CSN Newsletter – 1/5/2021 – Who will stand up and do what’s right?

CSN Newsletter – 1/5/2021 – Who will stand up and do what’s right?

From our Founder…

Last year seems so long ago, and we’re only five days into 2021! The “Wild” rally in Washington, D.C. tomorrow promises to be – well, wild! However, already the United States’ 117th Congress was sworn in on Sunday, the 3rd, according to the rules of the Constitution — one of the only rules Democrats are willing to follow. Of course, if they had not cheated in the general election of 2020, a majority of Democrats may not have been sworn in at the time. And, of course, in their own autocratic manner, Nancy Pelosi was “elected” as Speaker of the House, as the Democrats did not oppose her “reign.” In the middle of a nefarious coup, why change your ringleader? 

The nation is politically electrified with anticipation, as tomorrow’s vote in Congress will bring to light how divided the nation’s congressional leaders are. While a large number of GOP members of the House will challenge the election results, Senator Ted Cruz is leading a “gang” of 12 senators to examine the outcome of the election by having the Congress perform an audit of all of the votes. CSN features a link to a WND article on the Cruz effort. Additionally, patriots from all over the United States will descend upon D.C. today and tomorrow to demand justice be done and the steal of the election be intercepted. Across the nation, similar peaceful rallies are scheduled for the state capitol buildings in many of the states across the country. So citizens, you need to buckle up as 2021 is starting off where 2020 left off. You didn’t think it was just a bad dream, did you?

Today our first article is from Ray DiLorenzo who provides a real clear perspective on the past four years and the battle between the people and one political party intent on total control of the United States, with an inept GOP allowing it. He believes that a new national holiday, “January 6, Patriots Day, could be a new national holiday to rival July 4. We could see a new birth of freedom, a day when everyday Americans take a stand and oppose those who speak slick words, but deliver abomination. It will be the patriots that remind our government that we are in charge…” 

And, in a unique “harmony of spirit” both Yaacov Ben Moshe and I wrote articles about Abraham Lincoln. We present them both for our readers today. Moshe lives in the state of Massachusetts, while I live all the way across the country in California. We didn’t plan or confer regarding our articles, but the spirit moved us with a similar focus upon one of our greatest presidents. His article focuses on Lincoln as a man of the people, and my article deals with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation — we need Trump to proclaim one tomorrow!

CSN news Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg, wonders if there is a “Cure for Blackmail?” He explores the systemic problems of widespread corruption across the nation in all of the halls of government, and concludes: “Unless we can cure the corruption inside all levels of our nation, we will never truly be a free people.” 

Finishing up the lineup of full articles is one from Craig Huey who always offers very clear perspectives. Today, he offers an overview of why the 2020 election results are being challenged and need to be challenged. He provides a good primer on what all people who care about keeping the Republic, should care about right now, even pray in earnest over in the coming days, because the election has not concluded.

We call attention to two video selections today. One is from the Victory Channel which shows a discussion on the exposure of the voting machine corruption. The second is a glimpse of the floor of the House as Kevin McCarthy assails Nancy Pelosi on Monday. Keep aware – keep your heads on straight and your hearts in the right place, and keep the faith!

Dennis Jamison
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January 6th, Patriots’ Day

By Ray DiLorenzo –January 5, 2021

When Donald Trump took office in January of 2017, neither he nor the patriots that put him there realized the extent of the Deep State. The swamp is global, the mire is deep. The scheme of the globalists is to take over the governments of the world and transform the planet into a one-world Communist state with Sustainability as the new world religion. This sustainability is only for them, to sustain their money, their power.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), at least for the time being, seems to be cooperating. After all, they want to see America fall as badly as the conspirators do.  At the same time, the CCP sees these globalists for who they are, traitors without an army, to be eventually swept aside as competitors for world domination. Nobody loves a traitor.

It is now beyond conspiracy. The globalists are open about their plans to anyone who cares to listen. Much of our Washington institutions, our press and education system, have been made political tools, criminal alliances between political parties evident. Corporations have assumed massive political power, in many cases calling the shots. Whether Americans have any real say in their government is now highly debatable.

