CSN Newsletter: 10/20/2020 – Two weeks to Election Day – will your vote count?

CSN Newsletter: 10/20/2020 – Two weeks to Election Day – will your vote count?

From Our Founder…

10/20/20 – There are two weeks left in this election campaign, and the nation is even more in a state of flux than it has been throughout the past two years since the 2018 elections. Now, it is even more clear that the proverbial “handwriting is on the wall.” Ever wonder where that phrase came from? It is a phrase from the book of Daniel that relates the story of a message written on the wall in a drunken party near where the Babylonian King Belshazzar could see it clearly. The king’s wise men could not even comprehend it, yet the prophet Daniel could interpret it clearly. He explained that Belshazzar’s days were numbered, as well as his dominion in Babylon. Indeed, before the night was over, Belshazzar was dead and the Persians under Cyrus the Great had captured the city. 

The handwriting on the wall in America is not for President Trump; it is for the people. Is this not a proper conclusion when the United States is meant to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people? Our forefathers determined in the form of government they bequeathed to their descendants that this would be a free Republic based upon the moral foundation of the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the Constitution. If a king, who is considered leader of a people, can be held responsible for the care, general well-being, and protection of his people can be held accountable for dereliction of responsibility, why would a people’s government not be understood to be accountable for dereliction of responsibility?

In short, this election is about whether free people are willing to take a stand and fight for freedom, or whether they will suffer the warning of the proverbial “handwriting on the wall.” Truly, public voting is a precious right that this nation was able to implement to lay the foundation for a nation that could champion freedom. But, over the past 100+ years, the slow march of those who seek absolute dominion over people began. And before that one must consider that one third of the nation was under a system of government in the Deep South where absolute dominion existed over blacks and poor whites. It was not simply a foundation of racist dominion that had existed for over 170 years prior to the founding of the United states of America, that southern dominion was rooted in economic slavery. The founders originated the solution to both forms of slavery, and it did not involve Marxism-Leninism.

Yet in the 2020 election, citizens are being presented the choice because God always allows freedom of choice. His children do not always make good choices, however. So, it remains to be seen whether a free people will choose the path of tyranny or a rebirth of freedom as Abraham Lincoln referenced in his Gettysburg Address. It is my hope that this one nation under God would not perish, but it is not in my power to make it so. It has always been in the hands of the people. My article today is about this critical point in the history of our nation. There is a deep and urgent need for American citizens who truly love this nation to stand for Liberty, or forever regret their actions in this time. 

We are also including an excerpt of an article from Andrew McCarthy entitled: “Trump: Yes”  that had been sent in by one of our readers. It is part of a three part series of articles in a similar vein, but this article is lengthy and tackles this topic from a different but equally important perspective. The entire article, even the entire series would be worth reading at National Review:


Additionally, in our “Recommended Reading” section, we offer a link to a more recent article from Mr. McCarthy recommending that the Supreme Court decide cases that are involving election-law before this upcoming election. He offers a compelling case.

In light of the upcoming presidential debate, and not a “dueling Town Hall,” Executive Editor Don Rosenberg offers an article offering advice to President Trump about his debate preparation after a disappointing performance in the first debate.

This week there are two Def-Con contributions and both offer insight regarding the way the Left is attempting to divide America, which falls into most despotic playbooks: divide and conquer. The first of these two articles deals with the diversionary tactics of the Left in attempting to make “a mountain out of a molehill.” The title: “LIBERAL MEDIA SPENDS MORE TIME INVESTIGATING NODDING WOMAN THAN HUNTER BIDEN.” 

The second contribution from Def-Con News reports on an incident that took place at the during the annual Women’s March in Washington DC. I have it from good authority that as the March for Life took place, over 50 members of Students for Life “jumped in front of it with our pro-life and pro-Amy Coney Barrett signs, then we stood in front of the Supreme Court with our banners and projected the sound of a preborn baby’s beating heart over loudspeakers…” Def-Con reports on an incident in which the Pro-abortionists yelled at a pregnant woman and advised her to kill her baby. Such is the battle for the soul of America.

