CSN Newsletter 10/29/19 Coming together to fight back and save our nation

From the Editor, 10/29/19 Coming together to fight back and save our nation

This week we share news of a conference to finally start taking back our country before it is lost in the 2020 election. Grassroots leaders met in rural Ohio to find ways to work together and restore Biblical principals to our nation.

Karen Hagstead Cacey compares the Impeachment Democrats to fruit bats, while Def Con News reveals new information about the “whistleblower.”

Def Con also shares a story about police unions who promise not to cooperate with Beto O’Rourkes crazy ideas about gun confiscation as well as an article about Major League Baseball’s investigation into an umpire who dared to speak out supporting the Second Amendment.

And our own Michael Lewinski tells us about a little victory where people are fighting back against left-leaning CNN, while Jason Yates from My Faith Votes warns us of Planned Parenthood’s plans to help take over the Senate in 2020.

Our Video Views section shares a video about Homelessness in the Democrat stronghold of Los Angeles, California.

All of these issues deserve your attention. Please share what you like with your trusted friends.

Don Rosenberg, Editor CSN Newsletter.

The Coalition for a Principled Republic and the 2020 Elections 

By Jonus Freeman —— October 28, 2019

As one of the most historic election seasons becomes more significant, a good number of patriot groups, Conservative organizations and Christian congregations are gearing up and getting together in conferences, training camps, and political training sessions to awaken citizens and to help them to grow in heart and mind in an already turbulent political environment. 

Such organizations provide ongoing education and activist training for those who are already awakened and who are engaged in the Battle for the Soul of America. Most awakened citizens, who are now more politically aware or already active, realize that the stakes in the future leadership of America are much higher than they ever will be, especially in the upcoming battles in the primary elections of 2020.

With that understanding, a group of grassroots leaders and activists from across the country gathered together in rural Ohio to build a foundation for a “Coalition for a Principled Republic,” otherwise known as CPR. Activists from Ohio, Indiana, California, New York, Connecticut, and North Carolina met to strategize, develop lines of communication, and link participating organizations in order to share information and to promote cooperative action on compatible projects and tasks for 2020 and beyond. Many of the organizers had been active in the Super Pac helping to promote Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2106. During his campaign, Dr. Carson stressed that Americans are not each other’s enemies, as the political paradigm no longer exists as Democrat vs. Republican. 

Many of the grassroots leaders present agreed that the American people are the losers in the current political system in America. As Dr. Carson exclaimed: it is “We the People” vs. the Government Elitists, Globalists, or the Marxists in government. Especially people of faith are quite inspired by Donald Trump’s efforts in many spheres of the U.S. They view the corruption in America as a crisis in moral and religious leadership. The vision of CPR is to heal the hearts of Americans who have been damaged by leaders who have left or strayed away from God and the founding principles, values and ideals of this country. The other side of the coin for the vision of CPR is to identify and sincerely support citizens running for political office who are true leaders.

Bat crazy Democrats losing it as Russia Hoax moves to a criminal inquiry

written by Karen Hagestad Cacy Oct 27, 2019

COLORADO:  They’re insane.  They’re fruit bats.  They’ve stayed at the party too long.  They’re making us nuts just watching them.  Many of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) impeachment elves are expecting the worst now that Attorney General Barr has announced that the ongoing investigation into the origins of the Mueller investigation has been stepped up to a criminal investigation.  

Could it be that those who perpetrated scurrilous lies, spying, and set-ups, including the use of international players since Trump’s inauguration and before, will finally be vulnerable to American justice?  Are they aware of the impending danger as the light of day reveals what they’ve been upto?

You’re damn tootin’, they’re aware.

And, heading things off at the pass is a nameless, faceless “whistleblower,” coached by “Pencil-Neck Schiff.”  His appearance before Schiff’s kangaroo trial of the President remains unscheduled.  Don’t hold your breath.  His job here is done. The furtherance of diversionary tactics by democrats ahead of probable democrat Obama era operative indictments.

Did Democrat Chris Murphy Coach Impeachment ‘Star’ Witness Against Trump?

Courtesy of Def-Con News

It wasn’t shocking to learn that the whistleblower who sparked the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump had met with and was coached by Rep. Adam Schiff before filing the complaint, so this shouldn’t be all that surprising either. Star witness Bill Taylor, who has apparently given damning testimony against President Trump behind closed doors, had a very nice two-hour dinner with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy just last month. I wonder what they talked about.

Bill Taylor, a top diplomat in Ukraine, testified before the Democrats’ top-secret tribunal masquerading as an impeachment inquiry on Tuesday and what he said must have been bad for Trump because it is leaking out in real-time. Reports are that Taylor has countered the President’s assertion that there was no quid pro quo by withholding military aid unless Ukraine investigated Joe Biden and his crackhead son, Hunter, as well as the origins of the Russian collusion lie.

