CSN Newsletter 11/12/2020 – Fighting for Freedom on the Edge of the Abyss

CSN Newsletter 11/12/2020 – Fighting for Freedom on the Edge of the Abyss

From Our Founder…

For many Americans, the election in several states was a farce – like an election in one of those proverbial “banana republics” of yesteryear. President Trump was so right when he spoke – our election was an embarrassment to our nation. Today, as we look back on the farce, Americans are receiving bits and pieces of the truth spread in as many ways as possible across the electronic media at our disposal. Believe me, some of my students in California have come to study in the United States from Communist China, and their testimony is that they figure out various “workarounds” of the tyrannical monitoring of the internet in their country. If they can do it, it can be done in the Land of the Free. 

Today, American citizens are confronted with a simple but devastating reality. We are on the brink of losing our Republic! The constant barrage of propaganda from the social media as well as the mainstream media is designed to confuse, confound, and control people’s thinking. The propaganda is designed and planned mass mental manipulation. Those people who gobble it up are consuming mental poison. Why would regular folks want to consume a daily dose of lies designed to poison their minds? 

The Citizen Sentinels Network has always existed to honestly inform citizens of the real alternative to consuming mental poison. We offer a network of writers who are not paid professionals, but real people, with families to support and jobs to hold onto, and who love their country. They have no hidden agenda; they have no strings that bind them to political puppet masters; they are certainly not mercenaries for hire as this effort has always been a volunteer effort — since 2015! We hope that our effort helps readers to get an honest and common sense perspective from our writers, a good cross-section of current, cutting edge videos, and a solid array of additional articles we recommend for more extensive investigation and research into the issues shaping our nation and world.

Today my article, related to my Tuesday article on veterans, offers a reflection on the value of remembering them on Veterans’ Day in light of the current fight for freedom. It also offers some very practical action items for citizens to get involved in either in their local areas or in a nationwide effort.   

Don Rosenberg also offers citizens very brief and to-the-point way for people in battleground states to check their voting records for themselves and their family members and report fraud in just a few minutes.  

We also offer a Def-Con News contribution dealing with another example of voter fraud to go along with others that are being exposed all across the nation.

Writer Judith La Montagne’s article swings away from the contemporary battle in the political arena and focuses on looking at a very problematic future if we as a people do not pay attention to our young people. It touches upon a  tragic reality within our midst that will have lasting implications.

Dr. Robert Owens weighs in with a pervasive and a more cosmic view of the present reality in his article entitled: “Standing On The Edge of the Abyss.” He puts things in perspective as a historian and as a Christian minister. It is somewhat humbling to put it in such a cosmic view, but all of us need humbling to help us realize that which is more precious or valuable in our lives.  

Our recommended video for today is an interview on Newsmax TV with one of Ohio’s Congressman, Jim Jordan, who offers his own clear perspective on the current battle.

Lastly, I am offering an appeal to our readers for guidance and support. We are proud to have grown to offer three editions of the newsletter. However, we nationalized our distribution this year because of the growth and that meant hiring professionals to distribute the CSN newsletter. Because this effort has always been volunteer, we had no need for money. But, with the rising costs associated with increased distribution, we may have to cut back to two weekly editions. While this endeavor has always belonged to our writers, our editors, and our readers, we leave this up to all of you. We will cut back to only two editions each week in order to limit expenditures that are paid by a handful of believers. Or, if readers can help by offering contributions to help cover the expense, we can keep the three editions each week. There has always been a “Donate” button on our site, but we have never asked for help — until now. It is best if you decide by letting us know one way or another. We will respond by doing what we need to move onward and upward. 

Dennis Jamison

Reflecting on Veteran’s Day and Fighting for Freedom

By Dennis Jamison – November 12, 2020

In the wee morning hours between April 18th and 19th in 1775, midnight riders like Paul Revere, Dr. Samuel Prescott, and William Dawes roused Massachusetts men and boys to get out of their beds with an intent to face a deadly enemy. They gathered their powder horns, and muskets, and shot and went out to Lexington Green. There they waited for the dreaded British troops who marched methodically toward Lexington. British colonial governor, Gen. Thomas Gage, had dispatched a contingent of approximately 700 British regulars to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington. These troops had marched from Boston and were not only sent to arrest Adams and Hancock, but also to seize a reported cache of gunpowder, ammunition, and weapons near Concord. The rest was history—the Land of the Free was brought into fruition.