Finally, we are offering a taste of reality on the streets of Washington, D.C. in our featured video sent from Students for Life. It shows the bravery of the young women and students in this movement of the “Pro-Life generation.” 

Dennis Jamison

Wanted: Citizens with Courage to Make America Beautiful Again!

by Dennis Jamison – 10/20/20
America is no longer beautiful. And, if America is no longer beautiful, can God shed His grace on US? America is no longer beautiful because citizens have been so complacent in recent decades with regard to the freedoms that the founding generation and several of the following generations fought and died to establish and to preserve. Yet today, it is a sad commentary on our culture when people do not seem to see past the end of their noses. What made America truly beautiful? It was the people, and it still is true in part of the population, in parts of the country. Growing up in Iowa, one learns that the name in the Sioux language meant “beautiful land.” But the land is not that spectacular — flat and filled with cornfields for the most part. What made Iowa truly beautiful was the people. There were a lot of honest, down-to-earth, common sense oriented people who would help their neighbors in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, on the other side of the country lies beautiful California, a beautiful land if there ever was one. But, it has its own flat farming areas too. However, many of the people are downright ugly and mean to one another. Hollywood elitist types tend to see themselves above the rest of the “riff-raff” in America. Leftist politicians from several ethnic groups tend to believe that they know better than the average “Joe.” Once they get elected to office, they have secured their seats of power, and they do not see that they are public servants — far from it. They take on the mantle of leadership like genuine entitlement or royal inheritance. The mandates of someone like elitist Governor Gavin Newsom,  nephew of Representative Nancy Pelosi, often ignore the very people who pay his salary. It is his upside-down version of leadership.

Yet, the “Democratic” Party reigns supreme in California. The “Golden State” has become tarnished by the people; it has become a one-party state, which is a template for the rest of the nation. Many naive Americans did not believe that even as late as 2018, but now one can ask patriots in Colorado or Virginia how the Big Blue Machine is taking care of them as they are trending toward one-party statehood. While the election this year is crucial for the entire nation, one has to wonder how the Democrats have made such advances and have established autocratic oligarchies across the nation. All one had to do is reflect on the past months — who were the governors that became so famous for their autocratic mandates regarding COVID? And, while these “Democratic” governors were mandating masking and social distancing, they turned a blind eye when the Marxist-led insurrections occurred in specific locations. Some Democrat officials even participated with Marxist-based front groups like Black Lives Matter.

An excerpt from an article by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY…

…from a friend who thinks those who may not want to vote for Trump should read. I agree, it’s not about President Trump, but about the future of We The People. Please share!

The choice in 2020 is not simply Trump or Biden. It is: Do you want Mike Pompeo running foreign policy, or, say, Susan Rice? Should we continue building up our military and preparing for China as the great geopolitical challenge of the 21st century, or revert to the Obama-Biden program of hollowing out the armed forces and appeasing Beijing?

Should we follow the free-market economic and financial predilections of Larry Kudlow, or the confiscatory authoritarianism of Bernie Sanders? Should we continue promoting economic innovation, including the natural-gas production that has significantly reduced carbon emissions; or should we follow Biden’s confidant John Kerry back into the Paris climate accord while commencing implementation of the national suicide known as the Green New Deal, touted by Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Should we continue the regulation-slashing that unleashed economic prosperity and lays the groundwork for recovery even from a once-in-a-century pandemic; or should we empower Biden ally Elizabeth Warren to “reimagine” capitalism and markets under the government’s crushing demands and the Democrats’ grievance politics?

Should we back the nation’s police departments, prioritize the rule of law, and restore order on America’s urban streets; or de-fund police budgets and adopt the “progressive prosecutor” model — which is to say, the non-enforcement model — favored by Democrats? Should the Justice Department and intelligence agencies be run by Bill Barr and Trump’s team; or should we opt for a Keith Ellison–style radical as attorney general, accompanied by the return of Obama officials who politicized intelligence reporting and weaponized the investigative process against political opponents and conservative activists?

