CSN Newsletter 10/27/20 – Anatomy of a Con Game, Fair Election Promise?

CSN Newsletter 10/27/20 – Anatomy of a Con Game, Fair Election Promise?

From Our Founder…

The confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court is an incredible sign of goodness prevailing over evil – literally. The battle over the Supreme Court seat brought out all kinds of threats from the organized criminal cabal that includes a number of organizations that are essentially antithetical to the bedrock foundation of the Judeo-Christian heritage underpinning the Republic. The victorious confirmation of Judge Barrett is a victory for decency no matter what anyone wants to say about it. And, with utmost dispatch, it would be wise for the Supreme Court to hear the cases involving election law as Andrew McCarthy’s article we linked to last week proposed. It was prescient and hopefully intelligent people are paying attention.

With so much at stake in this election, and with so many diverse points of view from so-called experts, an ounce of insanity prevention would go a long way towards the re-establishment of the rule of law in America. Certainly, the Democrats at the tip of the organized criminal cabal that seeks to dismantle the Republic, are ready, willing, and able to break open their absolute denial of the election of Donald Trump. They have already been the funnel for millions of dollars into this campaign in every contestable seat across the nation. One needs to ask not only the sources of such seemingly unlimited sums of money, but whether money from outside of each state should be legally allowed when the influence outside of the states has little concern for the people within the state. It seems immoral at the very least. And, at such a rate of money flying back and forth over brainwashing the public on candidates and ballot measures, it seems the only substantial winners are the mainstream media who rake in billions on ad campaigns. What is truly wrong with such a picture?

This week writer, Yaacov ben Moshe, offers “Trump the Omertà Buster.” The article is a great piece which helps to illuminate the current reality in a light that is seldom reported. It offers an education in a brief piece that helps people come to grips with our culture of deception and mental manipulation.

Don Rosenberg examines “the con” from a different angle, specifically from the morning after hearing about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Will “good ole’ Joe’s” followers awaken to being “taken for a ride?” Usually, Americans despise being lied to and being taken advantage of — even the most ignorant of us. Truth always appears, even after it has been buried for a long time – always.

We also offer Def-Con contribution on Senator Chuck Schumer demanding that the FBI stop investigating the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. So, not only is the Leftist criminal cabal censoring the New York Post article that exposed the Biden laptop, now leaders in the Democrat Party want no investigations of the laptop. How interesting the cry is now changed. Not long ago, the Democrats couldn’t get enough investigations of Trump. It was in that dark time frame that a smug Schumer warned Trump that “Intelligence Agencies ‘Have Six Ways From Sunday Of Getting Back At You.’” It seems that a turnabout is now fair play.

Judith La Montagne offers the second part of an article she presented a few weeks ago as she adds to “The Constitution Under Fire.” She presents a very realistic scenario out of today’s headlines. See what is happening in Philadelphia! We have an article with two videos on this from the New York Post. Are readers for law and order, or politicians who are intimidated by mob violence?

My article today deals with another Democrat Senator who bound himself to values that he may regret in his questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett during the confirmation hearings last week. It seems that Senator Dick Durbin wanted to go on record of how he supports free and fair elections, and implying that no entity of government should have any legal right to hinder or thwart anyone from voting. His words bind the standard by which those Democrats should be held accountable to uphold free and fair elections, or for forever be held accountable if they do not live by what they “preach.”

Finally, we are offering an incredibly powerful video sent in by a reader that provides just one strong reason to vote for President Donald Trump. America is changing for the better; we just need to give it a chance to self-correct to allow goodness to manifest once again in the Land of the Free.

The video is from the young husband and wife team Landon and Robby Starbuck, who claim to be “the new generation of pragmatic Republicans who put America First.” We are also including some information on “The GrowUp Show” + Podcast hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Starbuck. The show is centered on discussion, interviews, examination and debate around hot button issues of our time. We aren’t afraid to talk about or debate the hard topics that the left so often seeks to silence.

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Dennis Jamison

Trump the Omertà Buster

By Yaacov ben Moshe – 10/26/20

Omertà is a lie –  the lie of silence. It derives from a Sicilian word umiltà, which means humility –  in the sense of subjecting one’s self to a code of secrecy and feigned ignorance. It is never practiced for honorable or decent reasons. It is the rock that ugly things are hidden under. It is a credo of gangsters and racketeers. Politics is never more than a few steps away from racketeering. When Omertà is in play, there is a racket present – you can count on it. And Omertà is everywhere in our politics these days. Our public discourse is blocked and bloated with a constipating mass of subjects that are forbidden –  the correctness Omertà. Every one of those unspeakable subjects is the marker of a racket that is protected by the silence.

From time to time, an arrogant politician will try to create a protective Omertà around their own. They do this by trying to create the impression that anyone who disagrees with them is in some way invalid or defective. This is what Hillary was caught doing with her “deplorables” remark. As singularly unsuccessful as that particular attempt was, it was a visible and instructive instance of the widespread and very successful protective Omertà that made it impossible for pollsters to do an accurate assessment of the elections of 2016 and, I believe, confounding them again in this election year.

