CSN Newsletter 1/26/2021- Moving Forward

CSN Newsletter 1/26/2021- Moving Forward

From our Founder…

It may be just me, but 2021 seems to have started off with a terrible first month. The year was not yet a week old before, the storming of the Capitol building occurred. We have witnessed the political assassination of one of the greatest presidents America has had — ever. Additionally, like Julius Caesar was slain with a thousand cuts from knives held even by those whom he trusted, our President Trump has suffered a similar fate from a Republican Party that he infused life into in the years he campaigned and then became POTUS. Then last week, most of the nation witnessed the installation of the next thief executive, who has come into that position on the foundation of corruption, fraud, propaganda, and likely with a little help from his friends — the CCP.

Overall, “We the People” have witnessed the occupation of the levers of power by a domestic enemy who no longer shares the values embedded in the cornerstone of our nation, those sacred truths in the Declaration of Independence, the principles of the  Constitution, and the values of the Judeo-Christian heritage. The Constitution had to be ignored or bypassed in several states in order to pull off the election heist, so what does that say about such people who orchestrated it? The Constitution is no longer respected as the Law of the Land. Yet, this happened well before 2020. The sanctuary state efforts broke off allegiance to the Constitution years before. So, what does that say about the state governments that initiated it? Those states and the cities that created the overall sanctuary concepts, beginning with California no longer respect the Constitution as the supreme Law of the Land. So, is it any wonder what happened in the 2020 election?    

As readers of this newsletter, most of you know all that. So, instead of reiterating pains of the past, where do we go from here? Although many of our writers are perceptive of the New World Order being supplanted into American soil, there are not clear paths or courses of action to continue the Trump Revolution. President Trump was a president who accomplished a lot in a short period of time, against all odds in the face of rabid opposition, and as I mentioned last week, some of what he has done should be able to last beyond his initial Administration.

In general, he succeeded in two seminal things that Joe Biden cannot undo in my estimation: 1) he exposed much of the depth and the extent of corruption that has existed in our nation for quite some time — perhaps effectively since the days of John Kennedy; and 2) many of his initiatives that have been translated into Executive Orders or actual legislation have done much to help in areas of promotion of religious freedom, criminal justice reform and instilling in the meek a true sense of identification with the integrity of American ideals at the heart of the nation. Even if Biden dismantles them now, it is too late. Good people have tasted what it meant to be moving toward a nation of greatness once again. And, that was not to the detriment of the rest of the world.  

As I mentioned previously, patriots have been awakened and have tasted of what our nation could be under the direction of a blunt and honest man rather than all of those weasley politicians — from both political parties. And indeed, there is talk of creating a new political party under the leadership of Donald J. Trump. But, that would be up to him. As, I mentioned last Thursday, the formation of a new ‘Patriot Party,’ is a big step and needs to be implemented on a state by state basis, and with great caution.” And, even Donald Trump is holding plans for the future “close to his vest.”     

I also admitted that there is a lot of work to do in moving forward. Doing anything that is reasonable, enduring, and effective must begin with leaving disappointment and all pain of disillusion in the rearview mirror. As I mentioned before “this is not an end of the fight for freedom; these recent events thrust us into a new dimension of the fight.” CSN will continue, however, we are making adjustments in light of the battle before us. 

This will be the last Tuesday edition going forward into 2021. It is sad to write those words, but there are several reasons for this. It is hard to believe, but we started the weekly double news edition and a Sunday edition just after Easter last year. So, we are proud that we had been able to keep that initiative consistently for nine months! Since we are moving to a more secure way of distributing the newsletter, it will involve more expense, and we have limited resources. CSN does appreciate all of those who have given donations — even small ones. It helped us keep going. 

We will be switching to proton mail because we believe that Google has been blocking our weekly messages through warning flags accompanying the newsletters, or simply diverting the newsletters into reader’s Spam folders. It is not just Google that tramples free speech and expression. We see it more abundantly now since the regime change, even before during, and after the election, but now outright ex-communication through expulsions from the major social media platforms. 

