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1/28/2020 –  The impeachment charade continues to unfold and it enters the Republican response stage in the Senate. The defense of the president has not yet even been heard in full. However, this past week, in the midst of impeachment drama, there were two key events that took place. In the aftermath of those events, we offer a couple of articles related to the Virginia Second Amendment rally and the March for Life in Washington, D.C. 

Pastor Earl Wallace offers an article on the Virginia Pro-Gun Rally. He views it as a success, despite the mainstream media slant. We also provide the third installment of Pastor Wallace’s article on the foundations of our Constitutional Republic. Other of his writings can be found on his ministry website for Liberty Christian Fellowship: http://www.libertycf.org/

Bonnie Parsley is offering an article related to the issue of abortion. Parts of her current article contain excerpts from her book: Restoring American Exceptionalism. She has some potent points. There are two links to good articles on the abortion battle in “Recommended Reading.” 

I am contributing an article on Adam Schiff’s closing statement in the impeachment trial last week. It also appeared as a front page post in the Canada Free Press. Additionally, Kathleen Hall offers a related article explaining Mark Levin’s perspective on the impeachment debacle. See the video in Video Views of his own version of an opening statement.

Additionally, we have a contribution from DefCon News on Joe Biden’s perception of reality on illegal aliens — it is downright scary! As mentioned, we are also providing a link to two articles related to the abortion issue, and one of them is an article last week from DefCon News that exposes Planned Parenthood donations. Check our “Recommended Reading” links.

And, last but not least in any way, Michael Lewinski writes about the designs the  Leftists or Progressives have regarding our children and young people.

Dennis Jamison

The Virginia Pro-Gun Rally Was a Major Physical Success — Despite Those Who Claim “All Our Problems Are Spiritual, So We Can Just Sit Home and Pray!”

By Earl Wallace 1/27/2020

I support rallies like the one held on Monday, January 20, 2020, in Virginia, because in number six of the Ten Commandments, God gives us the unalienable/natural right to not be murdered, and in acknowledgment of this, the American Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, gives us the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from anyone or thing who threatens to do so.

Here’s a headline about the success of the Virginia Pro-Gun Rally.

Major Virginia pro-gun rally ends peacefully with zero incidents


I saw much controversy, however, about the rally. I saw the governor proclaim a state of emergency to try to intimidate and dissuade people from exercising their God-given right to protest those who are violating our unalienable/natural rights, which I explain as The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights, which you can view using this link at: http://libertycf.org/1591-2/

Abortion and its Consequences

By Bonnie M. Parsley 1/28/2020

I changed my mind about abortion. Many years ago, I had been in the pro‑abortion camp. I remember writing to the first President Bush about why Republicans should adopt a pro-abortion stance. I bought the idea that the freedom to choose to have a child should be a right.

I believed Liberals when they said that if we allowed abortion, every child born would be a wanted child. They said that legal abortion would lead to less out of wedlock births; that marriages would be healthier because people would not be forced to marry as a result of pregnancy; they said there would be less child abuse and more children would grow up in stable, loving homes. None of these things happened! In fact, just the opposite has happened.

Manager Adam Schiff’s Words Ring Hollow, and His Party’s Actions Will Incur Judgment

By Dennis Jamison January 27, 2020

For Trump in 2020, true Americans can’t stop fueling the bulldozer in the middle of demolishing the swamp

Last week, on day five of the Senate impeachment debacle, Congressman Adam Schiff gave his concluding remarks to the senators and all present, as well as to millions of viewers all over. In his offensive remarks, he happened to quote Abraham Lincoln’s conclusion of his State of the Union address in 1862. Schiff’s’ preferred portion was this:

Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation.

Schiff went on to laud Lincoln as the most interesting president in history, and to provide a history lesson on Lincoln. But Abraham Lincoln would most likely be turning over in his grave even many days after such a speech. Former President Obama must have helped Schiff with his closing because Obama used the same speech as well, and the words rang hollow then, as they do now.

