CSN Newsletter, 10/13/2020 -The True Nature of the Left for All to See

CSN Newsletter, 10/13/2020 -The True Nature of the Left for All to See

In today’s issue of the CSN newsletter, A. Dru Kristenev’s article, “Invoking the seven tell-tale signs to separate political parties,” illustrates the evil of the Left in the clearest manner I’ve ever seen.

“There are seven moral deficiencies for which the Lord has declared His hate. Each one will be evaluated according to the actions of the two major parties in order to see where believers should stand when casting their ballot in less than a month’s time.”

Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: a proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Dru goes through each of these abominations, pointing out just a few Democrat actions that illustrate her case. If you hold the word of God sacred, or if you advocate decency and moral behavior of any kind, your choice in November is crystal clear, and those under the spell of the Left and the Leftist Media need to wake up to the evil and the deceit.

The rest of today’s newsletter is further evidence for the premise of Dru’s article…

Def Con News tells us about Jane Fonda’s abhorrent speech thanking God for killing 210,000 Americans with Coronavirus, and giving Democrats their opportunity to defeat Trump.

Jack Meyer reviews statements by Joe Biden that indicate he sees himself merely a placeholder for the new wave of Democrat leadership while Judith La Montagne discusses another assault on moral decency the Left is undertaking on Amy Coney Barret – an attack on religious freedom combined with insistence on unrestricted abortion. The timely confirmation of new Justice Barret may be the only thing that stands between a legitimate and fair election and the legal wrangling that may ensue if millions of fake ballots are injected into the election.

Dennis Jamison, our CSN founder and America historian, shares his thoughts on Columbus Day, but also joins our theme of Leftist moral depravity by pointing how the Left is rewriting history in order to gain political advantage and vilify our country’s heroes. Dennis shares the true history of Columbus and how he ran afoul of the Spanish monarchy.

We end with the It’s Right to Vote logo and a link to the website. There you will find useful tools and more information on how Americans can fight for our country by voting, bringing ten friends with you to vote, identify and report voter fraud as a poll worker, and protect yourselves from the Big Four social media giants’ search engines and email programs. Please add this icon and link to your own websites, newsletters, social media pages and email signatures.

Don Rosenberg, Executive Editor

Invoking the seven tell-tale signs to separate political parties

By A. Dru Kristenev – October 11, 2020

Politics was always meant to be evaluated by moral standards, though it’s been discouraged in the current climate besetting this election cycle. There are seven moral deficiencies for which the Lord has declared His hate. Each one will be evaluated according to the actions of the two major parties in order to see where believers should stand when casting their ballot in less than a month’s time.

Beginning with pride, the left is quick to throw darts at President Donald Trump accusing him of haughtiness and arrogance. The president may utilize the first person fairly often when he lists the unmatched accomplishments of his administration, but he freely uses the plural “we” so often that constituents easily recognize he’s a team captain, not an oligarch.

In contrast are the democrats and their followers who have the audacity to disparage the benefits the nation has reaped from this administration’s efforts that have taken the economy to historic heights. Yet in 60 years of driving Capitol politics, they managed to enact the opposite of their promises, burdening the American people with debilitating regulations and taxes.

Jane Fonda Thanks God for Killing 210,000 Americans with Coronavirus

By Def-Con News – 10/9/2020

The left are horrible people, and nobody is worse than Biden’s surrogate, Jane Fonda. She’s been hating on America as long as Crazy Joe has been in politics. Her latest despicable statement has her once again siding with the communists as she thanked God for killing 210,000 Americans with the Chinese coronavirus. As an anti-American leftist commie, Fonda doesn’t actually believe in God, but that doesn’t make what she said any less disgusting.

Earlier in the year, Jane Fonda and other Hollywood people hosted a virtual convention to support Joe Biden’s campaign for president, so that makes her and official surrogate for mumbling Joe. Keep that in mind as she issued this statement that the liberal media will never demand Joe disavow:

Jane Fonda: a disease that has killed 200,000 Americans is “God’s gift to the Left.”

“We can stop fascism. We are at a point where we can; this is a crossroads, an existential crossroads, and we are people who can help determine which way humanity goes. What a great gift. What a tremendous opportunity. We’re just so lucky,” proclaimed Fonda.

A Kamala Harris Presidency?

By Jack Meyer – 10/12/2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden, in an April 30 interview with Bob Costa of the Washington Post, said, “I view myself as a transition candidate making way for the Mayor Pete’s of the world to come into my administration.”

What does that mean?  Transition to what?  Is that why he is running?  Biden’s greatest policy platform is simply that he is against anything Trump has ever done. He doesn’t seem to be passionate about much beyond that. When asked to describe what he would do relating to the Coronavirus, he talks about expanding free testing and taking emergency action to help individuals and small businesses who are being devastated by the crisis. Trump is doing that – although the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi – is blocking efforts to develop a bill to accomplish the latter. Oh yes, Biden does promise the nationwide mask mandate and to close down the economy again if virologists tell him to do so.

The Constitution Under Fire

By Judith La Montagne – 10/12/2020

The United States faces a very real threat to American rights as promised under our Constitution, the final law of our land. Whereas religious belief or non-belief was formerly the rock of our country and our justice system, the Democrat socialists are fighting Amy Coney Barrett in her candidacy for Supreme Court Justice primarily because of her religious faith, which should have no bearing whatsoever on her ability to serve and is, in fact, unconstitutional. She is a candidate of poise, self-control, religious beliefs–and great judgmental ability. Only socialist Democrats could find a problem with that. She is eminently qualified in every way to serve as an impartial judge on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Amendment 1 comes strongly to Barrett’s rescue. All American rights are clearly delineated in that bedrock document, which is under fire today as never before. Let’s take a look at one of these threats currently being weighed in the balance in many ways, including the unfair argument against the confirmation of our current nominee.

1st amendment to the U. S. Constitution: (1791) “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereofor abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Reflections on Columbus Day, Columbus, and Political Power

by Dennis Jamison – 10/13/2020

In reflecting on Columbus Day, which is now only sometimes celebrated by a few brave citizens, people across the nation may be surprised that what they have learned about Christopher Columbus in school is more than likely quite incomplete. A more complete understanding of the history of Columbus would express much about the current fight between the common people of the United States and the autocratic politicians they elect in election after election. People are lied to, they believe the lies and promises made by liars, and they trust their  lies enough to elect them to office, and then they discover the lies and the true nature of the politicians they elect. Some politicians even lie about their support of free and fair elections because they were not elected in a fair election. But, once they take office, not much can be done.

This is an historical cycle that has existed in the United States for  decades now, and the cycle has been mesmerizing. However, at the beginning of the new millennium, free and fair elections came under such great scrutiny that the outcome of the election had to be taken to the United States Supreme Court with the Bush – Gore presidential race. Americans who paid attention at the time to all the legal tactics and political wrangling are still unsure of what happened in that election. It is highly likely that the Democrats are attempting to steer this year’s election into such a legal quagmire in an effort to steal the election from the American people.

There are Democrats who still feel that George W. Bush stole the election from Al Gore in 2000. There are some Democrat leaders who yearn for version 2.0 of that outcome only with Joe Biden coming out as victor. The Supreme Court decided in Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98, the Florida recount nightmare. With the mail in ballot debacle looming on the horizon in many states, it is likely one of various scenarios the Democrats will likely employ to enable Joe Biden to win the presidential election in 2020. If the 2016 presidential election provides an indication of how far the Democrat leaders will go to negate or neutralize a free and fair election, this year’s contest will push their political maneuvers into a whole new realm.

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