We recommend our readers switch to proton mail, and if anyone needs instructions, we have a way of helping switch. Yet, it would not be wise to completely abandon whatever service providers of email currently being utilized. Transitions are complicated and tough sometimes. Additionally, we recommend two additional “work-arounds” to the suppression of free speech. Readers can take ownership of forwarding the newsletter to anyone whom they feel it would benefit. Forwarding the entire newsletter to family, loved ones, friends and associates is simple and it keeps messaging below the radar of the “Media Gestapo.” Additionally, we have a project called the “Liberty Tree” which involves taking selected individual articles that can be copied as links or as additional information that can be posted on social media sites on an individual basis. It keeps things under the radar and it is an action of taking ownership as a true “citizen sentinel.” So, consider doing this as a citizen sentinel!

We are again referring you to Jared Heath’s article on our website with all of his recommendations for securing one’s communications. He is also offering a free Saturday morning educational program oriented to this issue. Here is the link for his next presentation this Saturday at 8am Eastern. Also, other changes as well as other projects will be announced moving forward.

Our first article in this closing Tuesday edition is from A. Dru Kristenev who posted her article last week soon after the “inauguration.” Hers are initial responses and express an honest look at what we have to look forward to under the new regime. 

Guest writer Ray Di Lorenzo offers an article he recently wrote for Canada Free Press. It is a sober article and the title explains his perspective quite clearly: “The Fall of The Republic…The Rise of The Oligarchy.” As I mentioned, we are in uncharted territory.

Dr. Robert Owens looks at the new regime and the potential plans and legislation that will be pushed forward in the new Oligarchy that DiLorenzo portrays in his article. It is extremely sobering. 

My article today also is quite sobering, I do believe that “It is indeed ironic that the Party that formed to save the Republic in… the most divisive period of American history, is also the Party that must be cast aside to save the Republic in this incredibly divisive time. After all,  it is also true that a Party divided cannot stand. But, a Party of 80 million strong would be formidable!” Sobering, but I believe there is hope, and it may come in the form of a new political party.

The last full article today is from writer Michael Lewinski, and as usual, he is quite brief but to the point in his perspective. One of the most poignant points he uses comes from the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and it represents profound truth: “Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, ‘Love is the greatest force in the universe. It is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos. He who loves is a participant in the being of God.’”

Today we recommend the video from an ABC News video with an interview with Senator Rand Paul. It puts all in a simple perspective for those who need to grasp where the Left and “Progressives” are gravitating. Support Senator Paul because the issue of election fraud is a critical pivot point for the future of the Republic! So is safe distancing from the toxic, pollution from Progressive propaganda. It also helps folks see why words, statements, and deeds serve as anchor points for the Left’s advance.

Dennis Jamison
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Plagiarism on parade

By A. Dru Kristenev —January 21, 2021

Fine. It wasn’t a parade because there was no fanfare and procession down Pennsylvania Avenue following the ceremony to install Joseph R. Biden in the office of President. Not that one could make much of a parade out of the few hundred people, including the military band, scattered across the square and lawn adjacent to the Capitol.

It was bad enough bearing with Biden’s attempt to earnestly quote Abraham Lincoln and the Constitution as he projected every despicable act of his own party onto conservatives, but to hear Rev. Sylvester Beaman mock Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was tragic.

There aren’t a great number left who can say they were present to hear Dr. King give his “I Have a Dream Speech” live. It just so happens I’m one of them, having stood in the press box in Anaheim Convention Center in 1968 listening to Dr. King deliver those words like moving thunder short weeks before he was assassinated. Never did it cross my mind that a black liberation theology preacher would study Dr. King’s diction and style to cash-in on the unifying vision of a man martyred for his conviction to stand for Christ through whom all are made equal.

The problem is…

The Fall of The Republic…The Rise of The Oligarchy

By Ray DiLorenzo —January 26, 2021

The Republic has fallen…or is in near collapse. It is rapidly becoming a working Oligarchy, faster than I thought was possible. Power will be in the hands of a few. The presidency will be controlled, in part, by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They have the goods on Biden, his family, and many others who decided to take their money, and they intend to use it.

