CSN Newsletter – 1/19/2021 – Welcome to Our One Party State

CSN Newsletter – 1/19/2021 – Welcome to Our One Party State

From our Founder…

Tomorrow, in the nation’s Capital, the installation of the next chief executive of this nation will proceed accordingly. As I reflected upon the past year and especially the past few months of 2020, the primary word that kept recurring in my mind was the basic

Word: disappointment. I honestly believe I am not alone in wrestling with this sentiment in the beginning of this new year as well. For those who had hope in the Trump effort to “Make America Great Again,” it must be a disappointment to see the winding down of the Trump Revolution in this time. However, much of what President Trump was able to accomplish, against all odds in the face of incredible opposition, should be able to last beyond his Administration.

For patriots to have been awakened and to have tasted of what our nation could be, as a nation under the direction of a blunt and honest man rather than a weasley politician, has been an education and a blessing. But, the real danger is that those who have been awakened, or enlightened, during this time will hold on to disappointment going forward.

Disappointment should not be an end, but the thorn in one’s side to strive for something better – something greater as Donald Trump inspired us to anticipate, or to work toward.

As he said in his farewell speech today, he said “we did what we came here to do, and so much more” as well as “the best is yet to come.” Awakened, not “woke” useful idiots, true Americans still believing in the Judeo-Christian values embedded within America’s founding documents, should continue the Trump Revolution.

CSN will continue, as I mentioned last week, as “this is not an end of the fight for freedom; these [recent events thrust us into a new dimension of the fight.” Widespread corruption has been brought out into the light of day. The Deep State and the nefarious oligarchy of wealthy elitists have taken this round of the battle for the soul of America. But, the people must take this time seriously. As CSN continues our efforts to resist the growing trends of tyranny, we will continue to support conservative, and patriots and organizations embracing the deep Judeo-Christian values, the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and principles of a Free Republic as expressed in the Constitution, especially all 10 of the Bill of Rights. There is no retreat from this duty.

As mentioned last week, CSN is in the process of securing our lines of communication. And, moving forward into the new year past the Installation of fake executive “leader,” we are consolidating back down to posting only two editions each week. The Sunday edition and the Thursday edition. It is clear we are in uncharted territory, so we are proceeding with caution as we move forward, and I mentioned previously that we’ve advised our writers to write under pen names as it is understandable in such a time as this. 

Today, my article picks up on where my last article left off in describing the very serious parallels between the battle that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. led during the Civil Rights Movement and our present predicament. The Democrat one-party system has morphed from a regional control of the Solid South to a national control over the entire population. All Americans will now know what it is like to live in California (or Venezuela) in despotic governmental control under one party that has deprived citizens of honest elections for some time.

Dr. Robert Owens offers an historical overview of America’s one-party episodes, but he compares the outcome of the 2020 election to the events that led to the takeover of the German Republic in the late 1930s. Additionally, he explains a bit about Joe Biden’s use of the term “Dark Winter.” It can be linked to a government simulation exercise that focused on a governmental response to a covert biological attack using a super-strain of smallpox. It is worth reading!

Our third article today is from our executive editor, Don Rosenberg, who, while lamenting the takeover of our country through the worst fraud in American history, points out that it is unlikely to last for long, “a complex society like ours needs people to cooperate in order to function. Eighty million patriots and their families won’t be cooperating on January 21st.” 

Writer Michael Lewinski examines the genuine loss of free speech in America, but I am not sure about his solutions if there is no longer a legally accepted challenge to fraud and manipulation of votes in a national election. Maybe, in some of the “free states” it could happen.

Our final full article is from Ray DiLorenzo who pulls back the curtain on corruption in his perceptions regarding the point that “Corruption Has Consequences.” His own personal  disappointment with our elected “leaders” also shows up through his words.   

Our video suggestion is that readers watch President Trump’s Farewell Address as well as Melania’s comments in her own farewell to the people.

