It’s often said that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. But after this year’s election, we know that isn’t true. The first crime was information warfare, starting right there in the Garden of Eden.

At least that’s true for citizens trying to make sense of who legitimately won the White House this year. Information now takes a backseat to disinformation, as illustrated by the daily gyre of claimed facts about the election, countered by seemingly plausible counterclaims.

In the conventional telling, Disinformazia earned its green card in America when the Kremlin deployed armies of trolls to serve up fake news on social media in 2016. Some were pro-Hillary, others, pro-Trump. It is apparently a well-known strategy of Russia’s spymasters to flood Western democracies with complex and contradictory allegations on the eve of elections, exacerbating hatred, triggering chaos, and causing authorities in targeted nations to turn on each other.