CSN Newsletter 11/10/2020 – The Battle for Freedom has Been Joined

CSN Newsletter 11/10/2020 – The Battle for Freedom has Been Joined

From Our Founder…

This edition is definitive in that it is intended to counter the mainstream media mantra and current narrative of the election results from last Tuesday. There are many across the nation who are being spoon-fed the MSM version of reality. The tip of the iceberg of election fraud has been hit, and it almost destroyed our nation, but unlike the Titanic, the United States of America will not go down so easily. We have a lineup of great articles today and all five of our featured articles are from our prolific network writers. And, essentially, I will simply repeat something from another article I had posted in Canada Free Press in June of this year: “The War has Come – Agreement and Cooperation are ‘Essential’ Tasks in Reclaiming our Republic!”

I participated in an impromptu prayer call the other night, hosted by one of the member organizations in our Coalition for a Principled Republic. Rachel Toland rapidly organized a prayer call based upon a prayer request that was passed on from President Trump as his team went before the Supreme Court yesterday. He had requested that people of faith and Christians pray about the outcome of the election and for justice. The prayer call actually brought people together from all over the country, from people in Christian and faith-based groups for the purpose of calling upon God to be with us in this time of confusion and chaos. Pastor Earl Wallace of Liberty Christian Fellowship in New York joined as well as some of those folks from his ministry. Mary McCauley who is the state coordinator for the Strike Force of Prayer was present as well. Even prayers from a number of children were offered. This also happened in other groups all across the nation.

Such an effort is the foundation needed for reclaiming our Republic. The forces who want to steal our nation have already arrayed against us. Yet, this has happened before in America’s history. Citizens must remain vigilant, hold onto truth, and hold onto the self-evident truths in the foundational documents. It is indeed a time to pray, yet it is also a time to study and think clearly about information the major news outlets will suppress. It is also a time in which red-blooded Americans need to act. It’s indeed going to require all people of faith, all conservatives, and all patriots to come into agreement and to work together in cooperation in order to keep our Republic!

Our first article is from A. Dru Kristenev which is an introduction to a deeper look into the premeditated, pre-planned, election fraud and outright theft of the election. The logical explanation in the video is explosive and needs to be seen by all Americans. 

The Citizen Sentinels Network has always belonged to those who would be willing to take ownership of being a “watchman of the wall” or a sentinel keeping watch over what is happening in their communities and their states. It belongs to everyone who wants to take advantage of it. Now more than ever, citizens absolutely need to proactively take ownership of the Republic. Definitely, read Kristenev’s article, but watch the video – and spread it to those you love!         

Additionally, writer Yaacov ben Moshe offers “When Liars Figure” that is an article in alignment with the more technical information in the exposure of the fraud brought  out in the Livestream Media video featured in Kristenev’s article. Yaacov ben Moshe sees It from yet another perspective – the realm of ethics and the veracity of the data as well as how it is used. His testimony is critical.

Writer Jack Meyer is back with his common citizen’s common sense perspective on the election outcome as it exists thus far. Meyer offers a more pervasive and his own optimistic perspective on the election. We do need a positive perspective, and as truth is coming into the light, the election outcome may prove quite positive for all patriots.  

Executive Editor Don Rosenberg says that it is time for a “divorce” from the Democrat Party as they are no longer genuine and honest partners in the experiment in freedom. He urges Democrats to walk away from the plantation as even minorities are doing in droves.

My own article looks forward to the upcoming remembrance of Veteran’s Day. My basic idea is that all of those men and women who have put on the uniform to represent our nation (which is US – We the People) are being dishonored and insulted with the fraud that is massive in this year’s election. The Founders never intended it to be this way. We must reach back in time to their original intent in order to keep our Republic.

We are also offering readers a link to a petition to the White House site that calls for a “Re-Vote” due to the massive fraud. Go there, if you agree, and demand a re-vote! Be sure to read what you’re agreeing to, and verify it when they ask, and spread the link to your loved ones while we still have a First Amendment freedom to lift our voices: 


Again this Tuesday, we have two recommended videos – one is from President Trump which expresses his true fighting spirit and which we all need to inherit from him. The other video is the one I referenced that is an explosive exposure of the massive fraud.   

