CSN Newsletter – 1/21/2020 – Life, Liberty and Dr. King

CSN Newsletter – 1/21/2020

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As we remembered Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, it is absolutely ironic that the same political party that restricted the voting rights of the black citizens in the states the Deep South is also now attempting to de-legitimize the national presidential election of 2016. It means that such an election, or any election of any president, could be undermined or reversed by any political party that would willingly do so. This week, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s struggle for civil rights, I offer an article on how that fight for the right to vote, should cause all Americans who care about fair elections to take notice.

We also offer an excellent analysis of the Never Trumper elitists from Dr. Richard Moss, whose article originally appeared in American Thinker: Citizens need to understand the reality of the divisions within the GOP, which is not so grand anymore. 

On another theme, Dr. Robert Owens provides a timely article with the March for Life coming up this week in Washington, D.C. He offers readers an excellent perception of why our president is the “Pro-Life” president. We included a link to an article from Dr. Owens on the new you for the New Year in an earlier edition, but you can read more of Dr. Owens at his Blog site – https://drrobertowens.com/2020/01/

We also offer the second installment of Pastor Earl Wallace’s article on the foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Other of his writings can be found on his ministry website for Liberty Christian Fellowship (http://www.libertycf.org/). In this series, he offers an intelligent perspective on how our founders were influenced by historical foundations leading to create the U.S.A.

We also offer a couple of contributions from DefCon News. One article is from Brian Anderson who covers NBC’s claim that “Voting for Trump is an Unconstitutional Racist Hate Crime.” Who knew? The second article is also timely, with the March for Life this week, as it exposes Planned Parenthood donations.

Michael Lewinski offers a simple synopsis of the Leftist/Progressive agenda and advocates for Americans responding to the Leftists and progressive in 2020 by “Defeating Evil Progressives.”

Dennis Jamison

Vision from Martin Luther King, Jr. as Democrats Still Resist Voting Rights

By Dennis Jamison January 20, 2020

The hatred emanating from Democrat Party leaders is not just for Donald Trump or his supporters, it is a hatred for the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic

In reflecting upon the celebration of the value of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 2020, and all kinds of people do, a serious examination of history would help citizens to be clear about the dangers to voting rights in this millennium. It may also prove helpful in dispelling much confusion about the political accountability for suppression of the vote by the “Democratic” Party in the Deep South and throughout the United States today.

In 1957, not many Americans had really heard of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. He had made regional waves late in 1955 with the now famous Montgomery Bus Boycott that lasted a full year until December of 1956. He emerged as a leader during this boycott to end discrimination against blacks on the public buses in Montgomery, Alabama. Yet on May 17, 1957, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. travelled to Washington, D.C. to give an important speech at the Lincoln Memorial. In 1957 – years before his “I have a Dream” speech as part of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom…

Give us the ballot, and we will no longer have to worry the federal government about our basic rights.

Give us the ballot, and we will no longer plead to the federal government for passage of an anti-lynching law; we will by the power of our vote write the law on the statute books of the South and bring an end to the dastardly acts of the hooded perpetrators of violence.


Useful Idiots on the Right: The Never Trumpers

By Richard Moss January 13, 2020

Do we not grow weary of the sanctimonious ones?  The Never Trumpers that endlessly hector and scold, and hold themselves up as paragons of moral virtue? They display their good taste by showing contempt for Trump and his supporters.  Some of them claim they will vote down ballot, skipping the Presidential slot, or vote for Evan what’s his name (McMullin).  Some will write in a candidate or go Libertarian, neither of who will have any chance of winning.  Other pious Republicans will even cast their vote for Hillary.

But how much more compelling is the argument today, three years later, in light of the horrendous behavior of the Left, their naked will-to-power and demonic “rule or ruin” ethos?  And what of Trump, his incredible and unexpected victory in 2016, and then his very favorable performance as president and conservative standard-bearer?  What accounts for the odd and self-immolating behavior of the Never Trump crowd, most if not all of them former card-carrying members of the right?


Trump the Pro-life President

By Dr. Robert Owens 1/20/2020

Ever since the abomination of Roe V. Wade unleashed a holocaust of death upon America those of us who value life have prayed for a leader who could and would do what they should.  Back in 1973 when the Burger Court turned the Constitution on its head by discovering a constitutional right to kill      the unborn then President Nixon didn’t even make a public statement.  Privately he said that in some instances abortion was necessary.

Since then we’ve elected several presidents who said publicly that they were pro-life: Reagan, George I, and George II.  All three took some steps to restrict federal funding for abortion and made public statements condemning abortion and boosting the pro-life cause.  All three gave taped addresses to the massive annual Right-to-life march in Washington filled with  values and voters.