Our economy will be a selective capitalism with winners being chosen according to party loyalty. Almost all small business will eventually be gone. The people around Biden know he is incapable of being president. His duties will shrink in a relatively short time. Congress will be a private club of the elite, and the Supreme Court will soon find much help with the arrival of additional justices. If they can manage to do away with the Electoral College, 85% of the country, which supplies the food and energy, will be unrepresented, its people mere serfs. There would be no reason for those people having any allegiance to such a political system.

The Democrat Party will be the new Democrat-Socialist/Fascist party looking to the CCP for guidance to complete the destruction of our Judeo-Christian culture, eliminating our God, our faith, and many of our rights. Big Tech will work closely with the Biden administration to recreate our society into a totalitarian state, the very definition of fascism. They will get us ready for the move to global governance. The Democrats will waste no time building a wall (yes, I said that) around their power base. They will guard it fiercely. Any future elections will be tightly controlled as to the outcome. They now know how to do it.

America I’m Glad I Knew Ya’

By Dr. Robert R. Owens – January 26, 2021

The Supreme Court refused to accept the Texas case.  In effect, ruling that accusations brought by multiple states of clear violations of the Constitution in the theft of an election are not worth their time to review.  Justice Samuel Alito issued a statement with the dismissal that was joined by Justice Clarence Thomas, arguing that the Supreme Court should take up the case.  “In my view, we do not have the discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction,” Alito wrote, arguing that he would grant the motion to file the bill of complaint.

The three justices appointed by Trump; Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch joined the long list of people President Trump appointed to high office who stabbed him in the back as soon as the opportunity arose.

Across the country court after court refused to allow any evidence to be submitted.  The Media then crowed, “There is no evidence.”  There are over a thousand signed affidavits detailing election irregularities.  There is video of people running the same ballots through counting machines multiple times.  But all the media can say is, “There is no evidence.”  All the low information voters and other socialist fellow-travelers can repeat believing it is their own personal opinion and not something embedded through repetition is, “There is no evidence.”

Shut Up and Sit Down

By Michael J. Lewinski – 1/21/21

George Washington once observed, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” This is what the Progressive, Democratic Socialist party has in store for us. Their message to us is to sit down, shut up, listen to us, and do what we say.

There is no way dissenting voices can be given permission to articulate ideas not approved by the radical Left. There is to be no debate or appeal to reason. None whatsoever!

Most of the social media platforms ban you from their platforms or shadowban you so your friends cannot receive your messages.  If you bring a Conservative idea to a conversation, they add a warning to the message that what you write promotes violence or is not truthful…

Explosive> From Whatfinger Video from ABC News: ‘Debate over whether or not there was (election) fraud should occur’: Sen. Paul – 1/24/21

From NTD TV: 45 GOP Senators Vote Against Trump Impeachment; Judge Blocks Biden’s Order to Halt Deportation – 1/26/21

From FOX News – Tucker: Tucker fights back as Biden plans to change the country at record pace – 1/25/21

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From America’s Front Line Doctors: The Stand | The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine – 1/14/21

From NTD TV: Trump Makes 1st Public Comments Since Leaving Office; Supporters Want Trump’s Legacy to Remain – 1/23/21

From FOX News – Tucker: EXCLUSIVE: Tucker obtains ‘shocking’ internal email sent to ICE officers – 1/22/21

Recommended Reading…

From The Gateway Pundit: President Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’ – Will Carry On the Agenda of the Trump Administration – 1/25/21

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From New York Post: AOC casts blame on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for Capitol riot – 1/16/21

News From Arizona – From Scottsdale Studios: We demand a legitimate audit in Arizona. Not a fake one like the Board of Supervisors is planning – 1/23/21

From FOX News: Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor – 1/23/21

News From California – From MSN: California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock takes thinly veiled swipe at Marjorie Taylor Greene – 1/21/21

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News From Wyoming – From Sky News Australia: Republicans in Wyoming vote to censure Liz Cheney in the wake of her voting to impeach Trump – 1/19/21

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