CSN Newsletter 10/29/2020 – As Election Day Nears, Biden’s Troubles Grow

CSN Newsletter 10/29/2020 – As Election Day Nears, Biden’s Troubles Grow

From Our Founder…10/29/20

This past week’s alternative media headlines and broadcasts have focused on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. But the mainstream media headlines and broadcasts do not even acknowledge as much as a speedbump for the Biden campaign. From Biden himself the people get: “denial, denial, denial.” When truth shows up, even in a culture of lies, it has a unique way of cutting through crap. When evidence begins to mount in alignment against individuals – and I mean evidence, not false accusations, baseless fabrications, and pretend drama on the floor of Congress – serious considerations need to be made. 

This is the second major election in a row in which the American people have witnessed Donald Trump running against the criminal political cabal that has fielded a criminally corrupt politician who has used public office as a pay-to-play platform for foreign interests. In fact, the Alinsky-esque tactic of accusing one’s opponent of doing what you have done is now unravelling as the Democrats must answer for Joe Biden’s corruption — not that they will, but their pathetic efforts to sidestep, or manifest a diversion, or resort to violence will be quite revealing. Americans need to wake up to the deeply seated corruption that exists in the political arena. How long can it be tolerated? 

My article today deals with the Hunter Biden laptop and how it is bringing judgement down upon the Democrat Party. Truth can only be twisted so long before consequences manifest to set the record right. George Washington stated “The truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light.” The Democrat Party has played fast and loose with the truth in the past few years to advance their personal and political fortunes and power. There is an expiration date on how long that can continue to play out without judgement falling upon those responsible. The American people are the ones who stand in the seat of judgement. We are the jury of peers that must determine whether the abuse of truth must come to an end. My faith is in the American citizens. 

Executive Editor Don Rosenberg offers a comprehensive view of the Democrat Party of the present day in his article, “Will we choose to spring forward or fall back on Election Day?” – which is not about clocks at all. He provides a candid look at the current political party calling themselves “Democrats.”

Our next article is from A. Dru Kristenev today and it was intended as a post debate perspective which was buried somewhere in our “pile” of articles. Her perspective is still as relevant now as it was then, so no harm appears to have been done in the delay – Joe Biden’s character has not changed since the debate, nor is it likely to change if it hasn’t in the past 47 years.

We feature another article today that examines the Hunter Biden laptop. Democrat Adam Schiff has been caught lying again that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Hard to believe, but sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. Schiff must be so deeply involved in the corruption of the Democrat Party that he will say anything he’s told to say. This article was contributed by Def-Con News. 

A second article by Def-Con News is a bit more serious, as the Democrats have escalated the “Defund the Police” effort into the “Defund the Pentagon” and it is not a joke. Again, sometimes truth can prove to be stranger than fiction — it seems especially when it comes to the geniuses the Democrats get to run for political office. 

The Video Views video we feature today is long because it is a full documentary. It is a month old, but in light of the Hunter Biden controversy, it is important that our readers can view this expose’ of the Biden crime family. It is too important to ignore.

Dennis Jamison

Democrat Party’s corruption is Incurring Judgment

By Dennis Jamison – October 29, 2020

Hunter Biden’s laptop has taken center stage in the 2020 election whether people want it to or not. Especially, the Democrats who would prefer it not take such a prominent position in their efforts to tell onlookers, that they “do not need to look behind the curtain – that the Great and {Powerful Oz has spoken.” One has to hand it to the Democrats – they truly have an extremely difficult time to concede the truth, and they will never admit defeat. That is a good fighting spirit, but the sad part about it is they only fight for their Party—nothing more, nothing less.

The current case in glaring technicolor is the fact that New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to current FBI Director Christopher Wray telling him to back away from investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop. There are so many implications in such an action that it would blow the minds of normal, everyday, law-abiding citizens. First, the fact that this laptop had been in the position of the FBI during the time of Donald Trump’s impeachment debacle, and could have cut short the phony investigations, and saved taxpayers lots of their money as the Democrats burned through the investigations knowing full-well there was no real evidence against Trump.

