CSN Newsletter, 10/8/2020 – Debates, Stimulus Pork, Lockdowns, Message from 2030

CSN Newsletter, 10/8/2020 – Debates, Stimulus Pork, Lockdowns, Message from 2030

Another eventful week in America. Vice President Mike Pence walloped Kamala Harris in their debate, despite questions that were perfectly scripted for liberals. I was just about to suggest that President Trump get some pointers from Pence, but then it was announced that the next presidential debate would be virtual, and then President Trump said he’s not going to attend. Stay tuned. This certainly makes sense, since there’s no way to ensure that Biden and his teleprompter won’t both be at a debate filmed from his basement bunker. We’ve included an article from Judi McLeod on the teleprompter subject from several weeks ago.

I start off today’s newsletter with an article that discusses the battle over the COVID/Stimulus bill that has been stuck in “negotiations” forever while Americans wait for much-needed relief. A quick look at the contents of the bill clearly shows the motives of the Democrats – self-interest instead of trying to help citizens.

Judi McLeod shares an uplifting article that gives us hope that God remains firmly on the side of a free and prosperous America, despite the gloomy skies.

Craig Huey tells his personal observations about friends from both sides of the country – “Free America” and “Lockdown America.”

Ray DiLorenzo lays out the full Democrat plan to steal the election and take over our country. It’s frightening, but when you know what the other side is up to, you can fight back more effectively.

Which leads me to our last item, a video that comes to us from the year 2030, in a universe where the Democrats have won the 2020 election because of their campaign of panic, deception and voter fraud. You can see it as humorous or frightening, either way, we hope that “sideline voters” who view it might wake up and decide to get off their couches and vote after all.

Don Rosenberg, Executive Editor

Democrat Stimulus Proposal is “Garbage-disguised-as-compassion”

By Don Rosenberg – 10/8/2020

The on-again off-again COVID Relief / Stimulus bill is on again. Or is it off again?

Why can’t the two sides get together and give help to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, or hundreds of thousands of businesses who are going bankrupt? The two sides are “just” $600 billion apart, right? Can’t they just split the difference and help the country?


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have done this before and they’re doing it again. They’re pretending to want to help the American people, but they’re promoting a bill that is 90% unrelated to the COVID crisis. Instead they are taking yet another stab at trying to get a massive Christmas wish list for their cronies.

Either way they win.

The Almighty’s Providence Transcends the Democrats’ Wicked Politics

By Judi McLeod – October 7, 2020

Although non-believers don’t realize it, and perhaps never will, Providence is keeping Western Society from being capsized by a Democrat-pushed complete Socialist State,  where all lives—including innocent babes in the womb—don’t matter.

It is the Almighty’s Providence now keeping the masses from despondency and despair even with all churches either closed, or restricting the number of longing souls who can attend scheduled services.

It was only Providence that sent President Donald Trump back Home to the White House after two days of being treated for Coronavirus at the Walter Reed Medical Center; Providence that had average folk seeing straight through the ‘coincidence’  of only Trump administration officials and staffers contracting the dread virus over a 2-day period, with no coincidental contracting of the virus by any Democrats.

The Great Divide in America: It Blew their Minds, They Had No Clue

by Craig Huey, September 30, 2020

Within the United States, the country is divided into mostly free states and states that are in tyrannical lockdown. Those living in the lockdown states do not realize the fear, oppression, and lack of freedom they are experiencing. It’s their reality, their “normal.” Those in the free states do not realize the peace and freedom of choice they are experiencing. It’s their reality, their “normal.”


Today there’s a great divide between the collectivism and state control of the lockdown states and the individual freedom of the free states!

When I went to Cuba a few years ago, I noticed that of all the countries I had previously visited and spoken in, my time in Cuba was the most eye-opening. I never saw such oppressed people. Without hope. Fearful. Controlled. That reminds me of the lockdown states today.

Grand Theft Election

By Ray DiLorenzo – October 1, 2020

A theft is in the process of being carried out. It is a crime so insidious, so Machiavellian, it could spell the end of the greatest nation ever conceived, and the rest of the free world will soon follow. It is a coup, a theft of an election, not to rid our country of traitors, but to purge the nation of patriots. Democrats have driven this nation, once again, to a point of division and armed conflict not seen since the Civil War. No person of any intelligence can call this politics as usual.Democrats decided back in 2016 that they will NOT accept a Trump presidency, elections be damned. The last four years proves it. Their goal now is to carry out a plan to totally control Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court. They will use every weapon at their disposal. It will include a manufactured pandemic, changing voter ID requirements at the 11th hour, court packing, states added to the Union, using former military officers once prominent in the Deep State, employing their useful idiots in Antifa and BLM, Big-Tech censorship of conservative thought, creating fear among the Black community…“They’ll put you back in chains”, the district attorneys carefully placed around the country by George Soros, and the hundreds of lawyers already recruited. They have even conducted ‘war games’ of sort. Some 50 Leftist groups, headed by John Podesta, got together after the 2016 election to devise a post 2020 election scenario to hatch an action plan if the election was close. If allowed to succeed it will be the end of a two-party, free republic, and the birth of a godless, socialist dictatorship. And so, their scheme continues.

Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Doesn’t Lie, Only He Does

By Judi McLeod – September 23, 2020

Joe Biden’s Teleprompter doesn’t lie, only he does.

Biden, who the Democrats chose to run as president in order to appoint his vice president Kamala Harris to replace him as president after election, constantly tries to walk back what he’s saying out on the campaign trail—sometimes not remembering what it was he said or even what day it is.

But if you look at the picture above,  this is what Biden said about his intention to “crack down on employers who are trying to block or break down unions.”

The words, writ large on his Teleprompter on Saturday in his Hermantown, Minnesota Speech Transcript…

Video Debut!

Radio Free America Broadcast – 11/3/2030

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Whatfinger: Documents prove Obama’s team created Russian collusion hoax – 10/8/20

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