Police Unions Tell Beto O’Rourke: No, We Won’t Help You Confiscate Guns

Courtesy of Def-Con News

“Hell, yes we’re taking your AR-15” said Beto O’Rourke of his unconstitutional gun confiscation scheme. After that, the Democrat gets a little light on the details about how he, if elected president, would steal tens of millions of firearms from law-abiding Americans, but he has indicated that law enforcement would “visit” people who refuse to comply. Beto’s plan gets a little more complicated because many of the major police unions in the country are telling him, “Hell no, we’re not taking anyone’s AR-15.”

Gun rights champion Stephen Gutowski, writing for The Washington Free Beacon, spoke to the leaders of the major law enforcement unions in America, asking them what they thought about O’Rourke’s mandatory gun “buyback” plan.

In interviews with The Washington Free Beacon, leaders from groups representing hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers described Beto’s gun confiscation plan as “ridiculous,” “asinine,” and likely unconstitutional.

Here’s what executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, Jim Pasco, who represents 330,000 police officers, had to say:

“Mr. O’Rourke may not be aware that state and local police officers (who comprise more than 90% of all police in the U.S.) receive their orders from their local jurisdictions – not from the federal government. Further, any such legislation, if it passed, would no doubt be vigorously litigated with a view to its apparent inconsistency with the Second Amendment,” said Pasco.

MLB Investigating Umpire for Supporting President Trump and the 2nd Amendment

Courtesy of Def-Con News

In the NBA they’re not allowed to support Hong Kong protesters fighting for human rights, but in Major League baseball they’re banned from supporting the President of the United States and the 2nd Amendment. MLB is investigating a veteran umpire for expressing his support for President Trump and suggesting he may purchase an AR-15. If you think this is shocking, you’re missing the big picture: there’s finally something interesting about the sport of baseball.

Rob Drake has been a major league umpire since 1999 and has worked post-season and all-star games. According to ESPN, MLB is investigating him because of a couple of tweets he sent and then deleted.

The first tweet reportedly read:

“You can’t do an impeachment inquiry from the basement of Capitol Hill without even a vote! What is going on in this country?”

And the second read:

“I will be buying an AR-15 tomorrow because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!!! #MAGA2020”

ESPN says that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has confirmed that the league is aware of Drake’s tweets and is “looking into it.” Why? ESPN never got an answer to that.

Drake is an American citizen who supports the President as well as his Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. How is this controversial and worthy of an investigation?

A Little Victory Over Progressives

By Michael J. Lewinski  10/21/19

We have, with the Dubois County Herald, an objective, honest, and fair news organization which serves our community in so many beneficial ways. The same cannot be said about some news that comes through cable and the airwaves. CNN poisons our brains with regard to national news.

Parts of a letter sent to CNN by nine Republican congressmen alluded to the constantly displayed left-wing bias. The letter noted they have a first amendment right “… to be loudly wrong,” as was reported in a TruNews article. Fortunately, for the public, CNN messed up royally when they turned down ads for President Trump. Hurrah for us!  

The congressmen cited in the landmark Buckley v. Valeo case, the Supreme Court wrote:

‘Discussion of public issues and debate on the qualifications of candidates are integral to the operation of the system of government established by our Constitution. The First Amendment affords the broadest protection to such political expression in order to “assure (the) unfettered interchange of ideas for the bringing about of political and social changes desired by the people.”’

Planned Parenthood’s $45 million plan – why you should take notice

By Jason Yates, My Faith Votes, 10/29/19

Planned Parenthood recently announced their largest investment ever in the 2020 election cycle – an astounding $45 million to back pro-abortion candidates.

Should we be surprised? Planned Parenthood isn’t focused on women’s health (something we’ve all known for quite a while). Their number one goal is profit, and they’re taking the lives of babies to make it happen.

They know the only way to secure their future is to defeat President Trump and gain a pro-abortion majority in Congress.

This should make you, and every Christian in America, stand up and take notice. Let’s not forget exactly who Planned Parenthood is and what this group is doing according to the investigative work done by Live Action.

  • Lying about abortion-related complications to vulnerable women
  • Securing secret abortions for underage sex slaves
  • Participating in covering up child sexual abuse and concealing the identity of abusers
  • Supporting sex-selective abortions
  • Accepting abortion money from racist donors to abort black babies


Homelessness in Los Angeles

SHOCKING: Footage of homelessness in Los Angeles — this is what happens when the Left runs your city!

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