CSN Newsletter 11/17/2020 – Protecting the Vote, Uncovering the Fraud

CSN Newsletter 11/17/2020 – Protecting the Vote, Uncovering the Fraud

From Our Founder…

The CSN October 22nd edition carried my article from Canada Free Press titled: “Voting and Protecting the Vote – Our Best Hope to Keep the Republic.” America has voted and now we are required to protect the vote, which will determine the future of the Republic like no other vote in our past. In the article, I quoted Benjamin Franklin’s words in his prophetic speech to the delegates in Philadelphia regarding keeping the Law of the Land, the newly created Constitution of the United States:

In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other. I doubt too whether any other Convention we can obtain, may be able to make a better constitution.  (emphasis mine)   

We have now arrived at the moment Dr. Franklin had warned his fellow patriots about in this prophecy, which in his own mind was simply common sense based upon historical patterns. Nevertheless, Americans are now in that time in which we as a people have become so tolerant of corruption that it blends smoothly into what is considered ‘normal’ to people. It is hard to discern because it essentially grew in darkness – in the shadows. But, in such a time as this, the darkness is being dispelled as light is being shined upon the shadows where criminals operate and corruption is plotted. 

The truth about the “election” is slowly emerging among the people who love this nation and the principles it was founded upon – those who truly love freedom. Despotism in the form of a Socialist utopian illusion has captivated a majority of leaders in the Democrat Party. The extent of the corruption and fraud committed by leaders of this political party is overwhelming and hard for the average citizen to comprehend – especially if the MSM and social media moguls pretend it doesn’t exist, or overtly suppress the truth. However, the CSN intends to counter the mainstream media mantra hiding the corruption and this  criminally altered election. 

Don Rosenberg’s article details much of the corrupt and fraudulent intent and activities of this election, which led to the outcome many with eyes to see can freely observe. His research of this is extensive, but it had to be compacted into a single article. So, read his piece: “2020 Voter Fraud, the Big Picture Emerges” as it will educate you. Don says “There is an active effort to ban and censor legitimate videos and articles exposing the effort to overtake our country. Since these can’t be shared on major media, I’m posting the list of links here. Watch the first video and read the next article and you’ll have what you need. The rest is just further proof!”

My article is a severe reaction to the manifestation of Ben Franklin’s prophetic words in 2020. My point is that all of this is becoming apparent, the Democrats are pretending, as criminals usually do, that there has been no crime. How long will the representatives of the people’s government continue to ignore that this is treason at the highest levels?    

Another dimension of this corruption is exposed in A. Dru Kristenev’s article, “Accusing Trump of Tyranny is Projection of Biden Policy.” Her point is that the accusations against the POTUS are actually the crimes that have been committed by the Democrats. She does offer a viable solution to the chaos and confusion surrounding the election outcome. But, you have to read her article to find out. 

Our other two articles from our network writers come from Michael Lewinski and Dr. Robert Owen. They also provide viable solutions to the chaos and confusion coming from the election. Mr. Lewinski, a former Marine, has a brief word for all of us in his article titled, “Get A Backbone.” Actually, his advice is primarily directed toward the Democrats in a Party that has been taken over by the Socialists, as I concur in my piece as well.   

Dr. Robert Owens holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Education, a Master’s Degree in History, and a Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership. He is an ordained minister, and still teaches History, Political Science, Religion, and Leadership. He is quite adept at seeing things from a very broad and grounded perspective. He offers us advice on “How to Stay Sane in a World Gone Mad.” It may truly help in times like these that try our souls.

Our recommended video to view today is actually for folks to watch the two separate videos of interviews between Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell, as both are enlightening.

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Dennis Jamison


Verify your vote and check relatives’ votes. Report fraud to the Trump-Pence team.



2020 Voter Fraud, the Big Picture Emerges

By Don Rosenberg – 11/17/2020

Sometimes you can recognize something in a picture not by what you see, but by what you can’t see. This is the case with the results of the 2020 election. A very clear picture is emerging, not with details of voter fraud, but with voter fraud denials and the stories that have NOT been written.

Universally missing are news stories about George Soros and his control of voting machines used across the country. Dominion Voting Systems uses the same software as Smartmatic, which has been used to control elections in other countries where fraud has been alleged…

How Long Will None Call This Treason?

