CSN Newsletter, 10/1/2020 – Debate reactions, What’s Next?

CSN Newsletter, 10/1/2020 – Debate reactions, What’s Next?

Tuesday’s issue of the CSN Newsletter was all about the debate coming that evening. Today is mostly about what happened Tuesday night and where we go from here.

We start with my debate review, which I consider a major missed opportunity for President Trump to knock Biden right out of the race and speak directly and clearly to the low-information voters who are dependent on the Left Media for their “thinking points.”

Dru Kristenev covers the content of the debate, which she calls “a free-for-all of misstated statistics, reiteration of debunked “quotes” and unchallenged falsehoods emanating from the democrat candidate.”

Dennis Jamison reviews the current state of voting in our country and the powers aligned against free and fair elections. We need to get up off our couches and vote, even if it’s inconvenient. Otherwise, “If the citizen will not stand for law and order by voting for the candidates who swear to uphold the rule of law, then the people will reap the government they deserve.”

Judi McLeod discusses the Republicans’ secret weapon for 2020 – old-fashioned, door to door campaigning, while the Democrats push their idea for a mute button in the next debate.

And, finally, Craig Huey reports on his uplifting personal experience at the Washington Prayer March with Franklin Graham and over 50,000 attendees.

Don Rosenberg, Executive Editor

Missed Opportunities

By Don Rosenberg, 10/1/2020

I am a “Yuge” supporter of President Trump, but I sadly must join the chorus of conservatives who feel that his debate performance was a missed opportunity to shut down the entire Biden farce candidacy in just 90 minutes. Viewership was off the charts and there were a lot of low-information voters who tuned in to see the candidates for the first time. Here was Trump’s golden chance to speak to them without the selective filter of the Left Media showing five second sound bites out of context.

Joe Biden didn’t do any better than Trump, but his expectations were so low that just lasting the full ninety minutes while putting a few coherent sentences together was all he needed.

Trump blamed Chris Wallace, which is another disappointment. He has been questioned by much more biased interviewers and Wallace actually did a decent job considering both candidates started name-calling in the first few minutes.

Presidential debate: Who doesn’t know what they’re talking about?

By A. Dru Kristenev –October 1, 2020

The presidential debate never had the opportunity to become a debate. It was a free-for-all of misstated statistics, reiteration of debunked “quotes” and unchallenged falsehoods emanating from the democrat candidate.

Chris Wallace, who insisted on claiming the office of moderator didn’t live up to the title he kept invoking. He spent his time baiting the president with repeating incorrectly reported “news,” attempting to pin racial tensions, Marxist rioting, arson-lit fires consuming the West, and pandemic woes on President Trump’s policies.

Wallace displayed his bias by leading Joe Biden by the hand into uninterrupted diatribes accusing Trump of divisive and catastrophic policies and events that were set in motion by the Obama-Biden administration. How purposeful was Wallace’s mishandling of the debate to make it into a series of contradictions of the truth that forced the president to clear the air, only to have Mr. Moderator side with the Projectionist Biden and shutdown the president’s forced defense?

Any threats to free and fair elections are threats to our Republic

by Dennis Jamison – 10/1/2020

The integrity of America’s top law enforcement agencies has been compromised, as well as the integrity of Democrat governors and mayors in cities where they betrayed the American people in their jurisdictions. Local police forces are under attack and are targeted by elected and unelected Democrat officials for defunding or disbanding. Our nation has been compromised at all levels of government. Americans have witnessed the realities of Deep State corruption at the heart of the federal government, and tax-paying citizens have experienced it in their cities and states. Such corruption on such a  widespread scale originates in one political party that will stop at little to retain political power and absolute control.

Election 2020 Front Battle Lines Now the Average Homefront

By Judi McLeod October 1, 2020

Smug and arrogant Democrats are feeling cocky that they have Election 2020 in the bag by simply denying the victory of President Donald Trump when he leaves opponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bellowing in the wind.

But it is their strategy and not Election 2020 that they are running aground.

Prime example: Confident that the masses are locked up in their homes and won’t come venturing out to Election Polls for fear of catching the virus, Democrats fail to see that the masses have turned their stay-home strategy to full advantage.

Private homes are now the Election Battlefront for the largely Democrat-ignored masses. People can reach out to neighbors and friends from the comfort and privacy of their own homes,  warning them them that the only way to win is to VOTE IN PERSON, while the Democrats’ trashed Mail-In ballots are showing up everywhere.

Revival and Repentance in Washington, D.C. – 7 Things You Should Know

by Craig Huey – 

Over 50,000 people covered the Washington Mall. Across America, people of all ages and races joined together in prayer. They joined together in a prayer of repentance. They joined together in prayer for revival across America.

Shelly and I had the opportunity to attend both the Franklin Graham march and on the same day, The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance.

It was a powerful event. Christians came united for the purpose of prayer. To pray for revival. To pray for repentance.

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