CSN Newsletter 1/21/21 – Life After Liberty

CSN Newsletter 1/21/21 – Life After Liberty

From our Founder…

Yesterday, many Americans witnessed the installation of the newly anointed chief executive of this nation, and supposedly the nation will proceed accordingly with “business as usual.” It is doubtful that it will go according to plan. The ridiculous call for Unity is an effort to placate the victims and bring them into alignment with the regime change. It is comparable to cattle being led to slaughter. Please consider this – citizens have witnessed in the past year the hands-on, street-level, publicly displayed Marxist intimidation of taxpaying, law-abiding, citizens and public servants, violence against the properties of the common people trying simply to make a living, and the murders of the innocent victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

And now, the media, the Democrat Left, and the GOP Elitists are mad as hell that quite a number (possibly 800,000+) of patriots rallied in Washington, D.C. and threatened the elitists in the people’s house. And the social media moguls conveniently used the theft of the rally (on cue) as an incident to impeach the POTUS. Street theater at its finest in the streets of the nation in 2020. Who is disappointed? Not the MSM (including Fox), not the Democrat Left, nor the GOP Elitists. So, whose best interests were served in such displays of unbridled violence and menacing behavior? Who condemned it? NOT the people who benefited from it. The nation has now been brought into unchartered territory. 

The first article today is from Judith LaMontagne, “Playing Games with Liberals” describes a bit of how that happened, and honestly, it is a bit of a lament of her own disappointment, but she does offer this hopeful light in her concluding remarks:  “It’s hard to imagine a more corrupt election than in the year of 2020. May God bless America that we can live past the next four years and finally find the end of the election maze. May God bless President Trump for saving us from the corruption of Hillary Clinton and giving us four more years of righteous presidency…” Check her article as she is writing from her heart. 

Author A. Dru Kristenev opens up on the “medical police state” that has been designed and established to control the population and undermine citizen’s freedoms. She states:“The overlapping fear-inducing fabrications have functionally disabled the federal government from representing the people who supposedly voted them into office.” This brings Americans full circle to the cry of “no taxation without representation.” Check her points as she is connecting the dots and pointing to a picture of the domestic enemy.

The only way for the Republic to survive such a test of our nation’s strength in her people is for patriots who love the nation to put aside their egos, start reaching into their hearts for what they would be willing to sacrifice for and reaching out to others in order to create coalitions of patriots. We need to help one another, to watch out for one another, and to work purposefully for meaningful constructive change. 

Such efforts need to be rooted in our fundamental founding principles and put into practice based securely upon the model of “Satyagraha” of Mohandas Gandhi of India, or the non-violent civil disobedience that Martin Luther KIng. Jr. used to overcome the injustice of the Democrat one-party system of control over the Solid South. “We the People” can navigate this unchartered territory through God’s guidance and by bonding and banding together to help one another. My article today touches upon this a bit. More specifically, it is addressing what is next for the supporters of Donald Trump. 

Michael Lewinski examines the attack against the people of faith in his article “A War on the Religious.” He is referencing a Catholic priest’s message to his flock. We posted that video back in December, and for reference, we offer the link to that video in this edition again. We also post Father Kirby’s resume for those who are interested. He is not just some random guy – he seems to be a genuine patriot. They can be found anywhere!

Dr. Richard Moss in his article, “Indianapolis Has Fallen: A Red State Surrenders Its Capital,” deals with the decline of a once great city. However, he concludes with hope and an admonition that “Hoosiers, their elected representatives, and a new grassroots coalition of patriots must restore our beloved capitol city, Indianapolis, even as we push back against the jackals in what must remain the freest and greatest nation in the world.” He is correct. A new grassroots coalition must arise to save Indiana. But, that must happen in every state and major city across the great Republic.

One next step may be the formation of the new Patriot Party, but that is a big step and needs to be implemented on a state by state basis, and with great caution. Leaders need the wisdom of a serpent to outsmart the enemies of the Republic, and they need to remain in alignment with God’s Will. Leaders also need a clarity of discernment and a willingness to listen to wise counsel in order to avoid entrapment by wolves in sheep’s clothing. In such a time as, this working together with trusted patriots in rebuilding America from the grassroots up is a totally exciting proposition. There is a lot of work to do, and the best time to start is now.   

Dennis Jamison
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Playing Games with Liberals

by Judith La Montagne – 1/19/2021

Games are generally enjoyable. I love crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and word searches because I know there are viable solutions to each, so I don’t mind having to think. But, I am not enjoying the current political maze. With puzzles, there is always a solution if you work at it hard enough. The challenge is rewarded by the excitement of finding the solution — the crossword puzzle definition that has more than one meaning, the satisfaction of inserting pieces that fit together snugly or the thrill of finding the only path to get to the end of a maze. But, the satisfaction comes only after the solution is found. Until then, there is likely some frustration and maybe even the desire to give it all up.

Sadly, the 2020 election presents us with what appears to be an unsolvable maze with no satisfaction of a completed resolution ever in sight. President Trump worked hard to find solutions, only to find there was no end to the maze because the left constantly redrew or switched the end path to success — the road back to our freedom. There has to be a solution, but can we find it?  So far, every government entity has failed us. We trusted the solution would be  found in the proper guidance of our Constitution, basically the tried and true rules for the game. But, the Left has broken all the rules and given us only dead ends with no solutions in sight. The Democrats  were shocked President Trump was finding the solutions and he couldn’t be bullied or bought. He had to be forced out by any means necessary.