Dennis Jamison

Voter Fraud?

See something? Say something!

The True The Vote Election Integrity Hotline is a 24/7, bilingual resource to support election workers, poll watchers, and all voters during this unprecedented time. If you’ve witnessed fraud or manipulation, call our hotline at 855-702-0702 or visit truethevote.org to submit a report online. We are all citizen watchdogs, so keep this number in your phone and reach out if you have questions or need to report something. True the Vote is committed to ensuring a free and fair election for every voter, no matter their party or political ideology.

Time to talk proof not pandering

By A. Dru Kristenev –November 10, 2020

While average media outlets can’t ingratiate themselves fast enough to a hypothetical Biden presidency, proof of blatant fraud is being uncovered on every level. Trouble is, the tendency to make news all about the one delivering it isn’t lacking on either side. Not that the majority of Americans care what the fawning cable and network talking heads have to say. They are turning off Fox News by the droves the way they abandoned CNN, NBC, CBS and the rest of the alphabet soup networks years ago.

…Back to the news at hand… the foolhardiness of bestowing a victor’s crown while the battle still rages.

The multiple fronts in this war have cavernous breaches through which truth is marching, procuring weapons from the democrat troops that they haven’t bothered to protect or hide, they’re so proud of their strategizing.

When Liars Figure

By Yaacov ben Moshe – 11/7/2020

The computer model is not God. After I got my MS in Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology, I was involved with all manner of “modeling” for a number of years. I can tell you, computer models are nothing more than a black box containing somebody’s theories and (and this is not an unimportant consideration) future career prospects. That black box has a crank on it. When the crank is turned, a set of data (which in itself might have been collected in a biased way) is ground through an analytical process according to that somebody’s understanding of the universe.

Computer models, in short, are made by people, and they can only magnify the good or bad in the people who make them. Meteorologists, for instance, used to be called “weathermen” back in the days before their predictions reached a level of accuracy that inspired any confidence at all. Now, after developing their information-gathering equipment and fine-tuning their understanding of actual weather conditions, they are somewhere close to correct most of the time. Typically, their biggest mistakes nowadays grow out of what is sometimes referred to as the “abundance of caution.” That is to say, if there is a possibility of extreme and dangerous weather, no matter how small, the weight given to that possibility in their predictions is subject to magnification for reasons other than “science.” Of course, that does not stop those predictions from being pumped up with more urgency, accompanying media hysteria and governmental edicts.

Thoughts about the Election…as we await the results

By Jack Meyer – 11/10/2020

It is important to scrutinize this unusual election to make sure all legal votes were accurately counted and that the Constitution was not violated, either intentionally or inadvertently.  At the same time, conservatives have to consider what direction will be taken if the final outcome lands Vice President Biden in the White House.

Much encouragement can be taken away from the 2020 election, regardless of the final outcome of the presidential race.  Republicans gained seats in the House, weakening Nancy Pelosi’s position, and will likely hold their majority in the Senate.  All of the worst-case fears of a Democrat sweep have been allayed, at least for now.  The Supreme Court cannot be packed.  Senate rules will not be changed to allow the majority party to act at will without even considering input from the other side.  Extreme socialistic proposals will not be rushed through the law-making process with little or no real debate.

The most encouraging discovery has been that more minorities and working-class citizens have begun to challenge the rhetoric of the Democrat Party and test it by comparing real-life results under the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration.  That comparison would continue to be clear under a Biden Administration.

Citizens Demand a Divorce from the Democrats… Citing “Irreconcilable Differences”

by Don Rosenberg – 11/10/2020

The American citizens need to divorce the Democrat party, and just as in a marriage, when reconciliation is impossible, the relationship needs to end. The Democrats are being revealed as unfaithful. They have tried to present themselves as the noble guardian of the oppressed parts of our society – minorities, women, workers, immigrants, the elderly, and the poor.