In the wee morning hours of November 4th, 2020 loyal American citizens were shocked when ballot-counting was stopped abruptly in several Democrat-run states. The shock that was felt around the nation among millions of law-abiding, tax paying, voters who care about election integrity. This was the first time in American history that such actions had been taken by those who were entrusted by “We the People” to conduct free and fair elections. Democrat governors in those Democrat-controlled states seemed unconcerned about vote fraud because they had authorized massive mail-in ballot distribution in their states due to “COVID fears.” The election procedures in several of these states were suspect from before the election, and the political determination to remove President Trump from office “by all means necessary” seemingly has manifested in a specific criminal political cabal working in concert to violate our nation’s sacred process of allowing the people to have a fair say in who they select to lead them.

What has happened in the election of 2020 is the forward stages of a “civil” coup d’état, with a number of key conspirators…

Fight Back Against Voter Fraud in 5 Minutes or Less!

by Don Rosenberg, 11/12/2020

Now that voting is over, we are seeing a concerted effort by Democrat operatives to steal this election through fraud. Fraudulent ballots are alleged as being submitted in key swing states using the names of deceased persons. Reports are that operatives are going to nursing homes and filling out absentee ballots for people with dementia who are not competent to vote. They are also requesting and submitting absentee ballots on behalf of people who have a history of NOT voting. This information is easy to obtain and is a favorite trick of fraudsters.

Teams of concerned citizens are going through voter rolls one by one to find evidence of deceased people who have risen from the dead to vote, but they have no way to check for people in nursing homes or to check for historically non-voting people. Please check your own voting records and those of family members who could not have voted and report any fraud you see to the Trump-Pence fraud team. We must protect our right to vote, because without it, our elections will be determined by those with the best cheating techniques, not the best candidates.

If Joe Biden is allowed to win using fraud, the Democrats have promised to…

Voter Fraud Update: People Vote, Shave Their Heads, And Try To Vote Again In NYC

by Def Con News – 11/10/2020

It’s hard to tell what is more prevalent: voter fraud or democrats denying that voter fraud exists. With the election only a few days a way and voting already underway in most places, there’s more voter fraud than democratic party bull—t. Actually, those two things are the same. In Florida, officials busted up an attempt to register dead people as democrats and in New York, some losers voted, shaved their heads, and then came back to vote again.

Who’s Minding the Kids?

by Judith La Montagne, 11/8/2020

During the election brouhaha, there is excitement and concern over who will win the 2020 races. Certainly these contests are of extreme importance as we suffer through the kaleidoscope of states changing from red to blue and blue to red and back again. As we obsess over who the next president will be, other important election issues have been buried at the bottom or the garbage heap.

A very important vote in Oregon concerned the mental and physical health of our youth–and it may soon be coming to a state near you. I refer to the passage of extreme laws condoning the use of so-called recreational drugs. You know, “harmless” marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, and cocaine. Oregon just voted to decriminalize all these deadly drugs. According to the Washington Post, four other states, New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota also voted Tuesday on whether to legalize recreational marijuana. Nearly a third of the states have now eased the criminal consequences of maijuana use, although federal law still prohibits it. The long fight has finally convinced the populace that marijuana is generally harmless. When used medicinally, it may be, but not when used “recreationally.” Marijuana may be many things, but it is not “recreational.”

Standing on The Edge of The Abyss

by Dr. Robert Owens – 11/12/2020

Today America quivers between two diametrically opposed points.  Will the Trumpian rebellion and its drive to exalt American sovereignty, power, and exceptionalism continue and pick up steam.  Or will the establishment return to unquestioned power and frog march masked and cowed citislaves to globalism, amnesty, socialized everything, reparations, and the Green New Deal?  According to the Democrats who identify as journalists and the Tech Giants who seek total control, most Americans want the latter while a radical fringe of 69 or 70 million people wants the former.

Eventually the Supreme Court, often the arbiter of political reality in modern America, will probably make the decision.  An easy prediction is that no matter which side wins the other side will call the result illegitimate.  Here’s another easy prediction.  If Trump is victorious, look for Biden’s supporters to grace us with riots, pillage, and plunder (I mean reparations).  If Biden wins, look for Trump’s rabid supporters to go to work the next day.  They may do quite a bit of mumbling and complaining but they will go to work the next day like normal.

If Trump wins and the Democrats retain the House, he will be impeached again in 2021 probably for winning.  If Biden wins, look for executive orders to be flushed out of the Oval Office taking us back to the glory days of the Obama boom, strangulation by regulation, four dollar gas, mask mandates, and the corrupt media telling us how wonderful everything is now that Bad Orange Man is gone.

President Donald J. Trump Quote

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