Of course, since the slaughter of the innocents gained the federal stamp of approval we’ve had every Democrat candidate champion the freedom to choose death.  And we’ve had two who made it to the White House: Clinton and Obama.  Once there they both proudly opened the spigot from the Treasury to the abortion mills forcing all taxpayers to pour billions into the industrial scale elimination of generations of Americans.

Then came Trump.


America’s Freedom is Founded on the Application of the Bible to Civics (part II)

by Pastor Earl Wallace 1/20/2020

This article is the second in a series of three articles which delves into the foundations of the United States of America – the American Republic – based upon the understanding of the biblical basis for government. In the first installment, we ended with Pastor Wallace’s outlining of specific time frames for the historical foundations for America’s freedom…

In the 1300s. John Wycliff believed there were inexorable – natural and inalienable – divine laws of God that all must obey. He wrote in the introduction of the 1382 printing of the “Wycliff Bible” that “The Bible is for the government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

His teachings were foundational for our understanding that faith in Christ makes all people equal (each is a whosoever sinner who can be saved by God’s grace) and that the Bible is the sole determinant of morality.


NBC Says Voting for Trump is an Unconstitutional Racist Hate Crime

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News 1/16/2020

Are you white? Did you vote for Donald Trump in 2016? If so, NBC says you are a racist who has broken the law. No, seriously. The liberal news network says white people voting for Trump is both unconstitutional and a hate crime. The only way you can stay on the right side of the law is to vote for who NBC tells you to because free will is no longer tolerated.

NBC is so fake news that they can take something that is a joke and turn it into no joke. Behold: Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution. Can they be stopped?

It’s already absurd that NBC is saying that voting for Trump is an illegal hate crime, but they actually published a piece wondering if it is possible to stop people from voting for whoever they want to. Apparently, they think lawmakers should be stopping the scourge of personal political opinions:

“Republicans and Democrats alike have been unwilling to reprimand voters or to hold them accountable. But racist voting isn’t an accident.”

Racist voting? What’s that?


Planning Parenthood to Spend $45 Million of our Money on Democrats in 2020

Courtesy of Def-Con News 1/20/2020

Planned Parenthood gets hundreds of millions in government subsidies (taxpayer money) every year and in 2020 they intend to spend a lot of it getting Democrats elected. The country’s largest abortion provider has announced a $45 million plan to boost Democrats in November’s election. We, as taxpayers, should be able to say we don’t want our money going to baby-killing, but also that it isn’t used to support a particular political party. Notice how I qualified that with a “should” because apparently, this is all perfectly legit.

Here’s CBS reporting with glee that our money is being stolen to murder babies and prop up a political party that wants to destroy America: “As abortion-supporters brace for another year of restrictions and court battles, Planned Parenthood is throwing its weight into the 2020 elections.

This week, Planned Parenthood launched the biggest electoral effort in its history: a $45 million spend to support presidential, congressional and state-level candidates in the 2020 elections who support abortion rights. Jenny Lawson, the Planned Parenthood Votes executive director, said, ‘The stakes have never been higher.’”


Defeating Evil Progressives

By Michael J. Lewinski   01/16/20

President Trump recently said, “America was not built by religion-hating socialists. America was built by church-going, God-worshiping, freedom-loving patriots.” Now, the Progressive Socialist Democrats are going to try to rebuild America. Good luck with that!

Instead, they are going to destroy America with their Green New Deal. They are going to bankrupt America with free college for all, mandatory wage rates, undoing the tax cuts and re-imposing job-killing regulations.

These Progressive LGBT Democrats are going to upend the social order by making transgender a special protected class. In California, pastors are going to be charged with a hate crime which will send them to prison if they quote scriptures about marriage being one of only a union between one man and one woman.


This week we offer the Project Veritas undercover video of the Bernie Sanders’ staff revelations in a WND article that includes a couple of excerpts of the now infamous video. We have a video featuring Clarence Thomas as well as a Candace Owens’ interview with the young founder of “Black Guns Matter,” a strong Second Amendment support group.

From WND –  

From FOX News – Pam Bondi: Senate will see through House’s ‘insufficient’ impeachment

From The White House: President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Young Black Leadership Summit (2019)

From WND –  Clarence Thomas: I was ‘the wrong black guy’ and had ‘to be destroyed’

The Candace Owens Show: Interview with Maj Toure, founder of “Black Guns Matter”

From Camp Constitution – Video on The “Negro Project” with Rev. Steve Craft: on Margaret Sanger & Dr. Clarence Gamble: Racists


From Redstate – From Nancy Pelosi who stated: “One way or another trump will not be president in ten months

From The Washington Times – House Democrats: Trump must be removed to protect 2020 election (we don’t make it up!)

From The Washington Times – Charlie Hurt’s opinion: “Obama spied on an opponent and the FBI lied repeatedly. Trump is being impeached?”

From Camp Constitution – Report on The “Negro Project” http://campconstitution.net/dr-clarence-gamble-margaret-sanger-and-the-negro-project/

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