facebook monopoly. If you have not gone to their site, it is your opportunity to shift reality! The founder, Steven Andrew, is providing a social media platform that is pro-American! What a concept! But, it is now a reality – please take some time to check it out at:  www.USA.Life

Please know that the Citizen Sentinels Network will continue to offer a genuine platform for   true American citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights, no matter what race, religion,  or nation of origin. Americans need to reflect deeply on how much they love their country. We are living in another time when it is “We the People” that can shift reality and offer greater freedom to the people of the world.

Dennis Jamison

Mike Huckabee’s Appeal to Those Who Value Life


I’m appalled. The Senate voted in favor of murdering freshly born babies.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, reintroduced to the Senate last Monday, failed by a vote of 53 to 44.

The Senate could not even come close to agreeing that born-alive babies do not deserve execution. In fact, all of the prominent Democratic 2020 Presidential hopefuls joined forces to block the act.

If I were taking our nation’s temperature, the thermometer would show that the fever just spiked. America is severely ill.

If we cannot protect babies with a law prohibiting the onslaught of infanticide, then we will be on the wrong side of history and it’s only a matter of time before our society slides into an irrepressible decline.

It’s clear, our moral compass as a nation is severely damaged. It’s bad enough that states like Vermont and Illinois are following the lead of New York by introducing bills that would permit abortion up until birth, and now we are killing babies OUTSIDE the womb.

The only remedy for our nation is for Christians to boldly rise up and take action.

There is a movement in our country that is spreading like cancer and it seeks to destroy biblical values.

This is why we MUST mobilize 90-million Christians now to stand for life! We cannot wait.

Democrat Assault on the Value of Life in 2019

by  —March 5, 2019

When Donald Trump took the oath of office as POTUS in 2017, a greater hope swept across the United States than in decades past, that the horrors of abortion could be ended. Part of this hope simply sprang from the realization that more and more the hypocrisy of the Left and the ruling liberal elite in America has been shown for what it truly is—pure political propaganda. Even more, hope arose from the reality that President Trump dutifully appointed two conscientious Supreme Court Justices like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. However, the shocking, yet sobering, decision last week of the United States Senate to fail to protect the lives of American children signals an even more serious level of the assault upon the value of Life itself.

Unfortunately, the American culture is rapidly drifting away from the deep foundational values at the core of the Declaration of Independence. Right at the beginning of 2019, a very controversial issue assaults the American people, and it stands out as extremely divisive, and that is the debate over abortion “rights.” It is extremely bizarre that this nation, founded upon the self-evident truths that our Creator bestowed upon people the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, can no longer defend the right to life of our children. Sadly, this tragic reality expresses a great deal about how contemporary society in America has devalued human life. This stark reality says a great deal about the disregard for the value of life, period.

Will Michelle Obama Run?

By Karen Hagestad Cacy

The circus is in town. No, not that one. The Democratic presidential candidates. Free stuff! Another bite of the socialist apple, this time with “the right” people in charge. Phasing out airplanes and cars and cows.

For anyone not in school or university in the past 20 years, i.e., those not socialist-indoctrinated, the current pack of incompetent, judgmental, arrogant candidates don’t seem convincingly prepared for Central Casting’s democratic take-down of the White House come 2020. Looking at the present field, barring stuffed ballot boxes and many more dead people voting, there ain’t no way.

However, through it all and standing behind the curtain might be the penultimate presidential Democrat for the times:  the vegetable gardener herself, Michelle Obama. A media darling, she regularly graces magazine covers (Melania, who?) and shows up at all the “shows” to an adoring and loving (Democrat) public.

Exposing the Demonic Strategy of How Shame & Guilt are Used to Manipulate in the Culture War Today

by Tim Taylor     2/17/2019

I saw a post on Lance Wallnau’s Facebook this morning highlighting this Breitbart article Report: Chicago Police Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack. Immediately God began to speak to me using this situation as an example to expose the secret strategy of our adversary, the devil.

The cry racism has become the “go to strategy” on the Democrat Socialist Left because they’ve found success in using guilt and shame for the past. It’s been as effective or more effective than the go to scripture that even unbelievers seem to know so well and works hand in hand: “THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE!” it seems like their actions declare they really only want this applied to themselves. Candidly, the “Me Too ” movement, LGBT etc. basically use the same strategy with a different subject. It’s like the unholy trinity in their strategic verbal arsenal.

At the core of this strategy is the intent to use partial truths, guilt and shame to manipulate behavior. This is done by stirring up emotions with a false narrative which distracts from the truth and advances a demonic agenda.

Critics question whether Democrats have lost the ability to claim the moral high ground.

God Wants Government to be Good

By Pastor Earl Wallace

Can one deny that Romans 13:1-4 indicates that God wants government to be good? The word “good” appears three times in four verses. The Lord teaches us to pray in Matthew 6:10 “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Ephesians 5:11 says, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

Since the Bible applies to every aspect of life, then one cannot disassociate these verses from how God wants His will done in civics. God told Abraham that all nations will be blessed through him. God always has motivated His people to provide God’s good will for their nations. Nonetheless, the Bible is full of examples of people making a stand for God’s will in their lives, despite attempted government intervention to stop them.

Band of Brothers: Game Feed Nostrums

By Richard Moss, M.D.

I went to a “game feed” recently, an event run annually by a local who goes by the name of “Chief.” He organizes this event every January, on a Saturday, in the middle of God’s country, on the outskirts of the town of Duff in Dubois County in southern Indiana.

It was a cold day with freezing temperatures. A rocky dirt road surrounded by dense forest led into the property where the hunters gathered. It included a rundown but functioning old cabin that dated back more than 100 years, with a fireplace that offered a great place to congregate and escape the cold.

Approximately 100 hunters and friends meet here every year. These were old friends, hunters, gun people, a Second Amendment crowd. Last year when I visited during my Congressional campaign, they recognized me as a fellow Second Amendment patriot. The group ranged in age from my son and his friends in their early 20s up to others in their 50s and 60s and beyond.

The theme here was game feed, and so the various meats were lean and fresh, free of chemicals or additives, as good as it gets. The hunters prepared the meats: cooking, sautéing, grilling, barbecuing, or frying on small gas stoves. There was turkey, moose, deer, squirrel and boar. They prepared it fresh, and the enticing aromas were everywhere. There was no shortage of spirits and other beverages accompanied often by cigars. There were numerous small fires around which the attendees huddled, drinking and eating, enjoying the camaraderie of old friendships and a shared passion for the spirits, freshly prepared meats, and hunting.

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