CSN Newsletter 1/12/21 – Censorship, Purges and Disinformation

CSN Newsletter 1/12/21 – Censorship, Purges and Disinformation

From our Founder…

In the aftermath of last Wednesday’s ‘storming of the Capitol,’ much has come to light. Last Tuesday when I wrote that “The “Wild” rally in Washington, D.C. tomorrow promises to be – well, wild,” I like many may have been naïve about the entire event. It is very likely that many who went, including some of our writers, did not expect how wild it would become. In light of the Marxist-oriented efforts to take the lead in the supportive and peaceful rally and escalate it into Wild beyond peaceful, America has now entered a new dimension of the coup against our nation. Blood was spilled and innocent people were killed – caught up in the melee that ensued. This is not an end of the fight for freedom; these events thrust us into a new dimension of the fight. 

American citizens are now witnessing an escalated effort among Big Tech in an open orchestrated “purge” against people who love this country as it was founded. The CSN will continue our efforts to resist the censorship of individuals and organizations that we deem Christian or faith-oriented, conservative, and patriotic who fully embrace the deep  Judeo-Christian values embedded in the Declaration of Independence and principles of a Free Republic as expressed in the Constitution, especially all 10 of the Bill of Rights.

It may be dangerous to continue reading the CSN news, as it may be with receiving the news from outlets like Epoch Times or Newsmax. 

CSN is in the process of securing our lines of communication as it may not be long before the purge extends to all defenders of freedom in the late great “Land of the Free.” However, readers do still have freedom to choose what they read or listen to. Such freedom may be limited soon by new efforts of a gestapo-like “Thought Police” out of the ‘prophecy’ of George Orwell’s 1984. Our writers and editors have expressed some of their fears, and if they prefer to write under pen names that is understandable. Some of them already do. In such times preceding the outbreak of the War for Independence and in the time of the debate over the new Constitution, several patriot writers used the ‘safe’ method of writing under a pen name. We now know why.

One of the first efforts to manifest secure communications in such a time as this is an article from a technical standpoint, and we post it for anyone who is unclear about what to do during the Big Tech purge. Jared Heath is involved with solid providing technical support to patriot efforts through his company and in his article he explains: “Owning your data is harder than the above solutions, but if you want to have personal sovereignty, then start figuring it out. If you want help with how to own your data, contact us at Altha Technology.” His information is not a casual suggestion; this is not a drill. 

As mentioned previously, several people within CSN attended the rally, and one of them is courageous enough to post his perspective on what happened. Kevin McCarthy used to be one of the courageous leaders of the northern Virginia Tea Party. His perspective is a sincerely valued one and it is worth it to take the time to read it.

While McCarthy draws parallels to the American War for Independence, author A. Dru Kristenev examines another parallel. Her opening salvo indicates where she is headed in her logic: “Silicon oligarchs shattered business ‘windows’ January 8, 2021 muzzling independent voices in a virtual reprise of the Brownshirt demolition of commercial enterprise owned by Jews, November 8-9, 1938 in Germany.” If readers are not that familiar with the term “Kristallnacht” it would be good to research the “night of broken glass” for a more pervasive perspective on what we just witnessed.

Don Rosenberg presents a number of points that document Marxist Antifa’s involvement within the ranks of the Trump supporters, which is backed up and corroborated by news reports that are presented in our aggregated news links. His article is not meant to be comprehensive, since any one piece would be unable to fully document the poison at the core of the rally. 

My article is a simple discernment of what Americans have recently witnessed in the aftermath of the January 6 incidents. We have crossed a line of innocent demarcation in this war for the soul of America. We are in uncharted territory, but we are not alone. Our Heavenly Father is watching over our efforts and is involved with sincere patriots in the same way He was at the inception of our nation. Please pray for a return to “One nation under God” in which we can again freely say: “In God We Trust!”

Our video suggestion is that readers take in as much as they can at this time to allow themselves to be educated as much as possible. It will help people to keep their wits – to keep their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place.

Dennis Jamison
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“What to do About Big Tech Censorship? Own Your Data”

by Jared Heath, 1/12/21

The President of the United States has been de-platformed. Patriotic Americans are being labeled terrorists by their own government. There must be Justice.

My name is Jared Heath. I served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years. Deployed to Iraq two times. Guarded U.S. embassies in Finland, Syria, and Cuba. I have a Top Secret security clearance.

I have never done anything more patriotic than going to Washington DC on January 6th and marching with other American Patriots against our corrupt established government. We are now labeled as terrorists by our own government. You do the math.

