CSN Newsletter 1/21/19 Remembering Dr. King

Citizen Sentinels Newsletter – 1/21/19

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Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Faith in the American Dream

by Dennis Jamison

In the wake of the day designated to honor the contributions of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., intelligent Americans can wonder about the legacy of this incredible man of God. And, the embattled political spheres demonstrated they are not prepared to see the same vision as Dr. King. Even if only the “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial is used as a measuring stick, one can understand the words and intent that this crusader once shared with all Americans has been distorted and trivialized.

When King spoke the words of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, he shared that his dream was rooted in the American Dream:


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Remembering Dr. King

Jason Yates, CEO MyFaithVotes.org

For over 50 years we have set aside a day each January to remember Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., best known for his leadership in the civil rights movement. Less known is the fact that he was a pastor whose life was guided by the Word of God.

Here’s an excerpt from a sermon he delivered in 1954 to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Detroit Michigan. His words still ring true and are relevant for our culture today.

“There is something wrong with our world, something fundamentally and basically wrong. I don’t think we have to look too far to see that. I’m sure that most of you would agree with me in making that assertion. And when we stop to analyze the cause of our world’s ills, many things come to mind.

We begin to wonder if it is due to the fact that we don’t know enough. But it can’t be that. Because in terms of accumulated knowledge we know more today than men have known in any period of human history…”




by Susan Schrier Clouse

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.  (Psalm 119:105)

I have always been a very goal-oriented and accomplishment-driven kind of woman in my careers as a paralegal and nursing home administrator. When I left the business world to go to seminary, my personality didn’t change, just my direction! I told my mentor that I kept praying to God to give me clarity about my future ministry, but that I wasn’t being given the “big picture” answer I so desired. My mentor responded, much to my frustration, that God doesn’t promise us clarity. God will not reveal to us the entire plan for our lives, but He will give us just enough light to see the next step in the direction He wants us to go.



Who is Right?

By Olivia Reid

We started this year with a showdown and a shutdown, in some ways reminding us of the showdown between Moses and Pharaoh. Of course, the stakes are a little different this time, but can you imagine being an Egyptian or an Israelite during that intense battle of the wills?

We read the story knowing the ending, but they lived it out not knowing the outcome. In fact, even the Israelites couldn’t hear their own plan of salvation that Moses delivered because of the harshness of slavery (Exodus 6:9).

You can imagine that during this time, while leaders were trying to decide the fate of people over something that should be as simple as letting them go worship in the wilderness for three days, things only continued to get harder for the working man.



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