Dear President Trump,

As a debate coach for political candidates it is sometimes excruciating to see good candidates make bad decisions in important debates. In the first debate you were clearly not prepared and thought Biden was so inept that he wouldn’t last five minutes. And all the pressure from the Left is adding up, making you come across as angry and mean – not a good image for someone who needs every vote he can get, especially from conservative women who like your policies, but not your “style.”

You know you must win – the debate and the election; the very future of our country depends on it. Thursday night is the final debate and you need to deliver a knockout blow so big that no amount of censorship, spinning, or lying can save Joe Biden.

The non-bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has announced they plan to turn off your microphone while Biden is talking. This sounds like a bad thing, but actually, if played right, can turn in your favor. Here’s how.

Instead of focusing on Trump’s interrupting Biden you need to focus on the moderator interrupting you. Early in the debate, the first time Kristen Welker interrupts, you need to turn to her and say, “I thought the rules were no interruptions when a candidate is speaking. You ask your question and I have my two minutes to respond however I want. If you want to interrupt me during my time, then it’s you who should be running for president, not Joe Biden. Or do you want me to debate both of you at the same time?”

Liberal Media Spends More Time Investigating Nodding Woman Than Hunter Biden

By:  Def-Con News – 10/18/2020

Earlier this week The NY Post broke a smoking gun story that implicates Joe Biden in a Ukraine extortion scheme to help his crackhead son Hunter that should have ended the former VP’s presidential campaign. It should have, but didn’t because the liberal media, big tech, and liberals everywhere moved quickly to censor and ban the story. Meanwhile, these supposed unbiased journalists spent considerable time doxxing a black woman who nodded in agreement in the background during President Trump’s town hall on Thursday. Fake news is a multifaceted scam.

NBC hosted President Trump in what was billed as a town hall but was, in reality, an attempted ambush by a liberal activist journalist. The President held his own, and the ambush didn’t work so the fake news had to manufacture some outrage quickly to attack him with. The best they could come up with is that this black woman nodding behind Trump was a plant:

A woman who gained internet fame for nodding and giving President Donald Trump the thumbs up sign during his Miami town hall on Thursday night could have used the free airtime two years ago — because she was running for Congress as a pro-Trump candidate.

No social distancing necessary if you yell at a pregnant woman to kill her baby

By: Def-Con News – 10/18/2020

When President Trump holds a rally, the liberal media scolds him for holding a COVID-19 “super spreader” event. When thousands of people riot in the streets, loot, and destroy property that same liberal media calls it a “mostly peaceful” social justice march. Recently, angry feminists gathered by the thousands to scream about their nonexistent right to kill babies, and there wasn’t a single peep from the liberal media about social distancing or super-spreading the coronavirus.

Saturday was the annual Women’s March in Washington DC, which brought out hairy arm-pitted feminists, butch lesbians, post-menopausal spinsters, and beta males to fight for their right to abort babies that will never ever be planted in them.

From Students for Life: The Pro-Life Gen Crashes the 2020 Women’s March -10/19/20

<<WARNING – The contents of this video are very vulgar. Watch only if you are of strong spirit >>


From FOX Business News: Mike Pence calls Big Tech censorship of NY Post an ‘outrage’ – 10/19/20

From Sky News Australia: ‘Disgrace’ – Twitter, Facebook censor Hunter Biden story  – 10/15/20

From FOX News – Tucker: Tucker plays audio of Dianne Feinstein caught on hot mic at Barrett hearing – 10/15/20

From Blaze TV – Mark Levin: Pelosi’s Unhinged Meltdown Shows Just How Much She Hates America – 10/19/20  

From The Hill (w/ video): Zaid Jilani addresses NY Times defense of 1619 Project – 10/19/20

From Freedom Works: Protect the Vote, Protect the Seat – Press Conference at the Supreme Court – 10/13/20

Recommended Reading…

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From FOX Business News: Maxine Waters’ challenger slams her for living in mansion outside of district – 10/12/20

News From Hawaii –  From Zero Hedge: Hawaii “Has Committed Suicide” – Local Rages “Hardly Anyone Is Sick, But We’re All Broke” – 10/14-21/20

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