After winning the 2016 election, President Trump began to enforce the rules of the “game” by restructuring the government maze to fit Constitutional rules. He began making the game fair and square once again. Naturally, Liberals could not allow Constitutional government to stand. Once they recovered from “losing” the 2016 election, they began their attack. First, it was attacking Trump’s election process, followed by raids and prison sentences for his friends. Fake news media spread lies about his presidency and even his family. The nation footed the bill for a heinous special council charge of Russian collusion. After many months, still not successful in unseating the president, they went for total impeachment. Finally, they successfully won one count of impeachment, but were still not able to drive the President from office.

Answering a medical police state

By A. Dru Kristenev –January 19, 2021

Inducing fear of losing one’s health has been the underlying goal of creating a pandemic mentality via manipulated information released over the last year through WHO and multiple national disease control agencies. Since the early 2000s, the healthcare issue has been pounded by media and politicians as the most important component for life enjoyment. Not climate change. Not economic security. Not border protection or lack thereof. Not racism. Good health and how to insure it has been the insistent issue into which all these others have been rolled. The release of a worldwide “pandemic” has been the vehicle used to compel individuals to focus on avoiding illness, pressing them to bypass human contact to the extent of destroying their finances and actually deteriorating the very health they sought to protect.

How does this medical manipulation translate into a police state? It was the set-up for Congress to pass legislation rewarding hospitals, through state disbursements, for each assigned Covid-19 case, verified or not. Collective CDC numbers (compiled from state health departments) have proven that actual deaths from the Wuhan virus alone is less than six percent, the remainder ranging from co-morbidities to mis-assigned deaths due to car accidents, gunshot wounds and even poisonings. If the number of overall identified cases can be trusted, the recovery rate is above 99 percent. Either way, the virus has been used to instill unreasonable fear of work, church and social interaction.

Now, the fear has been so well institutionalized that most urgent care centers require every person to undergo Covid testing before they can be seen by a healthcare professional let alone treated. The widespread test is the PCR that the inventor, who won a Nobel Prize for his work, noted regarding the test: “If they can find this virus [AIDS] in you at all – and with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.” The implication is of unreliability as it is presently employed.

Requiem or Revival for the Trump Revolution?

By Dennis Jamison –January 21, 2021

Now that it is official that the installation of the next chief executive of this nation has transpired in real time, the prophets may cease for a while in their boisterous clamor and proclamation about our former president or America’s glory days. Disappointment and disillusion may spread like the “Dark Winter” predicted by the one who has now occupied the White House. Yet, a reality check is in order. When someone steals a car, are they legally the owner of the car? When someone steals a person’s home, are they recognized as the legitimate owners of the home? That only happens when people are confused or don’t really care about ownership. Theft is theft.

What happened at the installation, however, was the accepted legal precedent of the theft of a national election. Once the legal precedent has been established, it is hard to challenge. What has been substantially revealed in these past few weeks is that there has honestly been no difference between the two dominant political parties for likely quite some time. Additionally, the government is run by those who are able to muster a combination of money and political machinery. The more the better, most of the time. It may be clear to political animals that this is so, but for average Americans only remotely aware of the machinations of power, it can be quite disappointing. Many of those can be considered Donald Trump supporters. Their foray into the political arena represented the hope that “We the People” still mattered, and might still be sovereign.

One basic premise of Donald Trump’s effort to “Make America Great Again” was to embolden the people to take their country back. Trump ran for the position of president for the American people to return the nation to the people, to help them regain their rightful sovereignty – a sovereignty that many people in this time have forgotten. Trump reminded them that was their country, not elitist leaders with suitcases full of money—or ballots—or both. Yet in the end, corruption, fraud, lots of money and the manipulation of vote tallies have smashed the people’s hope in a contemporary makeover of America under the intended sovereigns—“We the People.” The elitists did not care, and they have the money to ensure no one with power cares.

Indianapolis Has Fallen: A Red State Surrenders Its Capitol

By Richard Moss, MD – 1/2/21

I had known this mid-size metropolis since the ’70s when I lived here as a medical student attending the Indiana University School of Medicine.  Then, Indianapolis was referred to as India-no-place or Naptown.  But, Indianapolis has come a long way since then, attracting professional sports teams, stadiums, arenas, and major corporations.  There are cultural and art districts, comedy clubs, and trendy, upscale neighborhoods.  It has an array of tech-schools and universities, gondola rides along its canal, distilleries, symphony halls, theaters, ethnic restaurants, an excellent zoo, and several museums including the largest children’s museum in the world.

My children and I have enjoyed much of what this city has to offer, in particular its downtown area, known as Monument Circle.  Here, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument inspires and dazzles, with its glorious fountains, pools, and statues honoring our valiant soldiers and sailors from Indiana who fought and died in each of our nation’s wars.  The Christmas lights are iconic and splendid, and each year we visited the great memorial at night, lit up brilliantly, our Rockefeller Center.  It had always been a clean and safe downtown, a place I had felt comfortable visiting with my young family – until now.

This year, Monument Circle swarmed not with tourists and patrons but with a succession of homeless encampments, bedecked with tents, sleeping bags, blankets, cardboard shelters, cigarette butts, newspapers, plastic bags, bottles, cans, and, of course, hundreds of vagrants sleeping or milling about.  What had been one of the cleanest, most scenic, and safe downtown centers in the country had deteriorated into a third world, garbage strewn, and threatening urban nightmare.

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