CSN Newsletter 11/1/2020 – The Krakken has been released!

CSN Newsletter 11/1/2020 – The Krakken has been released!

From Our Founder…

This past Tuesday, our network writers were pouring out their best to help our readers understand, or at least become more aware of what is transpiring in these troubled times. We pledge to continue to offer the perspectives of good citizens who love this country. Our commentaries are just that – commentaries designed to help one think about the events passing before our eyes. In the midst of a serious battle, it is most difficult to write objective reports as an observer if the outcome of the battle will affect one’s family, friends, and future. However, in the midst of a monumental battle, when the future of the nation, and even the world, could be adversely affected, genuine, objective journalism needs to be shelved.

Especially, in the midst of a monumental battle, when those charged with reporting and representing objective journalism no longer are capable of honestly fulfilling their true responsibilities, other individuals with a sense of duty must step forward to fill the void. This is happening all over the nation as citizen-journalists share their words of witness to the events they are aware of in their field of observation. But even more so, the need becomes even greater when information is suppressed and the genuine voice of good, common people is silenced. This is purposeful and done with willful intent and malice toward the people. To counter the disinformation, misinformation, and suppression of free speech is why the Citizen Sentinels Network newsletter exists. We seek to find and share the truth because the truth will set people free from lies and mental manipulation.

We appreciate our readers, and we hope to help you keep your heads on straight and your hearts in the right place during these confusing and chaotic times.

My article today deals with an obvious dilemma within the American political arena. Real citizens witnessed four years of the MSM and the criminal politicians questioning as well as investigating President Trump and what they claimed was the illegitimacy of the 2016 election. There was no evidence. Yet now, when there is evidence of fraud, the MSM is ignoring it, minimalizing and marginalizing the obvious evidence. Think about it.

The other articles we offer today are related to a point I made in my article regarding Democrats supporting investigation of election fraud in the past. Both of these articles are from Def-Con News. The first  article that refers to Democrats concerned about election fraud focuses on Nancy Pelosi’s concerns, and it includes video clips of her statements. The second article focuses on Elizabeth Warren’s concerns over the Dominion voting machines. Why aren’t they registering their concerns now?

We also offer an article from Ray DiLorenzo regarding ‘The Election of Nov 3, 4, 5…” He laments the United States’ decline into a second or third class governmental system. He, like many American citizens, may have lost confidence in our Republic. It is indeed a dark time, but the old adage is that “it is darkest before the dawn.”  

Our final article is from Canada Free Press editor, Judi McLeod, who goes to bat for a long-time Canada Free Press columnist David Singer who has recently been banned from Twitter. The article is yet another testimony of Big Social Media censorship. It is a timely article that aligns with the hearings in Congress over Big Tech Social Media giants censoring the voice of the common people.

Our recommended video for today is from NTD which provides coverage from Rudy Giuliani’s press lengthy conference today. It outlines much in the way of President Trump’s legal teams recent efforts and future pursuits. If you missed it, you definitely need to check it out as it is quite revealing, even if it is only the surface of this iceberg.   

In our last issue, I appealed to our readers for guidance and support and I repeat my appeal one more time.

We are proud to have grown to offer three editions of the newsletter. However, we nationalized our distribution this year due to the growth and that meant hiring professionals to distribute the CSN newsletter. Because this effort has always been volunteer, we had no need for money. However, with the rising costs associated with increased distribution, we may have to cut back to two weekly editions. While this endeavor has always belonged to our writers, our editors, and our readers, we leave this up to all of you. We will cut back to only two editions each week in order to limit expenditures that are paid by a handful of core “believers.” Or, if any readers can help by contributing to help cover our expenses, we can keep the three editions each week. There has always been a “Donate” button on our site, but we have never asked for help — until now. It is best if you decide by letting us know one way or another. We will respond by doing what we need to move onward and upward. Thank you for reading, especially we would appreciate your donations if you should decide to help.

Dennis Jamison

Evidence Exists to Question the Election in 2020; It Did Not in 2016

by Dennis Jamison – –November 19, 2020

Six states of the “United States” that are considered “battleground states” have emerged to hold the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Six states, but possibly only five, are under serious scrutiny for allowing election fraud in their states. Of course, this is heresy and unwarranted accusation without evidence to Democrat leaders and their sycophants. In addition, many of the mainstream media moguls are incredulous that common ordinary citizens would question their media-anointing of former Vice-President Joe Biden as president-elect. And the major social media giants are suppressing any mention of voter fraud or irregular election activities, or the “computer glitches” in the electronic voting machines using Dominion or Scytl.

