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1/14/2020 –  It is quite amazing that as we progress further into 2020, the Democrat leadership digresses further and further from rational thought or intelligent expression. American citizens are getting a political education early in the year. They are learning that the Democrats, mainstream media, and Hollywood elitists do not just hate Donald Trump, they have a higher regard for recognized terrorists who are responsible for the killing of thousands of people than a respect for an American president.

The phenomenon is equivalent to the many Leftists in the 1960s who sided with Communists who were taking over the nation of South Vietnam rather than the people of Vietnam. Of course, some of the same Democrats, like John Kerry, who sided with the Communists in that time, are now siding with the terrorists who honor and praise General Soleimani. It is also very disturbing that there has been little condemnation of Iran from the Democrats due to an “accident” of the  Iranian government shooting the Ukrainian passenger jet down. All quiet on the Democrat front?    

Another two controversies swirling around Iran is the government’s arrest of UK ambassador, Rob Macaire, who was attending a vigil for the victims in the downed airliner. It seems it is okay for Iranian sycophants and U.S. Democrats to mourn for terrorists, but not to mourn for innocent victims. And, for the record, General Soleimani was feared by those who sought freedom in the region. It is estimated that in the past, as recently as last October, he was responsible for killing at least 500 Iranian civilian protestors and possibly as many as 1000 or more.

The second controversy brewing is whether the Iranian government put an $80 million bounty on President Trump’s head. Social media was lit up with many crazies who supported such a sick effort, and noted comedian George Lopez (who doesn’t seem so funny) made the cynical comment that “they” would do it for half that amount. 

Amidst the insanity our writers are offering up a number of common sense perspectives on the varying realities people face as we enter 2020. I offer an article comparing the reality facing President Lincoln at the beginning of 1863, in dealing with the Civil War, to the reality facing President Trump at the beginning of 2020.  

Pastor Earl Wallace, of Liberty Christian Fellowship (http://www.libertycf.org/) offers the first installment of a three part article on the foundations of our Constitutional Republic. He offers an intelligent perspective on how our founders were influenced by historical foundations that lead to the efforts to create the United States of America.

We also offer a couple of contributions from Brian Anderson of DefCon News. One article deals with Iran’s attack on Americans. The second article delves into Nancy Pelosi’s strategy of sitting on the articles of impeachment and refusing to transmit them to the Senate.

Michael Lewinski offers a simple article on how Americans can respond to the Leftists and the progressive efforts in an election year. He again provides a plug for conservative candidates in the 2020 elections.

Additionally, as Americans have just emerged from far friendlier family festivities in the holidays, Judith Rose offers an insightful article on gratitude. She helps readers with a much deeper perspective on our realities in 2020. And, that is important to keep in mind as we move into the new year. 

Dennis Jamison

New Year’s Reflections on Battles for American Values

by Dennis Jamison 1/12/2020

Most of the entire world just rang in the new year, and it is likely that a great number of Americans had their holiday festivities tainted by concerns over the orchestrated efforts of impeachment against President Trump. Some Americans may have been concerned by the tensions between the United States from the time of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Iran, to the tensions from  the U.S. Military strike against Iranian master terrorist General Soleimani. And to be expected, the Democrat leadership chose to try and “bury Trump rather than to praise him.” Not since the U.S. Civil War has an American president been so hated by an opposition political party. And, the very same political party that opposed President Lincoln is now opposing President Trump. In addition in an eerie parallel, that political party was fought against fundamental American principles and the Union then, as that party’s leadership is doing now.


America’s Freedom is Founded on the Application of the Bible to Civics (part I)

by Pastor Earl Wallace 1/11/2020

This article is the first in a series of three articles which delves into the foundations of the United States of America – the American Republic – based upon the understanding of the biblical basis for government.

In the book Sacred Fire, scholar Peter Lilliback explores the biblical fountain from which George Washington drew his inspiration and built a character so strong his legacy stands still today.

One of Washington’s favorite biblical references was Micah 4:4 “…they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the Lord of hosts hath spoken it.” Washington saw this as a metaphor of what America could become – a place where everyone who wanted to live in peace could sit under his own vine and fig tree.


Courtesy of DefConNews 1/10/2020
Iran launched dozens of missiles at American troops in Iraq, signaling that they want to become the world’s biggest Walmart parking lot when we flatten their asses. Thankfully Iran’s military capabilities are garbage and no U.S. soldiers were killed. The biggest news of this attack is that not one single member of the democratic party could muster the courage to condemn Iran. They had a lot to say against President Trump, but none of them had anything negative with regards to our enemy.
A hostile enemy of the United Sates and the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism attacked us. I wonder what democrats, AKA members of the U.S. Government, have to say about this…


Pelosi Caves and will Finally Transmit Articles of Impeachment (Maybe)

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News  1/10/2020

Last year the Democrats claimed that President Trump was such a threat to all things that they had to rush an impeachment before Christmas. Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat on the articles, refusing to transmit them to the Senate for a trial. Because she’s drunk with power, she thought she could force the Republicans in the Senate to hold a sham trial like they did in the House. Proving that she’s actually just drunk, Pelosi has caved and will finally transmit the articles of impeachment. Or will she?

Wait a second. They are going to vote on a resolution to transmit the articles? Why? Pelosi simply needs to courier them over to the Senate and assign managers. There is no need to have a vote on this. They already voted for impeachment on two articles. That should be it.


What Can We Do?

By Michael J. Lewinski 

“All debt-based consumption steals from the future to gratify the present. It is tomorrow’s consumption pulled forward. It depletes the capital stock … and leaves the future empty,” says Brian Maher, managing editor of The Daily Reckoning in his column on forecasting the future.

“Delivering on big progressive ideas like Medicare for all and the Green New Deal will never happen until Democrats get over their fear of red ink,” finds Maher in citing Progressive essayist Marshall Auerback. When will the Progressives ever learn? There is no such thing as a free lunch!


Gratitude, the missing Ingredient for Happiness

by Judith Rose 1/12/2020

William I, who conquered England some 930 years ago, had wealth, power, and a ruthless army. Yet although William was stupefyingly rich by the standards of his time, he had nothing remotely resembling a flush toilet, paper towels, or Monday Night Football.

King Henry VIII lacked central heat. Catherine the Great had to make do without hairspray or collagen-enhancing face cream. The average American takes these things and more blithely for granted. . . .  You’d think we would be euphoric concerning our blessings. Yet instead of being grateful we don’t have bubonic plague, . . . we complain about simple aches and pains.

It is time for Americans to regain perspective and learn to be aware of the multitude of blessings we enjoy that kings might have envied.  (Adapted from “Rich as a King,” David Owen.)


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