CSN Newsletter 10/22/2020 – Hunter’s Laptop, Vote but Verify, Joe’s Tax Plan

CSN Newsletter 10/22/2020 – Hunter’s Laptop, Vote but Verify, Joe’s Tax Plan

Tonight much of the nation will attempt to watch a version of the televised debate, post Trump’s victorious recovery from COVID and in the midst of the scandalous censorship debacle over the damning contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The stage is set for this final debate of this year’s presidential contest, which is more like a war than a more innocuous “contest.” And while the battle lines are drawn among the politico crazies, there may be a huge swath of invisible and “innocuous” citizens that would be swayed one way or the other by the performance of Biden or Trump coming in just a few hours.

Ultimately, it will come down to what the American people do on November 3rd that will provide the direction of this ship of state called the United States of America. However, it would be a real mistake if American citizens base this election on Trump or no Trump. Voting for the president is often contorted into a personality “contest” between two individuals. Nevertheless, those in the arena are basically the representatives of their political parties in theory, and usually in practice. Two major exceptions have happened in America in the new millennium. The first was when the Obama Socialists bulrushed the Democratic Party and co-opted it into what it has morphed into today. Biden is simply a puppet of that faction. The second is when an upstart Trump Team overwhelmed the GOP elitists. Trump is still the leader of that movement.

So, technically, the Obama-Biden Socialists are still in the fight with Biden being the sock puppet for Obama’s initiatives. Trump is still Trump and is still intent upon draining the swamp, or taking the nation back from the Socialists, the political elitists, and the globalists as well as the Criminal Element that has embedded itself into the political arena. This is the bare bones of this “contest” in 2020 – more of a contest about whether America will return  to the founding principles of the nation, or abandon those ideals and Judeo-Christian values and enter the one-way road to Marxism. 

At the beginning of September, and it seems so far away as we near the end of October, I wrote that “the Democrat leadership has regressed into following the dictates of the mob. This is exactly how democracy was born in ancient Greece. Democracy is portrayed as giving voice to the people, which is only a partial truth. At its core, it devolves into mob rule. The Founding Fathers understood this and that is why they created a Republic. However, as Ben Franklin and others knew, it would last only as long as we could “keep it.” My article today revisits this crucial point as once again “We the People” have to determine the future of our nation as we vote in just a matter of days.

Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg, continues with a discussion of political polls and why the current ones are so incorrect. Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar group, is the only pollster to predict the 2016 Trump victory correctly and was also accurate about the 2018 Senate races. He predicts a narrow Trump win, but warns of possible voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

A reposted article from DefCon News deals more specifically with the implications of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the subject of which has created a firestorm over the censorship of the New York Post for having the audacity to attempt to make such damning evidence public. Just as daddy Joe doesn’t want the public to know whether he would pack the Supreme Court, he certainly doesn’t want the public to know about his private corruption.

Writer Jack Meyer’s article offers a more clear look at Joe Biden’s tax plan, as the contender has not tried to hide that. However, he should have been as protective of that information as he could have, as he is losing voters over it, one of which was the rapper “50 cent.” A video from FOX news shares that story.      

We are also offering an article from Craig Huey in California entitled: “7 Steps to Make Sure Your Ballot is Counted in 2020” In the article, he refers to a voter guide that he has prepared. A link to that voter guide is provided here: https://www.craighuey.com/voter-recommendations/

Our Video Views feature a number of great videos, but the single one we recommend is the Newsmax video featuring Bernard Kerik who offers a brief testimony on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

Dennis Jamison

Voting and Protecting the Vote – Our Best Hope to Keep the Republic

By Dennis Jamison –October 21, 2020

It is painful to observe the charade that America is still a constitutional republic. Anyone paying attention to the presidential election on the eve of the final debate must wonder how corrupt public officials and criminals manage to run for office in the United States. Americans have lost the capability to discern the difference between good and evil as we allow the charade to move forward providing one precedent after another to place a foundation of corrupt behavior to not only be rewarded, but to be ingrained into the very fabric of the political process in this nation. One of the major breaking stories regarding one of the candidates has been blatantly suppressed by those who pretend to provide a public service to citizens. This is how an oligarchy operates.
The ideological network that binds the social media corporations to the Big Democrat machine cannot be deemed a threat simply because the “dogma speaks quite loudly” in such media mogul oligarchs. And the ideological network harbors cooperation and a real commitment to defeat the Trump Revolution at all costs—even blatant censorship,  not matter what kind of flowery excuse may be required to make it seem that there is no real harm in silencing truth, or silencing an entire portion of the population. This is how an oligarchy operates – making citizens believe “there is nothing to see here.”