By Dennis Jamison – November 17, 2020

During the 1964 election campaign, Barry Goldwater challenged President Lyndon Johnson. In that year, a man named John A. Stormer self-published a book titled None Dare Call It Treason. In his book, Stormer outlined several of the failures of American presidents from F.D.R. through to J.F.K. in dealing with the Communist agenda to conquer the United States. Stormer had carefully and painstakingly assembled facts from a great number of U.S. Congressional investigations into communism. He had also researched quite a few books that had been written regarding the communist conspiracy to destroy America. The alarming point that Stormer made was his exposure of the Leftist elitists who had conditioned the American citizens to ignore the moral decay of the nation.

In the 2020 election campaign between President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden, several American citizens have witnessed and testified about various forms of irregularities in the Democrat-controlled polling places. In reality, the clear and present danger of the Socialist-Communist agenda in its final stages of conquest is playing out right now. Yet, many people are buying the propaganda of the Leftist mainstream media that Biden has already won the presidential election. So, who are the deplorables to question the prophetic proclamations of the MSM? The only problem with that is the aforementioned American citizens who have witnessed and testified about irregularities in the Democrat-controlled polling places. Has the MSM presumptuously assumed the power to sweep aside the legitimate concerns of large portions of the U.S. population?

Accusing Trump of tyranny is projection of Biden policy

By A. Dru Kristenev —November 13, 2020

Throughout President Trump’s first campaign and first term the democrats have consistently accused him of every scheme they have perpetrated, what you’ve heard referred to as “projection”—projecting onto another exactly what you’re doing.

This is what the Russia hoax was, a projection onto Trump of what Hillary Clinton actually did and proven through continuing evidence dumps. It has occurred with the election where democrats initially accused Trump of instigating voter suppression when overwhelming proof is mounting that the electronic voting and tallying, along with the inundation of illegal mail-in ballots, demonstrate that the democrats have done what they tried to pin on the president.

Here’s the next projection that has been coming down the pike…

Get A Backbone

By: Michael J. Lewinski 11/14/2020

 Aristotle once observed “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” We, the American people, must focus like never before. Our heritage, as a free people, dates back to the Magna Carter signing in 1215. That’s 800 years of progress we’re throwing away if we let the Democrats steal the re-election of President Trump!

With the cheating the Democrats pulled off, they took three million votes from our president and electronically flipped them over into the Biden/Harris column. This is the biggest electoral fraud in all of American history. If we let them get away with such blatant, dirty cheating, our ancestors for centuries will viscously curse our generation.

If we fail this once in a lifetime challenge…

How to Stay Sane in a World Gone Mad

By Dr. Robert Owens – 11/16/20

For those of us who support the notion of maintaining the integrity of the great American experiment in personal liberty and economic freedom within the framework of a representative republic operating on democratic principles, the events unfolding before us are the stuff of Orwellian nightmares.  Like watching a slow-motion train wreck, we have tuned in day after day to the spectacle of the once celebrated fairness of the American election system descending to a level that would make third-world banana republics, the old Soviet satellites, and Mideast pretend democracies blush.

Election laws ignored, truckloads of ballots brought in under the cover of darkness and voting machines with pre-programmed winners and losers all covered over and excused by the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media.  And if you think the self-anointing establishment has convinced everyone that their straw man candidate and his Vice Power-behind-the-throne running mate have won anything, ask the people who still have plywood up over their windows in the blue state people’s republics.

From FOX News – Lou Dobbs: Sidney Powell – Release The Kraken – 11/14/20

From FOX News – The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs – 11/16/20

From Judicial Watch (w/ video): AUDIT THE ELECTIONS! Judicial Watch Steps Up! – 11/14/20

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From FOX News – Ingraham: Biden’s ‘reset’ will strip Americans of freedom, money – 11/16/20

From One America News: The Idea That Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist Is “Laughable” – Hans von Spakovsky – 11/11/20

From CD Media: Treasonous Democrats Preparing Low-Info Citizens For Violent Revolution After They Lose In Court  – 11/10/20

Recommended Reading…

From The Epoch Times: Dominion Part of Council That Disputed Election Integrity Concerns in DHS Statement – 11/16/20

Review>  From The Guardian: ‘They think they are above the law’: the firms that own America’s voting system – 4/23/2019

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News From California – From Red State: California Lawmakers Get to Go on Junket to Maui While You Cannot Celebrate Thanksgiving – 11/17/20

News From Georgia – From Red State: Famed Atlanta Attorney Lin Wood Has Sued Georgia Secretary of State over Signature Matching for Mail-in Ballots – 11/15/20

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News From Washington D.C. – From Canada Free Press: Scuffle breaks out between Trump supporters, counter protesters at ‘Million MAGA March’ – 11/15

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