Lincoln, for Trump, For the People

by Yakov Ben Moshe, 1/5/2021

Abraham Lincoln would be on Trump’s side. In his address to Congress on the third of December, 1861 Lincoln outlined how he saw the cultural forces that were dividing The Union. He was crystal clear on what was at stake. As he put it. “It continues to develop that the insurrection is largely, if not exclusively, a war upon the first principle of popular government,—the rights of the people.”

What leaps off the page for me is the universality of his message- and it’s direct reflection for us in this newly tattered Union of the United States in 2021. Lets start with the defamation of what is derided as “populism” but used to be known as government by the people. Lincoln says of The South and its sympathizers in the press:“ Conclusive evidence of this is found in the most grave and maturely considered public documents, as well as in the general tone of the insurgents. In those documents we find…, laboured arguments to prove that large control of the people in government is the source of all political evil. Monarchy itself is sometimes hinted at, as a possible refuge from the power of the people.”

Today we face not intimations of Monarchy, but the social and cultural hegemony of an “expert elite class” who want to tell us what we can and cannot do or think- but the effect is the same. The freezing out and manipulation of the “will of the people.”

Needed: An Emancipation Proclamation From Democrat Tyranny

by Dennis Jamison – 1/5/2021

On January 5, one hundred and fifty-eight years ago, as the new year of 1863 got underway, the American public was in a state of disarray and division – much like it is in this time. However, it was much worse then than now because the nation did not resemble a “United” States of America as battle lines had divided North and South, and America was in the midst of Civil War. Families and the entire country was tragically ripped apart by the horrors of warfare. It may not be hard to imagine for citizens today, but our nation was on the verge of political suicide.

Only five days prior, the new year had rung in with great uncertainty, only it was not due to the pending results of a contested presidential election. In that day, Americans were awaiting word from family members, friends or loved ones on the front lines. As the bloody war raged on, the common people were powerless, as two American armies destroyed one another. It did not matter in that time the best wishes or hopes for peace — the war would not end easily.

Yet, on New Year’s Day in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln had signed an executive order that changed the war, and U.S. history. At one point in the celebration at the White House, Lincoln slipped away from the thousands of guests and the new year’s festivities to sign his Proclamation of Emancipation. Lincoln’s presidential order basically was an executive directive freeing the slaves in the rebellious states of the South that were actively fighting the Army of the Republic for the southerners “right” to withdraw from the Union and govern their states without federal infringement upon their sovereignty, or specifically without any interference in the institution of slavery.

20 Surprising Reasons the 2020 Presidential Election is Being Contested

by Craig Huey –

The 2020 presidential election drama isn’t over. Despite overwhelming evidence of massive voter fraud and election theft:

  • The media says it’s over…
  • Biden and the Democrats say it’s over…
  • Social media is censoring all news about election fraud.

But Biden is not yet president until he is inaugurated on January 20th. And he cannot be inaugurated on January 20th unless the U.S. Congress approves of the Electoral College vote on January 6th. How did this controversy about the election happen? Could Trump still win?

Let me explain 20 surprising reasons why the presidential election still isn’t over…and what still may happen.,,

From our Executive Editor:

In light of YouTube’s announcement to erase and delete all videos that discuss anything about fraud in the 2020 election, we will be working to provide video content from other sources. When you post content to YouTube or Facebook you’re just showing your hand and waiting to get it smacked. We suggest loading and linking to BitChute.com instead. MeWe.com and USA.Life are good alternatives to Facebook, and Parler.com is a good substitute for Twitter, and is getting a lot of notice.

President Donald J. Trump Quote

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From The Hill (w/ video): Kevin McCarthy ASSAILS Pelosi on House Floor, gets REPRIMANDED – 1/4/21

From WND (w/ video): Vicious – Antifa attacks family of Sen. Josh Hawley at home  -1/4/21


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