America’s only accurate pollster warns of cheating in Pennsylvania

By Don Rosenberg – 10/21/2020

Using polls to successfully predict which candidate will win, or gauging a candidate’s position before the vote, can be extremely valuable.  But recently polls have become a political weapon, usually to demoralize the other side or erode financial support.  If your candidate is losing by a wide margin, there’s no reason to vote, right?

The 2016 election was noted for late polls showing the odds of a Hillary Clinton win were 70 to 99%.  The Trafalgar group, created by Robert Cahaly, was the only national polling organization that got it right.  They projected the Trump wins in Pennsylvania and Michigan and had the most accurate polls in five of the battleground states.  They even predicted the electoral college score of 306 to 232.  In 2018, Cahaly accurately predicted wins in 7 of 9 battleground Senate races.

His secret was based on many factors, but one was short surveys.  If you call 1,000 people on the phone and ask them to answer 30 questions, most will hang up.  Those who do respond don’t represent average voters but are likely very conservative, very liberal, or very lonely. In 2016 Cahaly also considered the “shy voter effect” – people afraid to express their opinions to a stranger on the phone.  This has become more pronounced in 2020, with Trump supporters being fired, shunned, or physically attacked for their opinions.  Cahaly works to find ways to make the respondents feel their answers are anonymous.

Hunter Biden’s Seized Laptop Proves Papa Joe Lied about Burisma/Ukraine

By Def-Con News – 10/20/2020

Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, was given a cushy job with Burisma, a Ukraine gas company. By sheer coincidence, the then-VP pressured the Ukraine government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company. Joe maintains that he knew nothing of his son’s job and that the two things were not connected. Surprise! Joe was lying. Hunter’s laptop, which was seized by the FBI, shows e-mails that prove Joe met with Burisma officials and that they expected Biden’s son to use his dad’s influence to help them. Also there’s a video of Hunter doing drugs and having sex.

You can tell how important a story is by who is not covering it. There is no mention of this bombshell on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, but Fox News is covering it and The NY Post broke it:

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.

Biden’s Tax Plan will Devastate Small Business

By Jack Meyer – 10/19/2020

The debate over VP Biden’s promise to raise the federal income tax rates for everyone who makes over $400,000 sounds perfectly reasonable to many, if not most Americans.

Unfortunately, most Americans are not familiar with some important aspects of taxation that go to the heart of this proposal.

Those “earning” over $400,000 per year are mostly small business owners.  What people don’t realize is that the income of most small businesses is treated by the IRS as the personal income of the business owner. Small businesses typically are structured as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a sub-chapter S corporation.  In both cases, companies file tax returns.  However, the net income of that company must then be reported on the owners’ personal income tax filing as personal income.

7 Steps to Make Sure Your Ballot is Counted in 2020

by Craig Huey, October 16,2020

It is sad and disturbing, but many ballots will not be counted in 2020. Here is our action plan to make sure yours are.

1. Go to the poll personally if you are able. When you go to the poll you can vote in the traditional voting booth. Or, as many are doing, you can hand them a signed and completely filled-out ballot.

2. If you must mail in your ballot because of health reasons, fear, travel, etc. the key to having your vote counted will be to mail it early. Give the post office 10 – 12 days, if possible. 7 days as a minimum.

3. Whether you hand your ballot to an election official or choose to mail it in, remember the following are essential.

The key reasons many ballots are rejected are…

From Newsmax TV:  Bernard Kerik – I looked through the Biden hard drive – 10/19/20

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Recommended Reading…

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News From Washington, D.C.  From Freedom Works: FreedomWorks Statement in Response to 30,000 Undeliverable D.C. Ballots – 10/22/20

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