Constitution Threatened if Senate Accepts Corrupted Impeachment Process

By Kathleen Hall 1/27/2020

Some Republicans believe agreeing to have witnesses in the impeachment trial in the Senate may be a benefit to our President if evidence proving misinformation presented by Democrats can result. But as Mark Levin, one time chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese during the Reagan administration, makes clear this is not an option. Doing so will put the nail in the coffin of the damage the House has done to the Constitutional process of impeachment. Levin  is currently host of a nightly “Town Hall” – Levin TV, “Life Liberty & Levin” on Fox News Sunday nights at 8 pm, and a daily radio talk show host.

According to our Constitution, impeachment articles must show “Bribery, Treason and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Because these could not be shown, the Democrats changed the language for such articles to “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.” They did this without voting on an amendment as required to make changes to our Constitution, they just did it! They dare to do this in plain sight, as they extoll the sanctity of our Constitution, and how much it means to them in these proceedings. No previous impeachment has needed to change Constitutional language in order to present articles to impeach a President.

America’s Freedom is Founded on the Application of the Bible to Civics (part III)

This is the final article in a series of three articles which delves into the foundations of the United States  of America – the American Republic – based upon the understanding of the biblical basis for government. We present the final paragraph from the last installment to offer a reference point for these concluding  points from Pastor Wallace.

In 1692, they Bible’s  impact spread even more with the Puritan’s publication of The New England Primer, a short little book which went through multiple editions and sold millions of copies. It taught American children the alphabet using Biblical truths. It also contained all 107 questions and answers of the Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Apostles Creed. [end pt. II]

The primer was quite influential, and America’s founding fathers, men such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Sam Adams, John Hancock and many more, were raised on Biblical principles, in part, through this little book.

Joe Biden Says Illegal Aliens are More American than Americans

Courtesy of Def-Con News 1/28/2020

Joe Biden unveiled a bold new campaign strategy: Insult people who can vote while praising people who can’t (or shouldn’t) vote. The scatterbrained Democratic party frontrunner actually said that he believes illegal aliens are more American than Americans. As an added bonus, Biden also thinks Americans are much dumber than illegal aliens. Democrats definitely count on illegal aliens voting for them, but Biden is going to need some actual Americans to cast a ballot for him if he expects to beat President Trump.

In the words of Joe Biden: (not a joke)

Joe Biden: DACA recipients are “more American than most Americans are because they have done well in school.”

Biden was speaking about DACA recipients, also known as illegal aliens who were brought to this country by their illegal alien parents.

“These kids have come, they’ve done well. Most of these kids, you know there’s a lot of them, and they’re not just Hispanic or Asian Pacific Islanders as well,” started Biden.

So, there are a lot of Asian Pacific Islander illegal aliens? I never knew.

Progressives Have Their Eyes on our Children

By Michael J. Lewinski 1/28/2020

Senator Elizabeth Warren told reporters on the second day of presenting the Democratic brief, she cheated on the rule of only water or milk for consumption on the Senate floor. She disguised her yogurt as milk. In a nutshell, this describes the failure of the modern-day Democratic party.

Unlike most of us, we respect the rules, whether they are established by our churches, workplaces, schools or government bodies. Progressive Democrats not only don’t follow the rules but seek to overturn our most fundamental rules of law – the U.S. Constitution.

These Progressive, Socialist Democrat candidates have their eyes on our guns. They have their eyes on our Bibles. They have their eyes on our wallets. They even have their eyes on our children.

We had a lot of videos for Video Views this week, but the ones we offer here are cutting edge:

From FOX News – President Trump: First Sitting President at the March for Life =>


From FOX NewsJay Sekulow Says Democrats Can’t Pin President Trump With Crimes – 1.21.2020  =>           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arfnF1x9Bos

From LevinTV – Mark Levin Delivers His Opening Statement on Impeachment to Senate =>


From Vimeo.com

Peter Schweizer: The Burisma Timeline in Two Minutes => https://vimeo.com/387351066

From FOX & Friends– Rudy Giuliani: I can’t sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden on 1.24.2020  => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCm9HkVaVYk

From CSPAN – Adam Schiff’s Closing remarks =>  https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4849284/representative-adam-schiffs-closing-remarks

BONUS: FOX – Sen. Blackburn ‘astounded’ by Schiff’s closing arguments: He should retract it  =>



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