It’s crystal clear now that they’ve been lying, just like a cheating spouse who wants to stay in the marriage, but only has their own interests in mind. They claim to support African-Americans and say that “black lives matter.” We now can see that they do not care about black lives at all. If they did, they would focus on black lives lost in inner cities due to unchecked violence, they’d support every effort to give black children the best education possible, and they wouldn’t be implementing policies that destroy the black family.

They say they support women, but when an outstanding conservative woman is confirmed to the highest court in the land, they cry foul, and their media doesn’t even cover the story. It’s not women they care about, but liberal women they can control. They claim to support the elderly, but all they do is scare them into thinking the other side is out to take away their Social Security. Tuesday’s election has exposed the Left for their lust for power, not caring for anyone but their own interests.

Honor our Veterans by Carrying Forward the Fight for Freedom!

By Dennis Jamison – November 10, 2020

One year ago, I wrote that “the celebration of Veterans’ Day… is tainted and tarnished by the treasonous coup d’état of the political criminal cabal of Democrat leaders, Socialist Democrats (baby Communists), the Globalists, and the “Never Trumper” GOP Elitists.” This coup d’état was initiated against newly elected President Trump, actually even before he took the oath of office. The leaders of the political criminal cabal plotted and then implemented the coup d’état over a measured step-by-step process. First, he was “not my president,” and then the building of the false narrative of Russian collusion, and then the bogus impeachment proceedings were the final attack at that stage of those who are the enemy of our Constitutional Republic.

The outward appearance of the coup being directed against the president was extremely targeted marginalization within the public arena. And while our president was always in danger, and still is, it is the Constitutional Republic that is the ultimate target. And now, on the threshold of Veteran’s Day, a day in which American citizens have taken time to honor those men and women who served their nation in times of grave danger, it is the public that now needs to assume the role of the defenders of the United States and of freedom itself. A year ago, the coup had just begun. Now, on the threshold of Veteran’s Day in 2020, America is embroiled in a “civil,” civil war. No serious outbreak of violence has occurred, as that would be one of the final stages. We are now in the peaceful overthrow of the government by election fraud, use of manufactured and manipulated ballots, voter and vote-count observer suppression, as well as a full-scale suppression of information and disinformation by the media network of the political criminal cabal at the core of this.

It was well-planned, is well-orchestrated, and all citizens are seeing is intended to transition as easily as possible in the final step of a complete and utter takeover of the U.S.A. Except there is one problem that could cause this plot to unravel. The problem is that enough of “We the People” love the POTUS and love our Republic. Enough of the people are not sheep, brainwashed by the mainstream and the social media moguls. Enough of the people do care what happens here and now. And, in times of grave danger to freedom, to the Republic, enough people have stood up to defend the Republic, or freedom itself. It is one of the reasons that Americans remember to honor the veterans who were willing to put on the uniform to serve the nation, which really means to serve and protect the Land of the Free and the people who are our neighbors in communities of freedom.


From YouTube: President Trump “Never Give Up!” MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO (ORIGINAL)

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From Mark Levin on FOX: Discussion with Ken Starr exploring latest legal issues in the election procedures of counting the ballots – 11/8/20  

Explosive (long, but revealing)> From CD Media w/ LIVESTREAM: Cyber Source Presents Hard Evidence Of Electronic Voter Change…Massive Election Fraud – 11/5/20

From FOX News – Tucker: We heard you. It’s hard to trust anything. Here’s what we know. – 11/9/20

From Rush Limbaugh (audio): Cites Hans von Spakovsky: Massive Vote Dumps For Biden Must Be Questioned – 11/6/20

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Review>  From YouTube: Ronald Regan Patriotic Speech

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News From Pennsylvania – From The Epoch Times: Biden–Trump Margin in Pennsylvania Close to Automatic Recount: Sen. Toomey – 11/8/20

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