Dennis Jamison
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Reflections on the Mutation of the Injustice Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fought on a Regional Level into Nationwide Injustice!

by Dennis Jamison – 1/19/2021

In 2021, there was a near alignment or “conjunction” of Ben Franklin’s birthday (17th) and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (18th), and both days stand on the brink of the “Inauguration,” which truly should be referred to as an Installation. It may be important for those who cared for the Republic to understand that the nation is coming full circle to return to two crucial periods in the history of the United States in which these men lived as each fought for freedom in their respective times. A profound connection between these two men exists that is more than just dates on a calendar in January.

As Americans approach the Installation of our next POTUS, it is hard not to expect the eventual fulfillment of the prophecy/prediction by Benjamin Franklin on the day he made a stirring speech through James Wilson who read the old patriot’s admonition to sign the newly created U.S. Constitution. In Franklin’s time, considerable divisive debate had occurred over the merits of the new Constitution, and the time arrived for the moment of decision to sign and bring the document to life, or to continue the debate with little or zero substantial outcome.

They Just Don’t Get It

By Dr. Robert R. Owens –January 18, 2021

Listening to the predictable prattle of the perpetually re-elected pretend conservative Republicrats talk about how they’ll follow the disastrous first two years of socialist rule with election victories retaking the Congress is like watching people whistle in the wind.  They may think they’re sharing a tune, but no one is hearing the music.

These professional politicians act as if what happened in November 2020 was another in the long line of American elections.  One side wins and then four or eight years later it’s the other side’s turn.  That is not the case.

We’ve had one-party rule in Washington before with one party controlling all branches of government.  And at times we’ve seen that power used as an opportunity to effectively push radical agendas.  There were the Republicans from 1860 to 1877 who gave us Radical Reconstruction.  The Democrats had their turn during most of the 1930s and we got the New Deal.  From 2009 to 2011 the Democrats had an undivided government, and they gave us ObamaCare and its mandate.  The Republicans had it from 2017 to 2019 and we got the biggest tax cuts in American History.

Democrats (and RINOs) think we’re stupid, that’s why they’ll fail

By Don Rosenberg 1/15/21

The Dems are famous for underestimating conservatives. They thought Donald Trump was just a billionaire playboy looking to play politician. He beat 16 GOP challengers while the RINO’s pick for 2016 spent over $100 million in the primaries and never got more than 5% of the vote, so RINOs hate him, too. In the general election, he beat the full power of the Clinton machine with one-tenth of the money. And the fact that he’s done such a good job being a politician, when he hates politicians, disrupts their whole world. You’re supposed to kiss the rings, pay your dues, climb up the ranks and do what you’re told. Amateurs need not apply. Follow our rules.

But it’s not just Trump they hate. Barack Obama called conservatives “Bitter-clingers” who loved their guns and bibles. Joe Biden said “farming is easy, all you have to do is put a seed in some dirt” and coal miners losing their jobs just needed to “learn how to code.” Hillary thought Trump supporters were stupid and “a basket of deplorables.”

Ever since the brainwashing began in liberal colleges across the country, many of our graduates look down on those with lesser educational credentials. They never learned logical thinking skills or how to present a persuasive argument. Instead they were taught how to parrot the professor’s views to get the best grades, and shout down anyone who disagrees with them or cry that their feelings have been hurt. These graduates are now teachers, public sector bureaucrats, media broadcasters, and lawyers advocating for social justice. Many have found their way into public office.

Corruption Has Consequences

By Ray DiLorenzoJanuary 11, 2021

When Obama wanted to get his way, legal or not, he liked to say elections have consequences. Well, corruption has consequences. Much of what we are seeing today is the result of decades of political, civil, social and academic corruption and upheaval, much of it instigated by a political party with a nefarious agenda.

Politicians have long turned their backs on a now frustrated citizenry. Their refusal to listen to anything average Americans have to say and the inability of citizens to get the attention of a political establishment has given Donald Trump, will all his faults, a voice bigger than they ever could have imagined. And they hate him for it. They despise him for meeting the people where they are, huddling with them at their level, even having a Big Mac, and knowing he enjoyed it. The voters finally had a President that was going to take care of them. And he did.

The opposition went out of their way to destroy him, even kicking him when he was down. How anyone could withstand years of that kind of abuse and still achieve such monumental successes tells me God was with him.

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