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1/7/2020 –  One week into 2020 and there is already a new controversy swirling around President Trump.. American citizens may be shocked to find out that eliminating a terror threat to the United States is not politically correct per the Democrats and mainstream media minions. Democrat

 Last week, as people were finishing with the end-of-the-year holiday festivities, the United States military took out terrorist General Soleimani in a surgical strike. Almost immediately, most of President Trump’s enemies came out to criticize the action. The ensuing uproar is seriously indicative of two things:

1) Trump is serious about the U.S. military being used for American interests when threatened, and 2) If the Democrats had their own missiles, they might have thought about using them to take out Trump because they are trying to eliminate the man every other way they can.

There are a few articles this week that deal with this controversy. I offer an article specifically dealing with the Democrat leadership and political criminal cabal attempting to eliminate Trump. Brian Anderson of Def-Con News offers another perspective on the Democrat reaction. We also have Doug Burton offering an excellent article, originally appearing in the Washington Times, that deals with Trump’s “pro-active” diplomacy toward Iran.   

Additionally, we have an article from James Harrison, who founded the Natural Family Foundation (www.naturalfamilystrong.com). He provides a thought-provoking piece on the restoration of the “natural” family back to its original role as a core of the foundation of America. 

The rest of the lineup comes from two more of our writers, and one of the articles is from Bonnie Parsley who provides a recommendation for readers for the new book from Donald Trump, Jr., Tiggered. Bonnie recommends this book for all young budding Socialists. We also offer an article link with a video of Donald Trump, Jr. that we had featured in CSN news last year. Check our the Video Views section. 

And, last but not least in any way, Michael Lewinski writes about these trying times, but provides a plug for candidates in 2020 that he feels can help solve the difficulties Americans face at this point in her history. 

The Citizen Sentinels Network provides this newsletter for those who are able to consume and digest the truth. We hope that the primary articles we provide (without ads, without subscription fees, without “strings” attached, or any other obnoxious distractions) could be a source of sanity in such times that try good people’s souls. In human history, the pathway of tyranny in many time periods included the simple strategy of “divide and conquer.”  United “We the People” Stand!    

Dennis Jamison, Founder

Trump is to the Democrats what Soleimani was to America

By Dennis Jamison – January 6, 2020

Trump is standing for America. What will true Americans stand for in 2020?

Last week, after Iranian master terrorist General Soleimani was taken out in a surgical strike, most of President Trump’s enemies came out to criticize the actions. When an intelligent person observes the flak that President Trump received from his enemies, it is incongruous with reality. The President is sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, which means the people of the United States. The POTUS is the commander-in-chief of the U.S. Military, which is also sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of “We the People.” That also translates into protecting U.S. citizens. From what point in time have American elected officials sided with the enemy of the United States, and have felt the need to attack the president?

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Not since the years immediately prior to the American Civil War has there been such an element of traitorous elected officials in the United States government. In that time, the Democrats were forming their own government, which today has been sanitized, or romanticized, as “the second American revolution.” In essence, it was a treasonous action, and if more historians had courage they would call it what it truly was. The Democrat leaders and the minions in the rank and file are seeking to eliminate President Trump by any means possible, and if they need to defend the enemy and attack Trump, they have no shame. Boiling such actions down to the bare essentials demonstrates that the friend of my enemy must be my enemy. In this case, the Democrat elected officials in Congress appear to be closer to the terrorist aims of the government of Iran than our nation’s effort to protect the world from serious terrorist threats.

The era of ‘measured response’ against Iran is over

Iran and the United States have been at undeclared war for 40 years

By Douglas Burton – – Monday, January 6, 2020


What many feared was another Benghazi on New Year’s Eve ended as a smashmouth expression of common sense. As The Wall Street Journal put it: “the nation is at a crossroads.” But is it good for the United States to be at this crossroads? It definitely is, according to a retired brigadier general who spent a year embedded with the Kurdish Peshmerga in 2006.

“The missile attack on K1, a U.S. base in Kirkuk on Dec. 27 crossed a bright red line, and the Iranians knew it,” says Ernie Audino in an interview. But that attack was part of a pattern and it was a walk-up to a massive attack on several U.S. installations in the region, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The strike was not an impulsive shot from the hip at all. “We did not act to start a war but to stop a war,” the president said the next day.

Interviews in the following days with State Department heads revealed that the secret attack had been tracked by U.S. intelligence for weeks. During most of 2019, Iran had subjected the American military to a series of tests: Attacks against 600 ships, the shooting down of the U.S. drone, the drone attack on Saudi oil fields, then firing missiles into Kirkuk on Dec. 27 that killed a U.S. contractor and, finally, emerging evidence that Iran was about to drop a historic assault on U.S diplomats and servicemen in three countries.

Does the strike make it harder for the government in Baghdad to avoid being completely co-opted by Iran hardliners? No.

“The Government of Iraq has been co-opted by Iran for years,” says a Shia intelligence analyst who worked with the U.S. coalition during the occupation years. The strike on Soleimani doesn’t markedly change the disposition of Iraq, he said.

Liberals React Poorly To News Trump Took Out Top Iranian General

President Trump ordered an airstrike that took out top Iranian General and terrorist mastermind Qassem Soleimani on Thursday, which is great news. Well it’s great news to Americans who love this country and value our security. Liberals hate this country and want to hasten its demise so their reaction to President Trump’s decisive military action was much less than enthusiastic. From Congress to Hollywood, liberals lined up to condemn Trump and kiss Iran’s ass.