As this contestation of the 2020 election proceeds on into November, more and more evidence is being found of election fraud. Yet, the interesting factor of this period is the overt lack of concern from the Democratic Party that there may be fraud involved…

by Defcon News – 11/15/2020

President Trump has legitimate concerns about the accuracy and integrity of the 2020 section and is pursuing legal channels to ensure the actual winner is declared. According to democrats and the liberal media, this makes him a dictator worse than Hitler but democrats haven’t always felt this way. Nancy Pelosi has been calling elections illegitimate for almost as long as she’s been in office.

Back in 2004 House democrats raised an objection over Ohio’s electorate votes and wanted to disqualify them. Here’s Nancy Pelosi making their case…

Check out this 2019 complaint Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden, and Rep. Mark Pocan, all democrats, filed with a private equity group in regards to Dominion voting machines…

The Election of Nov 3, 4, 5…

By Ray DiLorenzo –November 17, 2020

Ok, all you Leftists can come down from your high, figuratively and literally. This election is not over by a long shot. The Epoch Times was one of the few news sources that got it right:

The Epoch Times will not declare a winner of the 2020 presidential election until all results are certified and any legal challenges are resolved.

The fake news media and even the morphed Fox News can celebrate all they want. It could very well all be in vain, the catered office parties, the martinis, champagne, the prepared resumes…the plans, oh, the plans they all made.

Biden’s preparation for his possible administration clearly shows his leaning, a Silicon Valley and corporate takeover of what we are to hear, see, and read…

Jack Dorsey, You Too Can Be President Elect

By Judi McLeod –November 16, 2020

It seems that Australian, long-time Canada Free Press columnist David Singer has got under the skin of Twitter CEO Jack,’The Jackal’ Dorsey, who has unceremoniously banned his Twitter account.

“Twitter has blocked my account citing 19 tweets (see below) that it claims violated their rules against posting misleading information about voting…

YouTube: Trump’s legal team holds press conference about the election – 11/19/20

Explosive (long, but revealing) > From NTD: Georgia recount plagued by anomalies; Wayne co GOP rescinds their votes certifying election – 11/19/20

From Newsmax TV: Giuliani presents new cases of fraud – 11/18/20

From FOX News Now: “WHY DO YOU CENSOR US?” Ted Cruz SLAMS Twitter And Facebook During Election Suppression Hearing – 11/17/20

From Newsmax TV: This is going to the Supreme Court. Trump won majority of legal votes cast. Voter fraud is overwhelming – 11/17/20

From FOX News: Josh Hawley Uncovers SECRET Facebook Content Monitoring…  11/17/20

ObamaGate Movie | With Dean Cain & Kristy Swanson | Co-Produced By The Unreported Story Society – full movie (1 hour +)

Recommended Reading…

From The Daily Caller: Wayne County Republicans Who Changed Votes To Certify Election Results Say That They Were ‘Misled,’ Want To Reverse Votes – 11/19/20

From The Epoch Times: Trump on Contested Election: ‘I Can’t Tell You What’s Going to Happen’ – 11/17/20

From Liberty Council: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire… – 11/17/20

From Breitbart: SD Gov. Noem: Big Tech Needs ‘More Oversight,’ ‘Potentially Needs to Be Broken Up’ – 11/12/20


From Canada Free Press: Believing the Big Lie of Socialism and Living It – 11/19/20

News From California – From The Epoch Times: 2 Charged With Voter Fraud, Allegedly Submitted 8,000 Fraudulent Registration Applications – 11/17/20

News From Georgia – From Breitbart: Georgia County Elections Director Fired After Audit Found Uncounted Votes – 11/19/20

From Red State: BREAKING: Lightning Strikes Again – Second County in Georgia Finds Thousands More Uncounted Votes, Most for Trump – 11/17/20

News From Michigan – From The Epoch Times: Michigan GOP Senate Leader Calls for Independent Audit After ‘Reprehensible’ Irregularities – 11/19/20

News From Pennsylvania – From The Epoch Times: Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania Not Registered in State Data, Hundreds of Voters Say – 11/17/20

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