United States of America, Version 2.0?

by Kevin McCarthy – 1/12/21

The action on January 6th at the Capitol was boisterous, loud and assertive. The People said, “enough” and proceeded to enter “our house” to make our angry voices heard. Our government itself has thrown away the rule of law, the judiciary has turned its back on us, our votes and consent are robbed from us, our elected officials turn tail and run from us serving their own interests while the Media lies about us and mischaracterizes us as Nazis, white supremist and evil right-wing extremists. Now, they accuse us of carrying out “a bloody coup” when the only blood that was shed was that of innocent Ashli Babbitt, a patriot whose shed blood now waters the Tree of Liberty. Is it any wonder patriots are angry?

Now we are facing the designs of the power-hungry Democrats, who are promising more tyranny, to pack the Senate, the Courts, open the borders and this, after having watched for months, the Left burning, rioting, looting, murdering while the media only portrayed them as “peaceful protestors,” and us as racists for calling them out. All of this awakens us to the undeniable reality that what we are facing is Soviet-style totalitarianism!

Trump supporters have always been peaceful and law abiding. I have been to two of the recent marches in DC attended by hundreds of thousands. There have been hundreds of Trump rallies that have taken place across the country without a single act of violence instigated by a supporter of Trump, not one act of violence. Yet do Trump supporters even receive a modicum of a benefit of the doubt?  That is why I do not participate in the condemnation of those patriots for their alleged violence in storming the Capitol. Yes, they forced their way into “Our House,” and they also made a statement in the time-honored tradition of civil disobedience, and with good reason, as previously stated.

Silicon Kristallnacht

By A. Dru Kristenev —January 10, 2021

Silicon oligarchs shattered business ‘windows’ January 8, 2021 muzzling independent voices in a virtual reprise of the Brownshirt demolition of commercial enterprise owned by Jews, November 8-9, 1938 in Germany. Tandem efforts of Big Tech and authoritarian office holders, supported by mainstream media mantra, have scapegoated everyday Americans for the corruption they, the liberal activists in and out of government, have created.

That ‘corruption’ is institutionalizing a ban on individuals to speak their mind, assemble peaceably and, critically, cast an unsullied ballot. Setting up a narrative that President Trump “incited” a violent incursion of the Capitol Building, January 6, by editing and editorializing his words, the media and government cronies are building a false basis to attempt to remove the president from office, again.

Violence, the physical that provided a footing for the virtual, launched by socialist activists and media-driven mobs that destroyed cities all during 2020, are being absolved of their crimes by falsely attaching similar transgressions to hundreds of thousands in D.C., who peacefully demonstrated their First Amendment rights.

Have Patriots Just Heard the Shot heard ‘Round the World – v. 2.0?

by Dennis Jamison – 1/12/21
In the midst of a real war, the true colors of patriots and traitors emerge with little uncertainty of who is who because actions speak louder than a mouthful of empty political rhetoric. When ‘true grit’ is tested in the midst of battle, even for ‘respected leaders,’ it is not always a pretty sight. In the past few days since the assault on the U.S. Capitol building, the void of true leadership in the ranks of those attempting to keep the Republic is quite visible. Hundreds of thousands of American patriots travelled from all over the nation to voice their discontent over losing their God-given rights, especially over having the 2020 election stolen by white collar criminals in the state and federal governments controlled by self-centered political animals. Such individuals show little regard for the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution.

While the orchestration of ‘storming’ the U.S. Capitol was a brilliant strategy by Marxist leaders, and executed fairly efficiently, the incident should not be easily forgotten by those hundreds of thousands of well meaning American citizens who made their way to the Capitol grounds last Wednesday, nor should it be forgotten by any American patriots all across this great nation. A number of people died in this moment of battle. The most tragic was the killing of Ashli Babbitt, the young woman who lost her life in an action she definitely believed in. Yet, the word amongst the patriot nation is that this was a set up, and the target was taking Trump out as it has been all along. Storming the Capitol at just the time the legitimate votes over illegitimate votes was to be determined. Who is the beneficiary in storming the elected officials inside? Certainly not the POTUS — the enemies of the people, the enemies of the Republic won that battle.

Yet, there were patriot deaths in this battle. It is beyond tragic that there was no outcry from ‘seasoned American leaders’ over the deaths of innocent, freedom-loving, God- loving people. Where was the outcry?

President Donald J. Trump Quote

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All focus right now is directed toward events happening in Washington, D.C.

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