Here’s an awesome thing reported by Fox News:

President Trump ordered a game-changing U.S. military attack that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, among other military officials at Baghdad International Airport early Friday, the Pentagon confirmed.

Friday’s Baghdad strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces, a source told Fox News.

In all, at least seven people were killed and at least three rockets were fired, officials told The Associated Press.

Soleimani is the military mastermind whom Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had deemed equally as dangerous as Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In April 2019, the State Department announced Iran was responsible for killing 608 U.S. troops during the Iraq War. Soleimani was the head of the Iranian and Iranian-backed forces carrying out those operations killing American troops. According to the State Department, 17 percent of all deaths of U.S. personnel in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 were orchestrated by Soleimani.

Soleimani was the long-running leader of the elite intelligence wing called Quds Force – which itself has been a designated terror group since 2007, and is estimated to be 20,000 strong. Considered one of the most powerful men in Iran, he routinely was referred to as its “shadow commander” or “spymaster.”

How About a Home Run in 2020?

By James Harrison – 1/5/20

I was listening to the news report about the recent attacks in a Jewish community in New York state where several residents were viciously stabbed. Now, this, of course, should bother us all, but what I found missing in all the reporting was, in my humble opinion, the absence of wisdom and common sense with regard to how concerned citizens and our public servants should respond.

For instance, NY state Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is making it more difficult to persecute criminals under new “woke” leftist’s laws, is now issuing an emotional call for even more laws and police. Excuse me for noticing but more government is not the answer, it’s actually a large part of the problem.

On the very same Fox news program, Franklin Graham correctly noted that we have turned our backs on God, have taken him out of our institutions and specifically mentioned public schools. Are schools then where we are to house and maintain our nation’s morals, brother Graham? Is the answer really to hire more teachers, pay them more and better equip them to perhaps include arming them with guns?

Then there is Democratic Presidential candidate and self-proclaimed man of God, Pete Buttigieg, who if elected is looking forward to raising a family in the White House with his husband. By the way, there is more than an even chance that “Protestant Pete” will be the VP candidate for the Democrats in 2020.

I said all of that to say this:

Point blank

The problem we have in America is that we are an amoral nation and precisely because we have indeed “taken God out of” the equation. In the ‘60s we started our moral slide by tiptoeing over the lines between right and wrong and when no one seemed to notice, we became emboldened. But we still had guilt, so the next step was to blur the lines. Right and wrong became moldable and self-designed by man with little regard to natural or biblical laws. As long as we weren’t hurting anyone else what does it really matter … right? And today we have not just begun eradicating those critical righteous guardrails, it appears that the morality lines have now been officially erased. With gay marriage, abortion, pornography, drug abuse and more, justice and righteousness have indeed fallen in the streets.

A Review of “Triggered”

By Bonnie Parsley – 1/5/20

Written with candor, frankness and humor, in “Triggered,” Donald Trump, Jr., recounts life experiences that have shaped his character and molded his thinking. Most interesting are his summers spent in Czechoslovakia with his grandparents when he was a child. He writes of many lessons learned from his maternal grandfather and tells how difficult their life was under Communism.

His stories about learning to love hunting and fishing while he was in boarding school spurred his love of the outdoors. He offers a surprising look at his youth (after college) spent working in Colorado as a bartender and forming life-long friendships with regular Americans. He spent weeks and months just traveling around the western states between jobs.

Quite interesting is when he goes into the history of the new Left in America and how it was built on a foundation of terror and dependency. From the Weather Underground in the ‘60s to Antifa today, the Left has tried to sell ideas that are anti-freedom and pro-governmental dependency. He tells about things that he and other Trump supporters endured from enraged leftists while his father ran for president. The book is actually entertaining as he shares his description of liberals born from these experiences.

Trying Men’s Souls

By Michael J. Lewinski  01/6/2020

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” wrote Thomas Paine, when we as Americans were faced with great destruction. Our era likewise is a time that tries men’s souls. We are confronted by great political divisiveness, moral confusion and spiritual chaos.

Values like fairness, equality and justice are under attack by leftist Progressives. These people are destroying our freedom of speech through political correctness and also shutting down conservative speakers on college campuses. They are as effective as are the Chinese Communists in denying freedom of expression for their people. The Chinese government recently joined the gun grabber in calling for the disarmament of American citizens.

Equality is something leftist Progressives claim to champion. Ask women athletes who compete against transgender men who steal their glory. White, Christian males find no justice in the equality which is not extended to them. Justice is a matter of fairness.

These times of great political animus are laid at the feet of the Progressive Deep State that is calling all the shots. These elites want to do things that defy common sense.

Our Video Views this week features a number of various topics. One of the most moving is a CBS news report referring to a video that went viral of an Arkansas boy singing to his baby brother who has Down Syndrome.

In case anyone missed itPresident Trump Delivers a Statement on Iran (1/3/2020)

Canada Free Press – Inconvenient Anti Socialism (Banned by Social Media Censors) with    Donald Trump, Jr. (includes video)

From The Dan Bongino Show

From Facebook – A Visitor from the Past (posted video in 2014)

From You Tube (THV11) – Video of Cabot boy singing to baby brother with Down Syndrome

From Our Daily Bread Films – The Search for Meaning: Science and God

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