There are many others but here I want to talk about The Ultimate Level of Omertà –  the barnacled, algae encrusted hull that all the others cling to. The deepest and most dishonest level of Omertà is the making and defending the persona of The Public Servant…

Will Biden supporters finally realize they’ve been conned?

by Don Rosenberg – 10/26/2020

When Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski accused Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his family’s overseas dealings 90 minutes before Thursday’s debate, many well-meaning Democrats finally started to realize the brutal truth – Joe Biden, the Democrat party, the Left Media, and the social media giants have been perpetuating a massive con on the American people. The New York Post has been fearlessly covering the story of massive corruption on the part of Joe, James and Hunter Biden taking foreign money in exchange for “access” to the White House.

When the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop came out, the immediate Democrat response was “this is another Russian hoax to prop up Trump.” That lie unraveled quickly as the emails’ authenticity were confirmed, Hunter Biden’s signature on the computer store receipt was verified and details on the laptop proved it was his. Democrat politicians and their allies are attempting to con America to win political power in the coming election. If you fell for the liberal con, remember that many people are victims of fraud.

People who work in fraud prevention often find that the victims refuse to believe the evidence before their eyes…

Chuck Schumer Demands the FBI Stop Investigating the Bidens

By Def-Con News – 10/24/2020

Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t just a smoking gun, it’s an entire arsenal of smoking guns that implicates him and Papa Joe in numerous fraud and corruption schemes from Ukraine to China. The liberal media has done their best to ignore the story, but the feds have certainly been paying attention. The FBI is reportedly investigating what will be the worst thing to happen to the democratic party since Republicans took their slaves away. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is one of the few democrats to recognize how big this is, so he’s demanding that the FBI immediately stop the investigation.

Schumer and fellow democrat Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray telling him to back off: We write regarding press reports concerning materials, allegedly describing activities by Hunter Biden, found on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop. We are deeply concerned about the possibility that, in response to these reports, the Trump administration will take actions before Election Day that would seek to damage the Democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law.

Democrats celebrate Opposite Day 365 times a year so it’s undermining the rule of law to investigate apparent crimes and corruption.

The Constitution Under Fire, Part II

By Judith LaMontagne, 10/12/2020

Suppose you’re inside your home going about your daily business. Suddenly you hear a commotion! It quickly gets louder. Within seconds you see a group of rioting maniacs that has torn through your community gate and is now in front of your house screaming, ranting, and cursing. Before you can even register what is going on, they threaten to kill you–and your beloved family dog as well. Your heart is pounding! You’ve never seen any of them before in your life, yet the mob threatens you.

Who ya gonna call? Sorry, no time for any of that. Obviously, in this scenario there is no opportunity to call the police. You are in a highly dangerous situation and have no choice except to deal with it yourself. Well, guess what, folks? The attorney general in St. Louis, Missouri, decides, after the fact, that you should have just stood there, hoping to come out alive. Does anyone think for even one minute that this attorney general would follow his own advice in the same situation? Hardly! But this is justice in the Wild West of St. Louis, Missouri in 2020. Rioters have rights; law-abiding citizens apparently do not. The attorney general, possibly afraid for his own future safety, chooses the anarchists.

Could this happen to you? You better believe it! We all know that Mark and Patricia McCloskey, when actually faced with this threat, snatched up their rifles and prepared to defend their lives and their property. And we also know that this action was their constitutional right…

By his words, Senator Durbin holds Democrats to Fair Elections

By Dennis Jamison –October 27, 2020

am honored to congratulate Judge Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation as the next Supreme Court Justice. It is highly likely that President Trump could not have picked a finer individual to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme ‘Court. It is also highly likely that the prayers of the faithful across the nation have been received by God in Heaven, and the confirmation of this judge can help America in the long process of healing.

There is one point, however, during the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, that seems to require an extended focus. During the confirmation hearings, Senator Dick Durbin showed himself to be little match for the good judge. Although he tried to draw answers from her which were not appropriate, he had to agree with her own unrehearsed answers as he made sure of the truth of what the Constitution said regarding his own questions. His pocket guide was overly obvious as he carefully read from it as if he needed to remind the good judge of what it said. However, it was Judge Barrett who reviewed a series of additional laws regarding voting rights.

While it is commendable that Senator Durbin could locate a pocket guide to the US Constitution to help him in his grasp of the Constitution, it is doubtful that his Democrat colleagues would go to such trouble—-especially when it comes to truly caring about the Law of the Land. Nevertheless, the core of the “tense” exchange between Barrett and Durbin brought out some important points. I viewed the video of this exchange on Facebook under the headline: “Amy Coney Barrett Dodges Questions On Whether the President Can Deny Voter Rights.”

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