  1. The FBI is either inept, or it is compromised as a legitimate intelligence-gathering agency;
  2. The Democrat Party is capable of poisoning a top intelligence gathering agency for political gain and retention of personal and political power.

Will we choose to spring forward or fall back on Election Day?

By Don Rosenberg – 10/29/2020

Twice a year, we reset our clocks, but how often does our country reset its clock? The surprise win for President Trump in 2016 was one such reset. It wasn’t business as usual, one mediocre politician against another, both with the same big government agenda. We didn’t listen to the polls and the pundits and instead chose an upstart business man as our President.

Three years of outrage from the Left has revealed them for what they are – hateful, amoral, lawless, greedy, power-hungry, despicable, manipulative, and divisive. Hateful to America. “America was never great.” Hateful to Americans. “Every white person is inherently racist.” They have no morality; any level of amorality or depravity is acceptable. Their religion is Global Warming. Their morality is racial hatred, and their “Holy Science” is manipulated to generate results to support their agenda.

They have no respect for the law or the people who enforce it. Instead of changing laws they don’t like, they ignore them. Sanctuary cities and states encourage illegal immigration, while riots and looting of innocent inner city businesses are considered “peaceful protests.” Brave police officers who put their lives on the line every day are threatened, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” and every fatal incident, whether justified or not, is used as an excuse for more rioting and looting and calls to “defund the police” who are the only protection for the inner cities.

Lectured by leeches who argue with themselves

by A. Dru Kristenev – 10/24/2020

The past four years of misinformation fueling a full-fledged attack against this country is culminating in this election. The final presidential debate was demonstrative in exactly how far the democrat party (embodied by former Vice President Joe Biden by his own assertion during the first debate) will go to discredit President Trump and conservatives who support him.

‘Make-it-up-as-you-go-Joe” barreled ahead without ever noticing how well he argued with himself over almost every subject broached during the debate. Biden seemed ready to pounce with prepared answers to every question. How so? In that he mostly managed to make disparaging remarks about the president instead of offering factual information during his two-minute time allotments or numerous opportunities to respond to President Trump’s valid points.

In between snide smirks and snickers that feigned bravado, Biden offered up half-truths and outright lies in an attempt to throw the president off-track. From incorrectly claiming the administration acted ineffectively and too late regarding the Covid outbreak, damaging the economy and ignoring hard-pressed Americans, to accusing the president of designs to racially divide the country, strip citizens of their health care and, last but not least, corrupt usage of his office for personal gain, each charge that the democrat candidate levied against the president was applicable to himself, Joe Biden, not Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff Busted Lying that Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Russian Disinformation

By: Def-Con News – 10/21/2020

One-trick pony Adam Schiff went on the record saying that he has solid evidence that the blockbuster Hunter Biden laptop story is Russian disinformation. Gee, where have we heard that one before? Since the California democrat has yet to show the proof he claims he has that President Trump and Russia colluded on a disinformation campaign, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath waiting on this. As luck would have it, the Director of National Intelligence has busted Schiff in his lie and says there isn’t a shred of evidence that Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation at all.

The biggest story last week should have been the e-mails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that implicate his father, Joe, in a pay-to-play corruption scheme involving Ukraine. Instead, the major news was how the liberal media and big tech rallied the troops to censor and suppress the story. This thing is too hard to bury or ignore so the democrats have developed a false narrative that the Hunter laptop story is Russian disinformation.

America-Hating Democrats Embrace “Defund the Pentagon” Movement

By: Def-Con News – 10/21/2020

Because defunding the police wouldn’t make this country unsafe enough, radical leftist democrats are now embracing the “Defund the Pentagon” movement to make sure America is destroyed once and for all. Heavy hitters in the America Caucus like Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders are throwing their support behind the ridiculous idea of getting rid of the U.S. Military completely. Like all things involving these folks, this is to help usher in socialism….

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